Author's Note: Disclaimer found below.

Warnings: This story contains a.) shonen-ai, b.) outright yaoi, and c.) sex involving such. If guys groovin' on guys isn't your thing, turn back now. Oh, and there's also either incest or masturbation, depending on your preferred interpretation of the SHM. ;-)

This chapter is the least explicit - there's no sex at all! XD

Just a little cuddly shonen-ai.

This was the first chapter of this fic that I wrote, and it was written for Lightbulby, who (at the time) wanted something snuggly and non-sexual. :-)

(Yes, she's resulted in a lot of inspiration for me.)

Third Watch: Loz

While he's on watch, Loz tends to get bored. Sometimes, when he's sure it's safe and being on watch is just a formality, he allows his mind to wander. He often thinks of his brothers.

He thinks of Kadaj, and the light in his eyes and excitement in his voice, and the way he arches and smiles when hands run down his back.

He thinks of Yazoo, and the grace of his movements and the heat of his touch, and the way he shivers and sighs when hands smooth over the curve of his hip.

He thinks of how much fun it would be to forget about watch and go wake his brothers and play for a little while. But he won't.

When the sky begins to brighten, he goes to them, and looks down at them lying on the bed. Yazoo wraps around Kadaj more securely than the blankets, and Kadaj snuggles close to him, head against his chest, young and fragile in sleep.

Loz watches them as he undresses, listens to their soft breathing. As the sun rises, but before its light disturbs his brothers, he crawls under the blankets with them and draws close, one arm crossing over Kadaj to rest on Yazoo's side. In their sleep, Yazoo smiles, and Kadaj shifts and snuggles close.

And this is why Loz watches.

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