I've tried, I've tried my best.

To be like you, and like the rest.

But I got lost, lost in pain.

Lost from you, lost in shame.

I asked you, to help me out.

And what did you do, you just pout.

I start to cry, cry alone.

I cry out loud, I cry at home.

I went away, far away.

Away from you, and you just stayed.

I think you forgot, you forgot I'm alive,

So I'll just see if I can strive.

I'll Strive for love, the love you gave away.

The love I need, the love thats gone astray.

And now you remember, you remember me.

But now you'll just wait, wait on me.

For now I've got love, the love I wanted.

The love you promised, the love I've hunted.

HAHA, must suck to be you.

For now I've got the love, yea that's true.

The love you want now, the love I've needed.

So just go away, for now I'm going to be wedded.