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Characters:Jeff,Matt,Amy,Shane,Shannon,Abby,Kristy, Maggie, Anna,Rachel,Sam
Spoilers: naw man then what's tha point in reading it
Summary: In this part of the series it starts with the relationship between everybody and how hey communicate. It leads to the point in time where they are tested.

Hidden Luv chapter 1

It was almost the end of the school year. Kids were getting antsy and didn't seem to care about the work. Abby was sitting in math class waiting for the bell to ring, as usual she was done."Hey Abby help me with this question." Said a voice coming from behind her as she was writing a letter to a friend.

"Jeff you know how to do that question." She looked at the book and then him.

"Yeah I do," He smiled" but you just looked bored and needed rescuing"

Abby laughed "Nice rescuing, first of all you are on tha wrong page and you are done yourself."

Jeff stuck out his tongue at her." Last time I rescue you." Abby smiled, then the bell rang.

Abby and Jeff made there way down the shoulder to shoulder hallway. You don't walk through, you push your way through." So Abby, what we all doing this weekend?" said Jeff as they both were pushing their way to their locker.

"Ummmm...Kristy and I are going out with some friends" Abby said as she stepped in front of her locker.

"What you guys gunna do?" He said as he got to his locker and started to open it it.

"What else" Abby shrugged her shoulders.

"Come on Abby! You ain't drinking are ya?" He let his arm hang and looked at Abby.

"I would invite you...but you know you don't do that kind of stuff." She looked at him from the corner of her eyes.

"Yeah and I wish you wouldn't either, I worry about you. I don't want to lose a best friend"

"Jeff I will be fine" She insisted.

"Just wait until Matt and Amy find out!" He said all cocky.

"Hey! Don't tell them! You know Matt will freak on me if he found out. Please don't tell!...Well not till after." She said closing her locker.

Jeff closed his" well hmmmm..."



"You dweeb,what are you think of? You betta not!" She begged.

"If I should tell Matt or not" He showed he was thinking. Fingers tapping chin as he dazed into space.

"Tell me what?" Said Matt coming up behind them. Abby jumped and he laughed."So,tell me what?"

"That Abby's going out this weekend with her friends and..." He looked at Abby "gunna have fun if you know what I mean"

"JEFF" she said pushing him"you beta watch it or I am gunna hurt you!"

"Abby you are not gunna go are you?"

"Maybe, maybe not. Come on man it's tha weekend, today is Friday and I am gunna put the meaning into the word party" she could not believe she jus told Matt that" and I am staying at Kristy's place.Shit! I am telling you to much, I am gunna shut up now"

"Abby you ready?" said Kristy as she walked up behind them.

"Hey Kristy" said Matt, and Jeff at the same time.

"Hey!hows it going y'all?" She replied.

"Alright,except the fact that I don't want Abby to be going out this weekend. Remember what happened the last time?" said Matt.

"Ok,so we got thrown in jail for tha night big deal. It wasn't the first time" Abby confessed.

"Yeah! And I had to act like and adult and get you both out just so you guys wont get in trouble,jeez the things I do for you Abby."

"It was a lovely performance. You deserve a Grammy. But that's why I love you. Your Grammy performances. "Said Abby with a big smile.

Amy walked up to them. "Hey! What's going on?" She was munching on some Bold BBQ chips. Abby looked at Kristy and nodded her head.

"Nuttin' much." Abby grabbed the bag and ran for it with Kristy behind her. "Thanks Ames! Love you guys!" And she disappeared.

Abby climbed up the side of the house and to Jeff's window. She knocked lightly not wanting to let anybody else know she is there. "Abby what you doing?"

"Hidin', now let me in!" She flopped in since the bed was right there.

"Jeff are you talking in your...oh, hey Abby what you doing here?"

"Fuck! Me and that barbie got into it at the party. The usual bullshit."

"Hey Matt! Dad is wondering...I see, Abby is here. Dad is coming" said Amy as she walked in.

"Shit!" Abby jumped out of the window and was down the tree in a heartbeat.