How it Should Have Ended

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Summary: Rose's POV. How she feels her happy ending should have ended.

How it should have ended

Did it have to end this way? Did it have to end with me living unhappy? This is not what I wanted at all! Jack was supposed to live! Jack and I were supposed to get off the Titanic together and live happily ever after.

I can still see it; we both survived after the Titanic sank tragically. That wooden plank was big and strong enough to hold the both of us and then after getting severe frostbite, we both get rescued by the other sailors. I am wrapped in his arms, gradually getting warmer as we reach America.

Once we both get to America, we would both walk around the city, admiring all of the fine stores and deciding which restaurant we should go and find a home where we can stay. Once we found a place to stay, I would try and become an actress, and Jack would be there by my side cheering me on. Jack would be there right beside me while we go on roller coasters over and over again until we throw up! He would also be there while I ride a horse like a cowboy with legs on each side.

Then after a few years, Jack would pack up the courage and ask me to marry him. Naturally, I would accept his proposal. On a bright warm summer day, we would get married with over five hundred people there. And if Cal came to ruin the wedding, I would get Molly to personally remove him. And then once we got married we would go to Paris for our honeymoon.

After our honeymoon, Jack and I would have three children; two boys and one girl. Our sons would be named Dean and Mark, while our youngest daughter would be named Leila. We would be a happy family. We would always be happy.

That's how it should have ended.

My eyes shoot open and I find myself in bed, with an arm wrapped around me tight. I smile to myself, thinking that Jack was alive and I wasn't dreaming after all. I turn over and I see someone, but it isn't Jack. I see my husband Samuel the man I married instead. The man I stayed with reluctantly with after all of these years. I convinced myself I loved him, but deep in my heart I knew I didn't love him. The one man I truly loved was Jack Dawson. And I would never spend my life with him ever until I die and go back to the Titanic.

This is not how is should have ended.