By Luvdarain.

I don't know Sailor Moon, but the story ideas crowding my brain are my, ALL MINE I TELL YOU!! …ahem...I'm Ok….


Chapter 1


No one would suspect by looking at her that behind her quiet ways, polite manners, and still somewhat shy smile was the heart of a woman fatally in love. And oh, the worst of it, the man whom she pined for hardly even knew she was alive.

How was it possible for such a prominent female doctor to still be so shy, she wondered? Not like she had a chance with him anyway, but really why was it always so difficult for her?

Ami Minuzo sighed over her coffee as she sat at her desk, patient files open in front of her, but she wasn't really paying attention to them. She looked around her office; it was both spacious and understated in its simple elegance. A testament to her years of hard work and dedication. Some grumbled that the only reason Ami had a corner office was because she was good friends with the chief CEO of this hospital, Darien Sheilds. But Ami knew differently.

Years of putting her own desires on hold, of studying when everyone around her played and of ignoring boys and other distractions while her friends paired off one by one had paid off in the end. She was successful, financially well off, and held an important position as an advisor on the hospital board of trustee's. All things she was extremely proud of, as was her mother and friends.

But the only secret thing she did not have, that she truly longed for, was the notice of one certain man. And she was destined never to obtain it. Zoycite Lovene was the epitome of a successful, powerful businessman. At 34 he was tall, aristocratic, and of European decent and easily caught the eye of every woman in the office. He was on the board of trustees as well, his family one of the original co-founders of the hospital, both wealthy and important; old money.

He was serious about work, but not much else. He was rakish, and known for his cavalier attitude with women. He had been called a playboy man times, and the moniker fit. He also liked flashy cars, dangerous sports, and taking risks. And his bottle green eyes caused women to positively melt.

Ami knew they moved in different circles, they were as opposite as night and day. Their lives might cross over at the occasional hospital sponsored event, maybe they bumped into each other on the elevator, and of course there were in the same boardroom meetings. But the two never exchanged more than two words. Ami couldn't manage any more than that around him.

"What is it about that man?" She whispered to herself, disgusted that she was once again day dreaming when she had much to do. A knock on the door broke into her musings, and she gratefully accepted the interruption. "Come in." She said in her soft voice.

"A visitor for you Dr. Minuzo." Said her secretary, a capable women in her fifties.

"Who is it Mrs. Stevenson?" Ami asked, curiously. She wasn't expecting anyone.

The woman who rarely smiled did so now. "A special guest." She said, and opened the door wider to admit the petite blonde who had been just out of sight.

"Serena!" Ami said with a genuine smile, rising from her desk to greet her dear friend.

"Hi Ames!" She said with a laugh, moving around the desk to give her friend a hug. Serena always greeted and left her friends with a hug, no matter if she saw them everyday; she was just that kind of person. "Busy?" She asked, not wanting to interrupt.

Ami shook her head. "No more so than usual. But I always have time for you." She assured her. She resumed her seat behind her desk, and Serena took one on the opposite side, in one of her comfy chairs her patients sat in for consults. They were two women of a similar age, with vastly different personalities, yet close as sisters.

"May I inquire as to what that is?" Ami asked in amusement, pointing at the large purple-foiled object Serena held.

"Oh! Of course, this is for you!" Serena said, standing yet again to place the object onto the desk.

Ami tucked a strand of her glossy hair behind her ears and stood to better see what the gift was. "Serena, I've told you that you don't have to bring a gift every time you come." She said kindly. Her friend was so generous, always thinking of others.

"It's nothing big." Serena assured her. "I was just out picking up a little something for Darien's office and saw this and thought you might like it!"

Ami opened it delicately; spreading open the tinny foil to reveal a deep violet colored orchid. "Oh Serena.." She breathed at the lovely flower before her. "It's wonder-" She was cut off from saying more when the door to her office swung open unexpectedly.

"Dr. Minuzo, I apologize for interup-" The man before her paused, taking in her dreamy expression on the normally contained doctors face, before it was replaced with surprise at his sudden appearance. He then noticed the little blond in the room with her. "Excuse me, I didn't realize you had a visitor. Your secretary was away from her desk."

Serena looked up with a smile at the man she was on nodding terms with. She turned to Ami, waiting for her to make the introductions, but her friend only stared, not saying a word.

Taking the lead, Serena walked over to where the man stood and held out her hand. "It's always a pleasure to be interrupted by a good looking man." She giggled. "I'm Serena Shields, it's great to see you again!"

"Ah yes, Mrs. Shields." The man chuckled, and it was a sexily amused sound. "Zoycite Lovene. I believe the last time we saw each other was almost a year ago at the benefit for Children with Leukemia, or something, wasn't it?" He raised her hand to his lips, a natural charmer. "Have you decided to leave your husband and run away with me yet?" He asked suavely.

Serena giggled again. A ridiculous thing for a grown woman of 24 to do, but she was adorable and she knew it. "We'll have to sneak away of course," She began, only to be cut off by the deep voice from the doorway.

"I knew it. The minute I turn my back, here you are trying to trade me in for a newer model." Growled the man, before stepping out of the shadows and into Ami's office. It was Darien Shields, Serena's loving husband, and a very important member of the hospital.

"Oh dear, you caught me!" She said with a laugh, sliding over to nestle into the side of her husband who was much taller than she.

"Sorry Shields, guess the better man won." Joked Zoy, raising a blond eyebrow in derision.

Darien chuckled, squeezing the arm slung around his wife's shoulder even as he replied; "Fine, you can have her. But I warn you, she's tough on your grocery bill." He leaned down to kiss Serena's forehead, accepting her elbow jab gracefully.

Zoy shook his head. "In that case, no thanks. As it is, my prizes Husky's are costing me a fortune in dog food. Not sure I could afford to take on another mouth to feed." Darien laughed outright at this. Neither of them had to worry about financial matters, both were well off and Zoy could well afford whatever he wished for.

"Hey!" Serena muttered good-naturedly. "I'm not sure I like the comparisons being made here!" She turned to Ami who had been silent all this time. "You can jump in here any time to my defense you know." She said with a smile.

Ami weakly returned it with one of her own, but couldn't seem to say more than that. She kept her eyes trained on the floor, her cheeks flooded with embarrassment at being called attention to. Miserably she was aware of his glance, and she desperately wished they would all leave at once. The best she could offer was a shrug.

Serena studied her friend for a moment, not missing a thing. She and Ami would have to talk…soon. Instead she subtly and skillfully pulled the two men's focus back to her. Her husband was easy enough to distract, but Zoy darted a glance or two Ami's way, however the looks were not cordial. He seemed impatient with her unwillingness to talk.

"Well we'd better get going if we want to make our reservations for brunch." Serena prodded, and her husband picked up the hint.

With a nod to the two he said, "She gets angry if I don't keep her fed at regular intervals. We'll see you two later." And Darien and Serena turned to leave.

One last glance at her friend had Serena concerned. "Zoy it was a pleasure to see you again. Perhaps we can have dinner soon." She offered graciously.

"I'll look forward to it." He replied smoothly.

"Ami, I'll call you later." Serena added, and it sounded almost like a threat. Ami just nodded again.

Left alone with him, Ami was terrified. Speech eluded her entirely.

"Well Dr. Minuzo, I apologize for interrupting you while you're working." He said, offering a polite smile. "I just wanted to let you know that the board meeting for tomorrow has been moved up to this afternoon. We sent out notices, but wanted to tell as many people in person as possible since its such short notice." Zoy studied her while he spoke, she never once looked up at him, her gaze focused entirely on the flower on her desk.

Her eyes darted up at him when he finished, then back to the plant. Her mouth opened, jaw working to say something…anything! She shut it again uselessly.

Zoy emitted a sound of frustration. "Fine, clearly I'm an unwelcome disturbance. Sorry to have bothered you." His words were sharp with anger and he strode to the door, his movements agitated. At the door he looked back one last time. In her non-descript blue suit, covered with a white doctors coat, glasses and hair tucked behind her ears, she looked impossibly young to be a real physician. But why she disliked him was a mystery. It didn't make sense; they didn't even know each other. With a bad tempered shrug, he left.

"Thank you for telling me." Ami finally managed in a mangled whisper. But of course it was too late, he was gone. She blinked back the tears forming along her lashes. "I love you." She added softly.


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