The Path to be Together

By: Dueler 312

Note: J. K. Rowling owns these characters, not me.

Chapter 1

Starting a New Adventure

It's been two weeks since Harry and the others moved into Grimauld Place. Harry and Ginny decided to use those two weeks to help get things that they would need to live there. Ron and Hermione also helped as well. But they were also looking for a place of their own to live, which unfortunately, seemed to be a big problem right now. Hermione though wasn't giving up and neither was Ron. Harry and Ginny wondered if part of Hermione had rubbed off of him.

All four of them were also having trouble on trying to find out what kind of wedding they wanted to have. Harry didn't care what kind of wedding he wanted to have. He just wanted to be married to Ginny. But he also wanted to have a wedding that neither Ginny nor him would forget.

Harry was about to be dragged into the subject again when he went into the kitchen. He just had gotten out of bed early because he and Ron wee going to apply for Auror training. When he walked into the kitchen, the first thing he saw was Ginny, cooking some eggs for them.

"Morning," he said to her as he came up behind Ginny and wrapped her in his arms, He also planted a kiss on her neck.

"Morning, love," said Ginny. Ginny always liked how Harry came up behind her and cuddled. He was still doing it and Ginny said, "Harry, I know you want to cuddle, but were not going to be able to have breakfast if you keep doing it." Harry made a fake pout look that made Ginny laugh. Harry just smiled as he took his seat and picked up the Daily Prophet to see what was going on. Harry was reading on how the trials of the Death Eaters were coming to an end when Ron and Hermione came in.

"Morning, you two," Ron said to Harry and Ginny.

"Morning," they both replied back. "Ready for the day, Ron?" Harry asked.

"Oh yeah. I can't wait to apply for Auror training," Ron replied.

"Hey, you two just better be careful, all right," said Ginny, as she handed everyone his or her eggs.

"Well, at least all three of us will be busy with some job training," said Hermione.

"Three?" Ron asked. But then it hit him as he said, "Oh, right." Hermione just smiled at him as he ate. Hermione wanted to be a Healer, so she was going to apply for training at St. Mungo's. It interested her so much that one day she was buying every book she could find on being a Healer. Ron was proud of her of what she wanted to become, but he calmed Hermione down a little bit because he didn't want her to go nuts like she did back in their third year at Hogwarts.

"What about you, Ginny?" asked Hermione.

"I'm still looking," she said. "Hey, I know this may be kind of early, but do you guys want to do our weddings together, or like apart?"

Ron and Hermione looked at each other and then Ron said to Ginny, "No offense, Sis. But we were just wanting to have our own separate wedding, okay."

"Hey, its all right, I was just wondering," said Ginny. Harry just smiled. He wondered if some of him had rubbed off on her.

"Although," Hermione started to say, "I think that you and Ginny should marry first."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Oh, I just thought you guys would want to do it first, since you became a couple before we did," Hermione teased.

"HERMIONE!" Ron, Harry, and Ginny all shouted. But they also laughed as well with her, knowing that she was joking a little.

"All though, she has a point, Harry," said Ginny. "We've been together longer than they have. Why don't we have our firsts?"

"You're sure about this?" Harry asked. Ginny nodded and he settled.

Hermione just looked at the two of them, and then looked down where she saw a glimpse of her watch, saying that it was almost eight o'clock.

"Shoot, I got to go!" she yelled. "Registration begins at eight, and I want to be there so I can apply."

No one said or did anything to slow Hermione down. She emptied her plate in the sink, and said goodbye to the others, kissing Ron on the lips. She then Disapparated out of the house to St. Mungo's.

Harry did a little fixing on that. He made sure that anyone that he knew as a friend or family could Apparate into the house, except the bedrooms. They didn't want anybody interrupting them when they were in bed together.

"We better get moving too, Harry," said Ron.

"Right, Let's go," said Harry as he took his and Ron dishes to the sink.

"Later, sis," said Ron.

Harry came in for a kiss and said, "I'll see you later, Hun." Then he and Ron Disapparated to the Ministry.

Ginny just looked at the spots where her brother and fiancé had Disapparated. She just smiled as she cast a cleaning spell on the kitchenware that she used and put it away. While she was doing that however, she looked at the ring that was next to the engagement ring she wore. It was the promise ring that she and the other three wore, as a symbol that they would always be friends, no matter what. She smiled as she grabbed a leaflet that the other three didn't noticed, and started looking at what kind of job she would like to do.

Hermione had gotten to St. Mungo's on time. As a matter of fact, she was actually the first one there to apply this morning.

It was empty of applicants but had a few patients there. Hermione went up to the Welcome witch, and after hearing her telling a wizard to go the fourth floor, Spell Damage for biting gloves that were on his hands, she went up to her and asked where to apply for Healer Training.

"Let me look, Miss.," she said. She looked through a list and then said, "Ah, yes its on the ground floor straight through that hallway," she pointed out.

"Thanks," said Hermione. And she went through the hallway the welcome witch pointed out.

Hermione looked at the doors until she found the right one. It was the office where all the Healers were supposed to get their assignments.

She was about to enter the room when she heard a voice behind her. "Can I help you, Miss?"

She turned around and it was another Healer.

"Oh, I was just wanting to apply for Healer training," she said.

"Well, you're in the right place then. Come on in." And the Healer opened the door and he and Hermione walked in.

The Healer left and the Hermione went up to the desk,

"Yes, Miss can I help you?" an office clerk asked.

"I was wanting to apply for a Healer training class," Hermione explained as she handed out her application. The clerk took it, and said, "Let me take it to the supervisor, and see what he thinks. You can wait there." The clerk pointed to a couple of seats next to the wall. Hermione thanked her, took a seat, and waited.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ron had Apparated in an alley, close to the broken phone box, (in a Muggle's view) that led down to the Ministry of Magic. Harry and Ron looked out to see if it was okay, and then headed out of the alley to the phone box. \

"Anybody looking?" Harry asked.

"Looks okay," Ron answered.

Harry then dialed the numbers six, two, four, four, and two. The voice in the phone box spoke.

'Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and business here.'

Harry just took the phone and said, "Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. We're here to apply for Auror training."

'Thank you. Visitors, please take the badges out of the chute and attach them to your robes.'

Two badges came out of the chutes where quarters usually came from. Harry and Ron looked at them. They had their names on them, with Auror training applying on them.

'Visitors to the Ministry, you are hereby to submit your wand at the Security desk, which is located at the far end of the Atrium.'

The phone box then started to slide down, until Harry and Ron could not see the daylight. Then the light from the Ministry came in, causing Harry and Ron to shield their eyes. The box stopped and opened. Then the voice said, 'The Ministry wishes you a pleasant morning.'

"I think they need to find a better way for visitors to get down here, besides that phone box," Ron said, rubbing his back. He was pressed against it while Harry had dialed the numbers.

Ron and Harry went up to the security desk to register their wands, and after that was done, they went to the lifts, and up to the second floor, where the Auror office was.

Harry and Ron took a big breath, and went in.

"Harry, Ron, what are you guys doing here?" a voice called from the end of the Auror Headquarters. The two boys turned around and saw that it was Kingsley Shacklebolt that called them.

"Hey Kingsley," said Harry while he and Ron shook hands with him.

"Well, I guess I know why you two boys are here," he said pointing at their badges

"Right," Ron said. He and Harry took out their applications, and Kingsley took them and said, "I'll show these to the head Auror and see if you two can get in."

"Thanks," said Harry. "We'll wait over there."

"Hold it, you two," said Kingsley. Harry and Ron turned around as Kingsley said, "You guys forgot to attach your N.E.W.T. 's on."

Harry and Ron looked like they could knock themselves out as they dug their N.E.W.T. results out and handed them to him. Then they went to some chairs to wait and see if they in.

Back at St. Mungo's, Hermione was waiting patiently until the clerk came back. She said, "The Head of the Hospital will like to speak with you Miss Granger."

"Thank you," Hermione said. The clerk showed her where to go, and Hermione followed.

The head was read for Hermione when she came into his office.

"Miss Granger, nice to meat you. My name is Mr. Realth. So, you want to train to become a Healer?' he asked.

"Yes sir. It kind of interested me because I healed some wounds that my friends had sustained during the second war," Hermione explained.

"Well, you actually look like a good candidate," Realth said. "I just need to take a look at your N.E.W.T. results."

Hermione obliged, and handed over the paper that revealed her results. Realth took a look at it and opened his mouth in shock.

"Wow, Miss Granger. You got an "O" on every N.E.W.T. test except D.A.D.A. Why is that?

"I wasn't exactly perfect in Defense Against the Dark Arts," Hermione explained. "I have a friend who was better than me on that subject."

"Fair enough, but you seems to have gotten some good grades," said Realth. "You may have just occupy a spot for you. Now I take it that you're not married?"

"Well, I am going to be married, but its still in the early stages," Hermione revealed.

"Oh, that's neat," said Realth.

Hermione nodded as she showed him her diamond ring. Then she asked, "Is there a reason why you're asking me that?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm just asking it because it's protocol. And I'll need to know so that way you can schedule the days off that you need to take care of your wedding plans," Realth explained.

"Oh, okay," said Hermione.

"Well, I'm going to look over your application and I'll owl you to see if made it," said Realth.

"Thanks," said Hermione. And she walked out the office, to hurry back to Grimauld place to tell Harry, Ginny, and Ron.

Harry and Ron were still waiting to see if the Head Auror would allow them to apply. Just then, Kingsley came out with someone Harry and Ron weren't expecting to see. Alastor Moody was coming to them, smiling at them as he came to them.

"Moody!" Harry said, while being shocked to the bone. Ron couldn't believe it as well.

"You got that right, Potter and Weasley," said Moody "I actually came out of retirement to help get everything back in order. Plus I have missed taking down Dark Wizards."

Harry and Ron just looked at each other, as Moody kept talking.

"And as for the application, You guys have definitely earned a spot for the training, and no, not because we all know each other, but because of the grades and of what you've had done," he added, just to make sure Harry and Ron weren't getting it easily.

"Thanks Moody," said Harry. He and Ron were about to head out, when Moody called.

"Hold on, you two, there are several books that you need to get. Of course, I believe in the practical course, but your dad,"-he nodded to Ron- "wanted the books added as well. Say hello to those ladies of yours for us," he added.

Harry and Ron nodded as they took a piece of parchment from Moody, thanked him, and then headed for the Apparation point.

That night, Hermione told the others as they were eating supper that she was waiting to approve their application.

"Its touch and go, right now," Hermione explained, as Ron, Harry, and Ginny listened.

"Hey, with the grades you've made, there's no way you wouldn't be able to make it," said Ron. Hermione turned red as he said that.

"Well, what about you two?" Hermione asked Harry and Ron.

"We got in," Ron said. "And guess who is the Head Auror?"

"Who?" asked Ginny.

"Moody," answered Harry.

"WHAT!" both of the girls shouted out.

"He came out of retirement to help get things back in order," said Ron. "Don't worry. We didn't get the job because of just him."

"Well, at least he's treating you guys the regular way," said Hermione.

"Well, I got some good news about me as well," said Ginny.

"What's that?" asked Harry.

"Let's just say you and Ron may be seeing me in the Ministry as well," Ginny answered.

"Don't tell me your going to be an Auror as well?" Ron asked.

"No, Brother," said Ginny. "I'm going to try to become part of the Magical Law Enforcement. You know, the ones who take care of the minor stuff, like that guy who was making those toilets regurgitate."

"You sure about this?" Ron asked.

"Hey, at least I can be in an area close to you guys," Ginny stated. "Plus, if there's a case where Dark Magic is involved, we can hand it to you. Also, if those troublesome wizards cause me trouble, well lets just say they'll need a ton of tissues."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all laughed as Ginny referred to her best hex, the Bat-Bogey Hex, where it sends mucous-like bats all over the target's face.

"Oh, Hermione, if you guys don't mind, we would like to have our wedding first, that is if its okay with you, Ginny?" asked Harry.

"Its okay with me, Harry," said Ginny.

"Only on one condition," Ron said. Harry and Ginny waited when he said, "Me and Hermione would like you guys to become the Maid of Honor and the Best Man for ours, as we would be for yours."

"You got it," Harry said. "But you know we were going to ask you guys to be them in our wedding.

"Well, we just thought we would save you some time," said Hermione. They all laughed at her, when she joined in the laughing at well. They were definitely on their way to start their new adventure in the wizarding world.

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