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Midnight Run

The Kingdom of Ethon

Darkness all around me. I could feel my body as it floated to the top of the water. Cold water rushing up against me, my dress struck tight against my body, and my hair floating in all direction. The only thing I saw was water and lots of it. No land any where near me. I just floated along with the water, just staring at the blue sky.

"Nobody Knows who I really am, I never felt this empty before", I heard someone singing. "Now what are you doing there, my Lady", the women just laughed. She had blond hair and which was shoulder length and wore a Chinese outfit. I stared at her, not really sure.

"I-I don't know, where am I", she helped me onto the boat and gave me a towel to dry myself. "Why my Lady we're in Ethon". "Ethon", I repeated confuse. "Yes, my Lady, this is her Majesty's kingdom", she smiled. "Oh", I sat there not really sure if I was dreaming. We rowed down the river and she sang songs.

"Well my Lady, this should be you stop",I got off the boat and smiled at her. "Bye my Lady, we should meet again". "What is your name by the way", I tried to say my name, but I forgot what it was.

I looked at her apologetically. "That's all right", she smiled. "My name is Lee Sing", she waved her at and said bye. I watched her leave and she started to singing. I walked down a path that led to a beautiful view of the country side. As I stood in the edge of the cliff I smiled and thought how wonder this place really is.

"Bye, bye, Lady",I turned to see who it was. but I was to late. The person pushed me off the cliff and I was falling down towards the river. Water slashed as I pumped towards the bottom of the dark river.

I couldn't breath and tried to swim up for air, but I never made it to the top. My eyes were starting to shut and I drifted to a sleep, not sure if I would ever wake up again.

I woke up in a strange place. As I sat up I noticed and then blushed, because I was laying in Kaname's bed, in his room. "K..y..a", I whispered, jumping up and down. I got up and went searching around the large room and the room connected, calling his name out quickly. "Kaname-senpai", I waited. No answer. I called out again, but I got the same reply.

I went toward the window and saw how beautiful the moon really was. More and more, I was deepen by it's beauty and perfection. As I stood watching the moo I had this strange piecing feeling. Something I never felt before. I held tightly onto my shirt, trying to reach into my heart, (if I could).

The feeling wouldn't go way and, more and more did it bother me. I started to take a couple of steps back, and leaned against the wall falling to the ground. "W-What is this feeling", it was hard to breath and I became more uncomfortable.

I ripped open my shirt and laid against the wall near the window, with my hair wet. 'Kill me now what is this feeling'. I felt like something bad was going to happen or someone was coming. "K-Kaname", I called out softly. "K-Kaname", I whispered before I closed my eyes.

"Onee-chan, onee-chan, are you okay", I could only hear a voice of a little girl. "Is she okay", another voice asked. "How should I know", the girl sneered.I opened my eyes, and young boy and girl leaned over me and I could see their faces. The girl and the boy looked identical, they had jet black hair and green eyes with a hint of purple in them. "Your wake", the girl smiled. "I'm Kagura and this is my twin brother Riku", she informed me. "You've been out a while, we found you near the river", Riku said.

"What's your name".

''I don't know".

"What do you mean, everyone has a name". Riku smiled. "I don't remember my name", I informed them. "Well, you probably come from a wealthy family, looking at what your wearing", I looked down at my dress, white and wet. I blushed and cover myself, since you can see through white. "Here, put this on, I know it probably doesn't suit your taste,but it'll keep you warm", Kagura handed me the Chinese outfit.

They showed me around the village and told me the people here were all nice.

Riku told me about the royal family, to be more perice, about the Queen. "You must be tired, here you can sleep with us night", Kagura smiled sweetly. "I have be meaning to ask you something, where are your parents", I looked around and saw their sad faces. "They died along time ago", Riku informed me.

"After their death the Queen took us in and we lived with her in her palace", light was in her eyes as she spoke of the queen. "She is very nice and comes and visits us, but she stop coming by", she frowned. "Why", I asked. "She went missing, no one knows where she is",Riku said. "Oh", was all I said.

"Well good-night", both twins said. When I open my eyes I was standing up. I was standing in the middle of a rope bridge that connected to large hills. The wind gushed up against my body trying to force me done. I held on tight not letting go, the bridge rocked side to side as I made my way toward the other hill in the opposite direction.

"Ha, ha, ha", I heard someone laughing. I turned to see someone tall, but not sure if it was a female or male. "Bye, bye, Lady", the rope snapped and I was falling down with the rope bridge.

Kaname's POV

I went back into my room and saw Yuuki laying against the wall with her shirt ripped open and her hair soaking wet. "Yuuki, Yuuki", I grabbed a towel and tried to dry her hair, but her couldn't hear me. Her shirt was wet and I went through my drawer looking for a shirt to put on her.

I unbutton the rest of her shirt and replace it with a shirt of mine. Her skin was so warm and beautiful. I wanted my lips to travel down her chest and leave her with burning kisses. She laid in my bed fast asleep and I watched her.

I watched how her lips would depart after exhaling. "My Yuuki, o, my love", I gently touched her hand. I took a shower and stood allowing the cold water hit my skin.

Yuuki's Pov

I woke up once more in Kaname's room, but now I was in his bed cover with the sheets and had a different shirt on. I blushed, I could feel my ears burning and my face red. I started to get off the bed and the sound of someone coming out of another room made me froze.

"Yuuki", I turned slowly and continued to blushed furiously. Kaname had is shirt unbutton once more and his hair wet. ''K-Kaname-senpai", I nervously took a step back, while he took a step forwards. "Yuuki are you okay", he wrapped his arm around me.

"Yuuki, you look pale", his lips gently brushing along my jaw. I shivered as I felt his breath go in and out. "You should sleep, don't worry I told your father you were with me", Kaname smiled slyly. He picked me up and laid me gently on his bed. "Now you must sleep. you'll get sick if you stay up anymore".

He put his arms around me and pulled me closer to his body. I heard his breath as he took a deep breath. "Good night Kaname-senpai", I clenched my fingers around his shirt. "Good night Yuuki-chan".

I was rowing down a lake or river, just watching the clouds as they shift shapes. The senses of the forest of both sides astonished me. "So Lovely", I thought to myself. "The end is near and the time will come, when death will be pleasant of those who refuse to accept", I heard someone whispering, like a little song.

I woke up once again in Kaname's bed. Kaname was sleeping like child, but he had a face of an angel. I got up and left. "Ugh, it's so bright", I put my arm over my eyes and tried to wipe the sleep away."Ethon", a whisper came of behind the trees. "Is someone there", I asked quickly, but there was no answer.

That night I continued to feel strange, uncomfortable, miserable. "Death shell be hold you, at this hour of night, run bright angel of the misty sky, see behold you in death, were blood will be drenched, they will die in your honor, with lust blood eyes", I turned around to see two inhumanly beautiful young people. The feeling in my chest continued, but it ached harder and harder.

"Hello", the musical voice came from the young women. I was to dazed to saying anything. "H-Hello", I finally manged, but my voice was weak. "Ah, she must be her, the girl we heard so much about", the man's eyes started to change color, from blue to purple and then to red.

"Yuuki Cross, I presume", they both smiled wickedly. "Y-Yes", I was panicing now. "How do you know my name", I collected my thoughts and tried to remember if I had told them my name. "We heard so much about you, from other vampires".

"Yes, about how you were saved by Kaname Kuran, what an honor it is to be saved by him, yet alone cared him from cared", the man finished for the women.

"But, there is something strange about you,... yes strange indeed", she wiped her hand along her lips and brushed them gracefully off her right cheek. "Strange indeed", the man had an attracted voice, somewhat of a British acsent, but spoken in Japanese.

"Now, now my brother, it is not nice to speak ill of someone, specially if that someone is being cared by a Kuran, yet alone honor in high class,...shame, shame my twin brother, you should know better", the women also had the same voice as he did. Vampires.

They walked closer to me now, analyzing my features. "Nobles", I whispered. "Yes", the man had an omen look on his face. "Well, you are wrong, we are nobles, but we are...how should I put this", she thought for a moment. "Pure Bloods".

"Yes", she smiled darkly coming closer and closer to me, to the point were her face was about 5 inches away.

"You do smell extreme delicious", she pointed out as she back away from me. "I want to smell", her brother asked her. "You can smell, but do not bite", he nodded his head in understanding. I felt his nose glide along my neck as he breath in my intoxicated scent.

"Yes, you are very delicious, that is to bad I can't get a bite out of you", I was frozen, I had been since their arrival. His tongue gently licked my throat and I made a sound. "Ah", was all he said and back away as well to stand near his sister. "Who are you", I held my throat as I blushed furiously, trying to stop the burning.

"You should know by know Yuuki Cross", and then it hit me, they were Pure Bloods. " Sora and Hatori Izawa", I responded. They bowed down as if they were meeting with a queen or king. "Yes", they both said at the same time.

For that moment. I truly looked at them carefully. Sora had light brown hair, which appeared honey in the moonlight, she was tall statuesque like. Hatori was tall, learner, but still bulky in a way, he had light brown hair as well, but appeared moon black as he stood hiding from the moonlight in the dark shadows.

Both had the same eyes, deep burgundy, but had a outline of both light and dark purple. The two were very beautiful, but in a way I cannot describe. "Please follow me, I will show you the way to the chairman's office", I turned serious now and acted professional.

I had to be very careful with them, something about them gives me this unease feeling, like they know something, but something they might have come for here.

"We will follow Miss Cross", she politely said. "Very well, but I must tell you this, there is no drinking blood on campus, understood", I calmly explained. "Understood, but there will be one condition for us if we apply this... rule you say".

"And, what is that", I asked vowing silence. The boy cracked a smile. "The death of the one who deserves to die in the end".