Luke Skywalker closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He had almost forgotten how it felt to be completely alone with the solitude that only deep space could provide. He was sitting in the cockpit of his old X-Wing fighter that had recently been converted into a newer XJ model that was used exclusively by the Jedi Knights.

   The Jedi Master smiled as he recalled how Leia and several of his fellow Jedi had argued vehemently against his upgrading the almost-antique X-Wing, instead of allowing himself to be issued a factory-new model. But Luke had a history with this particular X-Wing, he was comfortable behind the controls and he had steadfastly insisted that the old fighter be kept and restored to modern standards.

    Luke to admit he was pleased with the results - the ship handled slightly better and was definitely faster and more maneuverable. When Luke had gotten wind of the fact the New Republic government was hoping to enlist the aid of a Jedi to escort a high ranking political delegation to a peace settlement on the fringe of New Republic territory, Luke had decided to volunteer his services. His family and closest friends had been wearing him down with not-so-subtle comments about his needing a vacation from the Praxeum, so they were quite happy when Luke took the 'baby-sitting' job, as Han called it. Luke had just smiled, knowing in his heart the reason he had volunteered had more to do with testing out his newly remodeled ship than with taking some time off. Of course, Luke thought to himself, as much as he sometimes missed his flying days in the 20 years since he had given up the life as a pilot for the duties of a Jedi Knight, several days travel in a one-man fighter was enough to leave him anxious to be back on solid ground.

   A faint beep interrupted the silence, and Luke made a few adjustments to the controls in preparation for the transition from hyperspace. He shifted his position slightly and casually grasped the control to ease the ship back to normal space. Just as the blur of stars outside began to slow, Luke felt a powerful force take hold of his mind and body. He felt a tremendous pressure that seemed to emanate from the core of his being and he instinctively gasped for a breath that would not come. His body felt as though part of it was being torn away but, oddly, he felt no pain. His arms and legs began to tremble, then became immobilized and ineffective. He used every Force skill he could think of - and made up a few new tricks on the spot - to try and stop the barrage of power that had gripped him. Right before unconsciousness, Luke saw an incredible flash of pure light, more intense than anything he had ever witnessed, but he did not look away. Words without a voice seemed to whisper to his mind that everything was all right, and then the darkness claimed him……


Another place, another level in the ethereal oneness of The Force.......

   Anakin Skywalker sat in the soft grass atop a small rise in the flawless landscape. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of blossoming flowers and luxuriating in the comfortable warmth that was always present. He had been having an unusually trying day and he felt tremendously grateful to have found some time to meditate and clear his mind.

   Since the time of his Redemption and acceptance back Home he had immersed himself in his duties. Anakin had tried his hand at many different skills here, excelled in most, but had eventually proved to be quite a skillful and natural Warder- not surprising considering the remarkable nature of his creation.

   Child of the Force, Chosen One, Vergeance……he had been called all these things - all these things and more, he thought ruefully -during the time of his existence. He had always been set apart, watched, sometimes even feared, and there was a time he would have thought himself special. But now, here in the peacefulness of The Force, he was simply content to be part of the All and that acceptance had given him a satisfying peace. Yes, there were day, even now, when he felt stifled, impatient - even somewhat bored. And his Skywalker hot-temperament still flared from time to time, but those occasions were few and far between and always kept under a tight control. But in moments like this, with the feel of silken grass beneath him and the warmth of the Light all around him, Anakin knew there was nowhere he would rather be. To have been accepted Home, after all he had done, was a humbling experience for which Anakin Skywalker would forever be grateful.

   After a few more moments of quiet contemplation, Anakin caught the glimmer of another presence and he opened his eyes just in time to catch sight of a lone figure running towards him. He recognized the distinctive force-signature of the woman even before she was close enough for him to see her face and bright auburn hair. Sensing the urgency in her presence and the way she was moving, Anakin rose and started forward to meet her.

"Nomi!" he called, raising his hand to catch her attention.


   Nomi Sunrider slowed and came to a halt, breathing heavily, several feet in front of him. Upon seeing the look on her face, a look of excitement mixed with amazement and a touch of disbelief, Anakin knew immediately that something very serious must be happening. Nomi was not an easily excitable person, but she was clearly anxious now.

"What is it?" he demanded, slightly more forcefully than he had intended.

   "Anakin," Nomi repeated as she moved to grasp both his hands in hers. She looked directly into his eyes for a long moment, then allowed a calming smile to touch her lips before continuing.

"Anakin - your son is here."