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Epilogue: Reflections

"Say goodbye, but not knowing when the truth of my whole life began…

And I'll remember, the strength that you gave me,

Now that I'm standing on my own."

- I'll Remember, Madonna


Band camp had been hard, but not as hard as it had been last year. If anything I was glad that I didn't have Andrea watching my every move like she did last band camp. It had also been tedious because of the fact that it was all review and I already knew everyone. The only knew thing was that Wilson and Isaac kept boasting at the fact that I won an award while I was at my internship at DCI.

All of my friends had been ecstatic when the boys had told them and they had immediately demanded a celebration. And one came, trust me. Mr. Floyd had gotten a hold of the news and announced it to the whole band the day of the pool party. I was completely embarrassed, but did not let affect me greatly. I knew both B and Brannon would be proud.

Once band camp had been over with, I took the last remaining days of my summer by doing two things. One thing had been that I had gotten myself ready for school by doing my eyebrows, getting a pedicure and manicure and getting my hair trimmed. The other thing had been putting together an offline and online scrapbook. I put the pictures that we had taken into my scrapbook and then created one online.

I eventually sent it to Bronwyn and smiled when I wrote her an email. I had sat in silence when I gotten to Brannon's email. There was just something that needed to be said to the boy. The last full conversation had been the night of the party and that wasn't the happiest of them. I think I deserved one last happy conversation before school started.

To: SaxyLadiesMan234
From: BVHSDM4Life
Subject: Drum Corps International…or DCI, lol!


Well, I really hope that you like this online scrapbook that I put together! I put a lot of work into it for you to whine about it! And there are a couple of pictures of guard girls in there for you! I hope you'd like that:D But that is beside the point. The point is…you better like it! No pressure of course. LOL!

Anywho, Brannon, I think there are some things that need to be said. And this may get a little mushy for you, but you'll have to deal with it. It's your fault for befriending a girl like me…you know, a woodwind. A flute to be exact (and proud of it!). Now, where to start…

Oh! You were right about one thing, My band director made a big deal about my award when I got home and announced it to the band. I was completely embarrassed, but I didn't really let it affect me. I kept thinking that you and Bronwyn would be proud of the fact that I didn't cower underneath a rock and die there! YAY! Be proud of V!

And yes, I promise you that we will march corps next summer! Maybe Blue Devils! You know, for old time's sake! LOL!

…I miss you and B already. It's only been about a week since I seen both of you and I already miss being at DCI. I really connected to the two of you. Too bad we had to leave Gibson out of everything, but one can't help the fact they got sick. But at least we kicked Laura out of the group! She was really giving me problems, but luckily Tony helped me out! Actually, all of you helped me out, and…

…There I go again. I'm babbling. I really don't know what to say. I am completely bad at talking to boys. Which makes me wonder how I got Wilson as my best friend. Or how I even have Eric or Nick as friends (whom, I think you might get along with. Probably Eric over Nick because Nick's an uptight Drum Captain). But that's beside the point. Maybe I should just say what I need to say and get it over with. I'm trying not to make this so mushy for you, but I can't do that. I'm a girl. It's naturally part of me. So…here goes nothing:

This year is going to be completely boring without you. I won't have you to keep in line nor will I have to make sure you're not doing anything to the guard. Sure, I'll have Eric and Wilson to keep an eye on, but they're not you, Brannon. I'll really miss you. Yeah, I promised we'd write, but it's not the same as seeing you everyday. I wish that both you and B went to my school because it would make everything easier. But I guess we can't have everything in our lives. I was at least lucky enough that I met you.

Sure, you weren't Fall Out Boy Status like Gibson. Sure, you weren't as calm and confident as Bronwyn. Nor were you as OCD Organized like Laura, but you were you. And I'll miss the goofy Brannon who made even the most boring thing fun! I'll miss your outgoing personality. Those quirky smiles that you give when you're up to something or when you did something that us girls would have to get you out of. I'll miss the teasing. I'll miss…well…you.

So, I, Vanessa Johnson, promise you, Brannon Sinclair, that all three of us will march corps next summer. And if Bronwyn can't, we both will. That is a promise. That is a guarantee. I will do everything in my power to march corps with you next summer!

I'll stop with the melodrama now. Keep in touch, Brannon. Promise me that you won't change.

With love,


I smiled when I read the email and sent it and the scrapbook to Brannon.


I sat at my computer on Saturday night., knowing that I should probably have joined the rest of my Line at Waffle House or headed out with Megan and Meredith to see Superbad. However, tonight, for the first time in two weeks, I was alone, and quite honestly, loving my very own personal space. Only hours ago, I had performed the first run through of the field show for my senior year. It hadn't gone too bad…and I had valiantly tried to ignore the hole on my right hand side. The spot Tony had marched at last season. The spot of a million inside jokes and a lot of strong playing…

Closing my eyes for a moment and rubbing a hand through my hair I realized it had only been a week since I had seen Vanessa and Brannon (and Tony for that matter), but already it felt like a lifetime. Basically, due to the sheer amount of practicing plus my extra duties as Captain, I was emotionally spent and utterly physically exhausted. My thoughts were jumping all over the place and it was difficult to concentrate. I suddenly wondered if Tony was home and how he was doing…and if he really was looking forward to the season.

After today's performance, I was certainly looking forward to the show. I had picked up a lot at Finals, and raised the level of all of my sections during our week together at band camp. Spence was impressed by my additions, which is something he almost never is, so I considered, "Good job, Flueger" after the performance as a small, but major, personal victory.

Opening my tired eyes, I signed into my e-mail account, and began deleting all the spam that had accumulated over the past two weeks. Suddenly, I smiled, noticing an e-mail from Vanessa inviting me to share her online photo scrapbook. We had texted a few times during the week, but the truth was, I barely had time to look at my phone, let alone think about putting coherent thoughts together. Clicking on the link, the pictures jumped out at me. I looked at each one, treasuring the moment that had been captured. Vanessa had a great eye for photography, and I was never one for remembering my camera. Concentrating on one of the images, I began laughing hysterically. I had forgotten taking a picture of just Brannon and Vanessa after Finals. Giggling, it was so obvious to me how infatuated Brannon was with V, but how clueless she was about it. I wasn't sure if or when I would bring that little fact up…maybe I should talk to Brannon before I broke the subject. Vanessa had gone as far to include funny comments, quirky quotes, and inside jokes on many of the pictures, so I knew it was my turn to write back. I wasn't sure what to say…so I just started writing.

To: BDIntern07

From: BHSsnaregrl

Re: BD Interns Unite!

Dearest roommate,

Wow – we've only been apart a week, and it already feels like forever. I hope that you had a good time so far with your own band (and Isaac – wink, wink) – learning your show along with bragging to everyone just how awesome it was to be a DCI Intern for a week! I'm totally not kidding, I couldn't shut up about Corps all week. However, the whole experience was for the best – I really have added a lot to my Line and super proud of what we did.

So…I was just thinking that even though we live states apart, I feel like you're one of those friends that I'm going to have for awhile. We just have to figure out a way to see more of each other, right?

Okay, whether or not we actually get to spend time in person, I know I'm really going to value your friendship. I need to have someone in my life I can be completely honest with! My best friends here at Brookwood have no IDEA about how I feel about Tony, and I think it's best if I keep it that way. Although, basically I think all you're going to hear from my end is, "Today, Tony ignored me. Today, Tony asked if I could pass him his stick. Or maybe one day you'll get one that says something magical like, "Today, Tony finally got over himself and figured out that we were meant to be together." Ha! Yeah right!

Either way, I have to know - you saw us together, right? What did you think? Did he even look at me? Should I just give it up? I know you'll tell it to me straight.

Okay, enough romantic dribble from me…tell me about your week!

All the best,


Captain, BHS drumline, 07-07

P.S. You should totally e-mail Laura that picture of she and McDaniel in their Blue Devils finery!

I looked back at the computer, hit send, and brought up Vanessa's pictures one more time…focusing now on V's big moment on the stage accepting her award. Grinning, I clicked the print button on my computer. That particular image struck me like it did a week ago.

My luck was changing…and I couldn't wait to see where it ended up.


It had been a week since I sent the email and school was starting the next day. My backpack was ready and I had an outfit to where planned inside my head. I had nothing to do so I checked my email. There had been a few messages from Erin and Paige, but nothing from my DCI friends for the past week. And I expected it and I didn't expect it any different this time. So, when I opened up my email account, I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from Brannon.

I opened it up and didn't see a long letter like I had from Bronwyn nor had it been the long letter that I had sent to him. It was a couple of lines, but those couple of lines had meant the world to me. It was so simple and yet it meant so much.

From: SaxyLadiesMan234

Yeah…I miss you, too, Baby V. And I promise I won't change.I smiled and suddenly excitement bubbled in me. As I grabbed my new book, Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer to read, I thought that I couldn't wait for next summer!

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