It's so cold, so white. What is this, is it snow? But snow isn't red.

Why is there blood on my hands, who's blood is it? Yet tears rush down my face. Who's there? come out! Who's there?

"Yuuki it's been a long time, how have you been, ah Yuuki beautiful as ever", a dark shadow, but who is it. "Who are you, show yourself now", I yelled at them.

"Now, now Yuuki don't be mean, after all we are best friends",

This voice who are you, what do you want? Tears, tears and more tears run down my face. I start to run, breathing fast. "Yuuki, ah, how come your running? Come back Yuuki", I could hear it laughing, this person, this thing. Blood everywhere I can't escape it, help me, please help me.

Snowy white pure snow, everywhere, no house, no trees, just in the middle of no where. Help me, help me please. Save me. Come and take me away.

"Yuuki, Yuuki, wake up", a voice but who's voice. I don't want to open my eyes.

"Yuuki, why are you crying,...Yuuki please wake up", the voice I recognize it. Yori, yes Yori. Her voice sounds alarmed I should wake up.

"Yori", I whispered.

"Yuuki, are you okay, why are you crying", her questions I should answer.

"I had a bad dream...sorry".

"Why are you telling me sorry, I'm just glad your okay", she sighed.

Where was I? Blood that's strange. My nightmare, I never seen that place beforeā€¦ And who was that person? Maybe I shouldn't think about this.

"Yuuki are you okay", Zero was standing near me.

"Yes, just a little tired", I faked a laugh.

"Okay, if you say so, but you look and little strange today, scared somehow", Zero could always tell when something was wrong with me.

"Okay class open to page 51", Mr. Hath said. "What is in a name that which we call a rose by an other name should smell so sweet", I could hear Mr. Hath reading, but I was lost in thought. My hand was under my chin and I turned my face to look out the window. Roses, blue roses, so beautiful.

There were blue roses laying on the ground outside near a tree. "So oddly placed", I whispered and laughed. "Yuuki, oh dearest Yuuki". That voice, someone laughing.

"Yuuki, oh my Yuuki, come out and play with me", that voice again.

"Oh, let's play Bloody Mary, Yuuki" ,stop, stop.


"What are you doing Miss Cross", I didn't realize that I was in standing up with my hands over my ears.

"Well Miss Cross I'm waiting for your answer", the other kids in class just laughed, but Zero looked at me strangely. I was breathing hard and could feel my eyes wide.

"I-I'm sorry, Mr. Hath", I looked at him embarrassed for the most part. "May I go to the rest room?"

"Fine, you can go, but I would like to see you after class", oh great I'm in trouble now.

I walked down the hall way silently. The sun light glowed as I passed each window.

"Those roses, they're still there". I stopped for a moment looking out through the window, once again completely lost in thought.

"Oh, Yuuki come out, come out where ever you are", I froze, the voice again. I started to shiver and could feel my eyes widen in fear.

"Who are you?" my voice was weak and I was frightened. "Your best friend, and now I found you, here I come you better run Yuuki", I ran, no I sprinted. My breathe hard, the windows were like pictures that were on a screen.

"Yuuki, Yuuki has come to play, here I come in faster pace" laughing, giggling, I can't escape. I dashed into a room and hid under the teachers desk.

"Lost little kitty, lost little kitty, where are you lost little kitty, oh lost little kitty,oh lost little kitty", it was singing, outside the class room, repeating the words over and over again. The voice stopped. I got up and went to take a peek outside. There was no one there.' Was it safe, I better run now'. I ran out of the of the class room and faster, faster I ran down the long white hall way with windows allowing the light to seek through.

"Oh where oh where has my little kitty gone, oh where, oh where have you gone", the voice was now closer. I started to panic and when I turned the corner I literally ran right into Kaname.

"Yuuki, Yuuki", he called, but I was lost.

"K-Kaname it's you... oh s-sorry about that", I was trying to calm myself down, I was safe for now.

"Don't worry Yuuki, we'll play again very soon", it just laughed and went silent. I froze under Kaname arms, I could hear him calling my name and shaking me just a little bit.

I looked up at him and smiled. "Sorry I was lost in thought", I laughed. His face looked worried , but still warm. "You look pale Yuuki are you okay?", I just smiled at him once more before I passed out in his warm arms seeing his face before my eyes shut.

" Come out where ever you are, Midnight Run" that voice no, stop, please, but that was the last thing I would hear other than Kaname's voice.