Okay, my beloved reviewers requested it, so here is the second chapter!!!

I walked out the door to where I knew my Edward was waiting, and was about to KILL Rosalie and Alice for doing this to me. I could not wait!

At first, he didn't realize that I had appeared, he was on his small, silver cell-phone, apparently talking to Carlisle. He and Esme had escaped this Friday by attending some sort of doctor's convention. Lucky!

Then, he hung up without a salutation, because he was too busy staring at me, assessing the damage with wide eyes… Wait, why did his eyes glaze over as he looked me up and down? That could mean nothing good-or at least nothing bad for Alice and Rosalie. But why? How could something so bad be made so much worse? Now even Edward wasn't on my side!

"Ahem?" I cleared my throat.

He shook himself out of his trance. "Oh, sorry. Um, we should get going."

"WHAT? Is that it? We're just going to go without a fight?" I begged.

"Well, um, it is a dare, and, uh, you can't say no, so what's the point of arguing?" I could tell that he was just searching for reasons.

"Do you really want to have to hear the mind of every boy at whatever club we go to when they see me like this?" I protested. There, that one should get him thinking.

"Oh, he can just block them out." Rosalie came out then, waving off my defense like dust with a swiffer. HEY, WAIT; I was the dust in my OWN analogy! That is so messed up!


"Get in the car, Bella." Rosalie ordered.

"At least with your dare, you get to go shopping, now!" I spat.

"Oh, so do you." Alice cut in. We all looked puzzled before she clarified. "Your shopping just has to take place in the pharmacy section of the nearest Walmart, my dear, sweet, innocent Bella."

My jaw dropped, and I flushed deep crimson. Edward was entirely too close to killing her. Maybe he would after all! We all knew what Alice meant by that, and cursed Emmett to the fiery pits of heck for commenting on it that one night. Never, I repeat, NEVER give a vampire an unlimited bar to have his choice from-apparently, even they can get drunk, and when Emmett gets drunk, all Hell breaks loose. Actually, we might be doing just that, I still had no clue where we were going.

It took the combined effort of four vampires-Jasper was already in the driver's seat-to stick me into the BMW, and I am proud to say that I did not go down without a fight, but they did manage to strap me in. Damn Edward and his dazzling eyes! And oh the things Alice can do with a red scarf, a bobby-pin, and blood-red lipstick. I swear to never fight her again when armed with said seemingly ordinary objects.

Forty minutes later, we were in front of a familiar bar in Port Angeles. The same bar where I had found Edward's voice so long ago, Just down the street, I could see the McDonald's and in the other direction was the fateful movie-theater. I would never forget this place, and something told me that the rest of them wouldn't let me forget anything after tonight.

I recognized the song, blaring out of the speakers as we entered; it was Discotech, by Young Love. ((A/N, sorry, I am listening to the song while I am typing, but it fits! Not the lyrics, but just the beat is AWSOME!! I love Young Love!))

My hips immediately started swaying. Whoa! They've never done that before, why start now? The song then changed to Miracle, by Cascada ((Yes, I am listening to that now, and incase you're wondering, Here in Your Arms, by Hellogoodbye is up next too, I LOVE HELLOGOODBYE!))

It didn't help when Alice handed me a drink, either.

"Trust me; you'll need it with the next song." She warned. Never defy Alice. This should be interesting.

I have no clue what I drank, but it was fruity, and I had never had alcohol before, so the effects hit almost in the same instant that the DJ decided to play 'Hellogoodbye'. That was my cue. Thank God I would not remember any of this in the morning, but I got up and-in the middle of the dance floor, started dancing. This was more than hip-swaying, it was flat out dancing.

Edward chuckled, before joining me. Maybe clubbing with the Cullens wasn't so bad.

When the chorus hit, I got way too far into the music, because I found myself on the bar. That's right, you read it, ON the bar, dancing to 'Here in Your Arms.' I was far too drunk to coherently recognize the number of wolf-whistles emitting from the crowd. It might not have been so bad, if not for what I was wearing.

Edward was on the floor, rolling with laughter, along with the other Cullens. I just kept on dancing. Alcohol, I learned, is a no-no. What were they thinking, I wasn't even twenty-one yet! Oh, not good. I didn't even know how to dance! I would regret this, wouldn't I?

After they started playing 'The Killers', I passed out from excitement, under the confines of intoxication. I mean really, who plays 'When You Were Young' at a bar? Seriously, people!

I woke up a while later. Outside of the Cullen house.

"She's awake, thank God!"

"Okay, she didn't die."

"HA! You owe me twenty!"

"Bella, Sweetheart, how are you?" I pealed out Edward's voice from the rest.

"Ow, what happened?" I grabbed my head, which was on fire, from my eyes, to the back of my neck.

"You got drunk and passed out, Love." I could tell he was restraining from laughing out loud.


"It was actually very entertaining!" He burst out laughing, closely followed by the rest of my 'family.'

"Oh yeah? Well, it is my turn, right?" I had a wicked plan in mind.

"Y-yes." He gasped through laughs.

"Okay, EDWARD! Truth or dare?"

Everyone was suddenly silent, staring from me to Edward, then back again.

"You wouldn't." He shook his head.

"I just did, Baby." I smirked, receiving snickers and snorts from our audience.

"Fine, dare. I know you, and there is nothing you can do to me in a simple game that I can regret as thoroughly as you will regret getting drunk when we show you video!"

VIDEO?!?! This meant war!

"Alright, I'll do a kiddy dare, gosh, when did you get mean? I dare you to go into town and thrust open the doors to church during service, and shout 'praise the Lord' for no apparent reason. Then stand in silence for a total of two minutes, doors still open!" This should be good.

"Peshaw!" He spat.

It took another ten minutes to get to church. But it was worth the wait. The entire parking lot was full, better!

"Having second thoughts?" I tested.

"You wish." And with that, he swiftly placed his lips on mine before dashing out of the car.

We were all quick behind him, hiding in the bushes nearby. That's when I spotted the casket. A limo covered in black and flowers stood nearby.

I gave Edward the stop signal, but he misinterpreted it.

"Oh, come on, Bella. I am not afraid of a simple dare."

I pointed to the limo, but the only one who saw was Alice, who cursed, and started helping me try to stop him.

"Will you two cowards get over it?" Oh, coward, was I? Who had gotten drunk at a bar at the age of eighteen, dressed like a-

He threw the doors open, shouting the words he was supposed to. "Praise the Lord…" then he too noticed the large crowd of blackly clothed people inside. He cursed, making a woman near the back pass out.

"MERIEL!" Several people shouted.

"Oh my God! I am so sorry!"

The priest's face at the use of the Lord's name in vein was priceless. He looked like he too would need a heart transplant.

I stood up.

"Okay, Honey, that's enough for one night. Let's go." I nearly had to drag him to the car; all he did was stand and stare in shock.

Okay, hope you all liked it, and sorry about all the music references, but this is what happens when you listen to Yahoo-music while typing. So, tell me how you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing it!!3