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Ok. I've had enough. Too many of these sues are getting "OMG YOU ROCK!LUV" reviews and it's ticking me off. Sues. Read. Please. I'm trying my best to try and get the message out to not resort to have me READ and REVIEW those.. those.. THINGS. Anyway, to go hand in hand with my Sue Parody. Here's a little fic to help you MAKE a well rounded character, if you NEED too... I mean, ...REALLY need to..

Guide: How to make an OC work in Trinity Blood

The Basic Character Template

Sourced from Manga for:



Birth Date:

Astrological Sign:

Chinese Zodiac Sign:

Blood Type:


Basic Description:


Useful when make a believable OC to enter a story (if you require one at all) and no half ass work will pull it off and raw talent for characterization isn't going to be the best help.

When writing an OC, one must take into consideration the setting, time, characters, technology, society and many, many other things before they decided to open Word, Notepad… whatever you work with. I recommend Microsoft word since it has spell check and some grammar corrections for beginners. Shall we begin?

The Name

The name is extremely important to the character. After all, you're going to be calling him/her that all through the story. Due to Trinity Blood's setting, it's more of English names so please try to avoid Japanese or Asian related name just because it's Anime.

Female Eg.

Sakura, Tsuki, Akane, Yuri, Cho, Yumi, Kura.

Male Eg.

Toshiya, Sasuke, Youko, Haru, Yamato.

You should catch the drift. Names that are mentioned in Trinity Blood descend from Old English and very often European areas. Some have Indian meanings for example, Radu, Ion.

The name doesn't have to sound or resemble the character all of the time. Your parents don't make your personality; they merely give you a name.


Adelaide- Old English/French.

Means Kind and Noble.

Possibly, Adelaide can turn out to be a rough girl who has a love of alcohol, sex and drugs while partaking in bar fights and gang wars. She might dress more in 12012 style of clothing and listen to Dir en Grey rather than be the Kind, Generous and Sinless girl her parents named her to be.

Naming can derive from the character's eyes, hair color or even skin. Her heritage and her family life plays a large part in her name so if her parents where poor, they obviously, in this world, might have been illiterate and unable to spell well enough to give the girl a normal name.



Can turn into


Don't use names in English that are plainly not acceptable.


Angel, Melody, Sapphire, Diamond (And precious stone), Aurora (Any royal derived names) etc.


Just because you are sixteen doesn't mean your character's age has to be a teen older or your exact age. In shows like this, there are Mary Sues ranging ages from 18- 26. Some are a wee bit older and others younger. Most skilled people within the world wouldn't be the best over a period as short as that. Sure, we would like to be. But that just doesn't happen.

Try an OC that is out of the ordinary. A Seventy year old woman who's an old cougar that has the hots for Hugue… I'd totally read that story.

A forty year old Priest/Priestess that has valuable information on the hunting and Cain; very interesting plot…

"Age doesn't have to give youth and power. With Youth, you have curiosity and a drive for power. With age, comes the wisdom to handle the power. With death, comes the understanding of that power."



They play a major role in Astrology and compatibility. Must like Anime, Blood type and Astrology go hand in hand. Look it up.

Chinese Zodiac

This one should be obvious. See above.


Just because one character is short and the other is tall doesn't mean you have to be just a bit shorter than your love interest. A girl taller than the man she loves makes the couple lovable and gawky and adds a strange charm that you don't see everyday. A man much taller than his love interest makes the same way. Perfection is something we strive for but with love anything is our perfection.

Basic Description

This is the basis of your character. What does he or she look like? Is she gorgeous beyond belief? Pff. Been there, done that. Is she a ugly as a scratched board of a wood? Interesting. Is she the average girl you pass everyday? Kay.

Lets divide this section.


Hair Style

Does she wear her hair in two, one or out? Is it short or long? Does it fall over her eyes or does it make her forehead bigger due to the hair line?

What color is it? Natural color? Did she dye it? (If you say yes, shoot yourself) Does it defy gravity? Is it naturally a strange color? (Bleh, see last brackets)


Are they wide, narrowed? Too far apart, too close to each other? Are they a natural color? Does she wear contacts or are they naturally strange?


Too tall? Too short? Fat or slightly over weight? Curves in all the right places? (head desk) No curves, undeveloped for her age? VERY developed for her age? (head desk, head desk) Anorexic thin? (face palm) Model body? (head wall)

Physical Condition

Is she very ill? Does she have a mental illness?(Not counting any schizoid unless it's well done) Does she have an incurable disease which she DIES from and doesn't get a magic cure or is magically cure by her sacrifice?

Marks, Scar, Tattoo

Does she have any Scars from battles? Any Tattos to prove her rebellion? Any birth marks? Their color? Their placing?


Does she follow the clothing of the church? Is she in the church? Does she wear leather? Does she wear normal clothes? Is she rich? Is she poor? Is she a hooker or a saint? Does she carry any special symbols? Does she belong to a special group for those symbols? Is she dressing extravagantly? Very poorly because she feels like, not because of money problems? Is she fashionable always? Is she a disaster with colors?

And so on. We have completed the first and basic part of making a character. You are well on your way to making a well rounded character. Make sure to check out Mary Sue tests and evaluations all around the internet. There are many, many of them just google Mary Sue test and you will come across at least three or more.

I hope this helped in anyway. Oh, and if you feel your Sue was insulted.

Flame me.