An Impossible Love Story

A/N A little something I wrote just after Doomsday aired last year, at 10pm, when I had just about stopped crying. I was at my Grandparents, and they couldn't understand why I was so upset. Cuh. Anyway, yes, I know it's another Doomsday fic, but here's two reasons why you should read it.. or three even.

1) It's short and will take less than a minute to R & R

2) It might make you cry

3) The title came from Stephen Moffat (I think), the God of DoctorRose, and I read it in a Doctor Who magazine about how him (or someone else) was saying how the Doctor and Rose's love was impossible. And yes, amongst all the other Christmas shoppers in WH Smiths I went "Aww!" way too loudly, and yes, a tear came to my eye.

The mark of a true DoctorRose fan. sniff sniff

So, anyway, please read, and I hope you like. )


"Rose Tyler, I love you….." And even as he uttered those last three words, the last words she would ever hear from his lips again, his image faded, flickered, and died.

The last thing she saw was his deep brown eyes, glistening with tears as she locked gazes with him, trying to control her own sobs and not to brush the tears from her eyes, so that she wouldn't miss a millisecond of him.

She knew that he meant what he said, with all his soul, and was sincere. Their love for each other was not unrequited.

It was impossible.

It was forbidden.

It was forever.

A/N I bet after saying that you didn't cry. Best to watch Doomsday and then read this. Or be in a sad frame of mind. Or be mourning for Rose etc. So???