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I love Edward Cullen!!!

These words, written in sparkly pink pen, adorned with hearts, stars, and smiley faces, covered my English binder. I squeezed it in again on the back cover, half listening to what the teacher was saying.

Next to me, Ivy was doodling on her planner, similarly not paying much attention. A tall, handsome man appeared under her talented pen. I leaned over and drew a heart next to it. We exchanged a grin, stifled a giggle, and then started to listen.

As usual, the lecture wasn't very interesting, and my thoughts soon turned to more important topics, such as the meeting following this period.

When Mrs. Dellir dismissed us, Ivy and I walked out into the hallway to find Lacie waiting for us. Looking exactly as I've always pictured Bella, Lacie was a very good friend of mine. To tell the truth, the only reason I talked to her in the first place was because of the remarkable resemblance she had to Edward's girlfriend. Of course, after getting to know her, we became friends because of her disposition and kindness. I love Lacie, and I know she feels the same, although she does sometimes find Ivy and my chatter a bit tedious. The poor thing only has a few classes with us, so we always make the best of lunch.

"Hey, guys," she said, grinning, "what do you do in English?"

I looked toward Ivy, hoping she would remember some of Mrs. Dellir's lecture. Of course, I would expect no less.

"She talks about the significance of golden threads in A Tale of Two Cities. How was the science test?"

"Not too bad, actually. It definitely could be worse. If you studied, you should be fine. How long did you work on it last night?"

"Two hours."

"I thought it would be something like that," Lacie said, rolling her eyes.

Ivy was known of as being the smartest girl in the grade, and the title was not given without reason. She was incredibly good at school. From her 96 overall average to her 5 effort grade, she was all the teachers' favorite. I met her when I caught her reading Twilight last year. Instantly grateful that there was someone in the school that had potential to share my obsession, I lent her New Moon and when she was finished, started talking about it together.

After getting some food, we walked over to the far corner of the cafeteria and sat down at our favorite table.

"Alright everyone," Ivy started, "Welcome to our twenty-second daily Twilight club meeting. Are there any new members?"

I glanced around the table. Nope, none, as usual. We had tried to get the word around about the club, but no one had been interested. I doubt that Ivy and I are the only ones who have ever read it though, that would be impossible. I think it's just that most people don't want to be seen hanging out with us and doing something as dorky as having a fan club for a book.

"Before we begin," Ivy continued, "I would like to know if there have been any changing of minds?"

She looked pointedly at Lacie, who merely grinned and turned away. She wasn't a fan of the books, despite how much she looked like Bella. She had started to read the first one, but just hadn't been able to keep going. It was a tribute to her character that she attended the meetings, nevertheless. And although her friends continued to nag her, they respected her decision to remain the lone buffalo.

Ivy, the chairman of the club, jumped right into the main discussion.

"Our topic for today is Alice's hair. Why black? Does it fit her character?"

I was walking outside with Lacie after school when I realized she wasn't looking too good.

"Are you feeling ok?" I asked worriedly

She gave me a look that clearly said that I should know better than to be asking. Lacie was never sick, and it took a lot to hurt her feelings.

"Then what's wrong?"

Lacie paused, as if planning out what she would say, "It's just, I don't get why you spend so much time talking and thinking about stuff that's not true. And sometimes you even pretend that it's real. I mean, a bit is ok, but isn't it kind of a waste of time?" She said it hesitantly, as if trying not to hurt me. Her thoughts were reasonable and I could see how much care she was giving to say them nicely, so I wasn't mad at all. I understood her point of view completely.

"It's fun Lacie. It's just, the world of fantasy, you know, in Twilight, is so much more exciting than real life. There are vampires and werewolves, love and danger, it's all there. I would do anything to live in a world like that, so I pretend. The more I discuss it and think about it, the more real it seems and it makes my life a tiny bit better. Inside I know that it's not real, but…" I trailed off, thinking.

Lacie had been expecting a but, she knew I wouldn't end in saying that Edward didn't really exist. She waited, and finally I continued.

"But it could be real you know. There's no proof that that vampires don't exist. Is there?"

"True, but there is no proof that they do exist either." Lacie countered.

"There doesn't need to be, as long as there's a chance they could be real. Does that make sense?"

Lacie shrugged, "Sure, I guess. Is it ok if I still don't believe in vampires, though?"

I laughed "That's fine!"

We hugged and I ran off to my brother's car. He had been honking the horn at me for the last minute, which I had knowingly and happily ignored. He had gotten his drivers license a month ago, which he used mostly to drive to school and back every day.

He was looking very angry at the moment, probably upset at me wasting his time talking to Lacie. It wasn't as if he had anything better to do at home. Play video games or video chat with his friends. Boys were so boring like that, especially Dylan.

"Hey," I said cheerfully, jumping into the back seat.

"Hey," he grumbled.

"Got a lot of homework tonight?"


"What are you going to do, then?" I had to ask.

"Play station,"

I giggled and he glared at me out of the corner of his eye. He knew me well enough to be sure of what the subject of my laughing was.

We drove along in silence, both of our minds on different things. Mine on Edward, as usual, and Dylan's on video games, no doubt.

Maybe it was because I was so preoccupied with Twilight at the moment, or maybe because I just happened to be paying attention to what was right in front of me for a change, but I saw a silver Volvo drive across the road while we were stopped at a light.

"Dylan!" I screamed

Alarmed, he looked at me concernedly. "What's wrong?"

"Turn right!"

"Home's straight Kiera, in case you haven't noticed once in the last ten years."

"No, I think I saw…" I stopped, knowing how crazy this was going to sound.

"Seeing things, now are we?"

"No, well, yes!" Flustered, I tried to arrange my thoughts. I had less than a minute to convince him to go after the Volvo, before he went straight. "Just turn right!"

"Can't you tell me why?'

"No, just do it!"

The light turned green, and with a sigh, Dylan turned the car right. Squinting, I could just make out the Volvo way ahead of us, but still visible, and still able to be followed.