So Sorry on how long this took. Haha. This vacation was so full of things to do I barely had time to writing... But we've finally reached the end of this small guide to hopefully help writers, new and old, to become better at OCs and plotlines and to stray away from the horrors of cliche fanfiction.

It'll be hard at first but... if you keep practicing you'll get it.

Final Report


"Lady Catherina has asked for the final two to enter the judging room."

The voice of the priest brought Aurora from her hourly angst to pay attention to reality, which burned her because of her undyingly painful memoirs, as she lifted her neon purple eyes to the blonde priest. Sword Dancer.

She was spiteful of his name. Her mother used to wield a sword towards her during her prostitution days when she had forced Aurora to join her. Hateful wench! Standing to her height, just shorter than Hugue, her long cascading silver hair fell over her shoulder like endless waterfalls while the ends burned with a red dye of sobbing agony. She was a rebel… but she was priestess who loved the Lord; but found it impossible not too become attracted to this man whom she had hated a mere 2.5 seconds earlier.


She stared to speak, the melodious tones of her voice escaping her hurt lips.

"Ah Father Hugue! I see you're out of the infirmary… I am glad your wounds weren't too great..,"

Aurora couldn't believe the nerve of this man! Turning rapidly she was met with the kind gray eyes of a much smaller boy. His figure petite as she stood against the voluptuous Aurora and his dark black hair held short and slightly messy as bits and pieces fell in front of his eyes and around his face.

"Sister Adelle…"

Hugue stated politely with a bow before exiting leaving to two females to walk through the door by themselves. Aurora blinked in shock, she had mistaken the rather child like girl to be a young boy. Frowning, she realized that she had become rather rusty and made a mental note to molest Hugue and character rape him the next time around.

The room before them seemed dark and menacing… Aurora was used to all the dark places…. It was where she resided. Adelle beside her sucked in a breath before entering she stepped forward before being greeted with the cold air of a small breeze; assuming it to be a window a small light began to flicker and finally lit in time to see Catherina sitting before them.

The blonde woman studied the two clashing figure before lifting the document to her hand.

The OC test was about to begin.


"Tell me, Miss Aurora, what was your last profession?"

"Oh, I'd rather not talk about my past but I'll ever to cleverly hint that I spilt blood in an ever so angstful way!.. I murdered people as an assasin… which is a carnal sin but PUH-SHA!"

Catherina blinked and slowly nodded before sending a gesture to Adelle to inquire the same.

"Oh.. well… I never really had a steady profession but I used to be a street performer for acrobatics in Londonium…"

The leader nodded before smiling to her; Catherina was pleased with such a humble profession as she watched Aurora once more, who was too busy cutting herself with her crucifix to notice the second question being asked, and sighed.

"How did you come to join our church, Sister Aurora?"

Aurora blinked.

"Because I needed to ease my guilt?"

Frowning but nodding, Catherina found it satisfactory but it to jump straight into serving for life was a bit… extreme for guilt problems.

"You, Sister Adelle…,"

The young girl grinned strangely before coughing to bring back the professional atmosphere.

"Well," she began softly and politely, "my brother was a firm believer in the lord and when he died from disease, I promised him I'd go to church every Sunday and eventually I found myself falling in love with the lord before I knew it….and so I wish to serve in helping people find that I have found…"

Aurora snorted. She wasn't cruel but she had to keep her game face up, since after all, she had such a disturbing childhood compared to that of the other girl and it absolutely ENTITLED her to behave like an ass.



Now, after seeing that example… Which OC seems a bit more rounded with character depth?

If you say Aurora I'll find a way to throttle you, I swear. XD

But you don't have to follow the basis and bland way all the time for this is merely an entrance. A character doesn't have to be shining through the entire story to show a great thing in the plot as she/he can be literally non existent until the climax where it reveals she/he is truly the mastermind.

But, of course, you'll have to make it believable.

Writing is simple enough but you just have to remember that even though it's fan-fiction you still need to respect the original work you fell in love with. It is like taking tea and adding salt. You already love it but throwing in something that doesn't mix with the flavor gives it a dislikable feeling.


I've come across many times different excuses given to me to battle my critique. I list what I remember and I will tell you a way to combat it yourself because I know the fan fiction area is tabooed as no talent.

Which is very untrue.

It's FANfiction.

Yes it's FAN fiction on COPYRIGHT materials. Remember, the owners have every right to take the area down. Look at Anne Rice… oh wait, you can't since she banned fan fiction of her work on you like the show and the characters…. Then please respect then instead of turning them into little man sluts for your slash. I can see how it can happen but sometimes strawberries aren't always going to turn on our little crusnik to have surprise buttsecks with his brother.


Don't like it. Don't read it.

This would only apply to pairings and content of genre matters.

Though if we tell you that characters are being OOC and you have information wrong or if you tossed the rules of English and Grammar out the window along with a Mary Sue to boot… then that's a whole other story.

Don't like criticism. Don't put it on the internet.

It's AU, they're allowed to be out of character!


Shut up.

AU stands for Alternate Reality. Meaning they aren't in their world but they're the SAME attitude, SAME view points and SAME ideals. Unless you're experimenting on if their past was different then alright.

But if it's one of those "High School fics" (which I hate with a burning passion of a thousand suns) then the characters will still act the same…. They won't turn into teeny boppers going 'OMG NO WAIIII'

I have watched all the series and novels and INSERT EXTRA LIE HERE


99 of the time…. When someone points out something… they probably know a little more than you do.

But that 1 of the time is the ignorant ones that THINK they know.

If you really want to be right then check out that person's stories of talk through PMS. I believe that's why added that feature.

To clear up reviews etc.

If they're a guest. Laugh it off, research a little more to see who's right… then go on your merry life with new knowledge.

Song Fiction

I have nothing against fiction with songs.


When it comes to fiction with characters singing a recent song? … That'll tick a few of us off….

Just don't do it.. Ok… please? Unless you can pull it off hella well…. Which is hard and requires a bit of experience and/or talent with situations.


Overall…. I think this guide should just be some guidelines to keep in mind. Its short so I won't drag it on…

I hope this helps a few people with their OCs and hopefully when I work on mine it would be as shameful..

There's still a lot to learn when it comes to characterizing and no one is perfect at it… so keep learning and keep trying. Even if you get some harsh criticism and you make a few mistakes… just keep at it with a good attitude and you'll get better.

Happy Writing everyone, and Thank you supporting this guide :)