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At first, I thought it was going to be hard to just go back into my normal life. But it wasn't. It was very natural.

Of course, there were a lot of differences. For one thing, Lacie wasn't at school anymore. I missed her smile and her constant comfort every day, every minute.

And then there was the absence of my favorite chauffer. I missed him so much

I sometimes couldn't think with the pain of it. But deep down, I knew that this was better for him. Wherever he was now, he was probably much happier than he had been here.

My parents had also gotten a whole lot more protective. The town was under the impression that Lacie and Dylan both died in an avalanche of rock in the mountains. It was Edward's idea. The story dealt with the fact that we didn't have any bodies. It also gave us an excuse for not remembering many of the details.

I wasn't allowed to go walking in the woods anymore. And I certainly wasn't allowed out at night anymore. I didn't really mind though. Maybe I did need to learn a little more responsibility.

Edward and Alice left shortly after the incident in the meadow. They had come to say goodbye, and I given both of them a hug. Neither of us said we'd stay in touch.

There might have been a time when I'd have been sad to see them go. I might have been very disappointed that I'd never gotten to meet the rest of his family. I might have cried to think that Edward was never going to leave Bella's side. To think that I'd wasted my chance to win him over.

But that time was over.

I actually felt a little happy as I watched the silver Volvo turn off our street.

My grades were getting back to where they used to be, partly with the help of Riley. He and I very quickly became close friends. Slowly, I realized that perhaps, I would have more than one opportunity for romance in my life.

After a while, my time with the vampires took on a dream-like quality. So much so that I wasn't really sure if it had all been real.

My life went on, and I did just what Dylan told me to do. I was human. I lived. And that was reality.

The End.