Title: One Word Missing

Author: little.miss.sarcasm

Rated: K+

Summary: 'Gabriella.' There it was; so blunt, so cold. It was empty, so void of feeling or warmth. It was missing something. It was hard to explain: something that ebbed away at his stomach, clawing at it angrily. There was one word missing.

Category: Drama/Fluff

Pairing: Troyella

Disclaimer: I do not own High School Musical or its character no matter how much I wish I did. I do, however, own the plot and the utterly blunt words that come with the story. I also do not own the song lyrics by which I oh so corny-ly added into here.

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I miss you! I want to see you! It's been a whole three minutes since we've talked and I want to hear your voice. Now if only we could get the teacher to shut up… We can make a distraction. Throw your shoe at the window surreptitiously! That is, if you can throw a shoe at a window surreptitiously. I'm not sure it's possible but it's worth a try! Talk to you soon, if you throw your shoe at the window!



Troy chuckled as he read the note from his girlfriend. It was fourth period History and their teacher was rambling on with the lecture she had begun on the Civil War although they had been learning about the Battle of the Bulge for a week and a half now.

He yawned and stretched his long legs, staring out the window contently. He felt like the luckiest kid alive. Gabriella was best girlfriend he had ever had and between him and everyone who reads this, she's the only girlfriend he had ever had.

He had spent two straight years at East High turning down every offer he got from girls claiming that they weren't "the one". Well, let me tell you, it was going to take a very long time to find "the stinkin' one" if he was going to be so picky. That's when he had stumbled upon Gabriella who turned out to be that person he was waiting for.

It was social suicide, Troy knew, to go out with a Math Geek but what did he care? Gabriella was the only one he needed if the school would torment him. He was the star of the basketball team, big deal. No one cared if the star of the chess club went out with anyone so why was Troy such a big deal?

I'll tell you why. He was East High's heartthrob: gorgeous blue eyes, great light brown hair, and a smile cute enough to make you melt. But no matter how many girls claimed they had gone out with Troy Bolton… they hadn't. Because Troy was happy with Gabriella, something the school was going to have to get used to. So be it.

Five minutes later, Troy saw a crumpled piece of paper land on his desk. He quickly stuffed it into his pocket as the teacher approached, her bird beak-like nose craning over his shoulder. Troy stuck his tongue out at her as she waddled away to bother some other innocent student, sending a ripple of laughter throughout the classroom. Luckily, this woman was as blind as a bat and as deaf as a-well- deaf person, or Troy would've been sent to detention.

The bell rang and Troy scrambled out of his seat in desperate attempt to free the prison they call school, something he called a necessary evil, which, don't we all think it's a necessary evil? He flew to his locker and leaned against it casually, pulling the note from his pocket. He smiled as he unfolded its crumpled looseleaf that it was addressed on.

I'm serious, Troy. We need to talk. I don't think we should see each other anymore. I just don't think I like you that way anymore. I just see us as friends, good friends, but nothing else. Don't take it the wrong way, you're nice and all, but, you're not my type. Go make some other girl happy. I don't want to waste my time on you. I've got better things now.


'Gabriella.' There it was; so blunt, so cold. It was empty, so void of feeling or warmth. It was missing something. It was hard to explain: something that ebbed away at his stomach, clawing at it angrily. There was one word missing. It was missing that little love that he had grown so accustomed to, that four-letter word that made his stomach churn, his spine tingle, and his heart throb.

She didn't care about him; that was clear enough. Troy never thought that being left would hurt so badly but it did. Gabriella, his Gabriella, was leaving him. It was at that moment that he felt like an astronaut, a fully uniformed astronaut that had left this God forsaken thing we call a planet. He could hear his breath, his heartbeat, but nothing else reached his ears as he fled down the hall and away from people; away from life as we know it.

It was hard for the next few days, watching her walk down the halls and flirt shamelessly with every guy she passed. It was hard to see her so happy and always smiling, smiling that smile that made Troy melt, without him with her. Seeing her cast tears in his eyes, excusing himself to go to the bathroom or some other place he could think of: the tanning salon being his dumbest.

His friends saw how much it crushed him but they shrugged their shoulders at it. What could they do? Gabriella had moved on. She didn't want to be with Troy anymore, it was as simple as that. No one could change her mind.

That night, as Troy mindlessly looked at his homework, his pencil tapping a tattoo on the desk, he saw something glint under his bed. Curious, he crawled onto his hands and knees and searched under his bed where Lord knows what was living.

Shifting through paper and board games, socks and food, Troy found what had caught his eye. Sighing, he shifted, sitting on the floor of his bedroom. It was the locket he had given Gabriella a few moths ago. It was a simple piece of jewelry at that, silver chain, a silver circle at the end. It was said that the circle signified infinity; how long Gabriella and Troy's newfound love was supposed to last.

Ha. Jewelry lies.

Troy felt, no matter how much Gabriella hated him; he was going to return it to her. Gathering it and gently pushing it into his pant pocket, Troy started on his way towards Gabriella's house.

Of course, in the timing of Troy's luck, rain had started to pour as he stepped onto his lawn, sending the streets glistening, his heart damp. It was instinct, going to Gabriella's house. His feet carried him all the way there while all the time, Troy had no clue what was happening as his minds was warped with thoughts.

He reached the front door of Gabriella's house and knocked on the door contemptuously. He didn't want to be here and face that girl who's faced haunted him in his dreams but he did want to clear a few things up.

Gabriella's head peeked through the door and she swung it open, eyes wide with shock. Rain poured on his head as he stood motionlessly on the front step of her house. Before Troy thought, before he knew what he was doing, he sang:

You raise me up

So I can stand on mountains

You raise me up

To walk on stormy seas

I am strong when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up

To all that I can be

"Gabriella," Troy said, tears brimming his sky blues eyes. "Please don't do this. I have grown to know and love you for all too long. I want to be with you, kiss you, hug you. I want you, Gabriella, no matter how much I try to deny it. I-uh- I just wanted you to know that so… good night."

Troy started to leave but stopped and said, "Oh, I brought you something." He reached out and grabbed her hand, opening her palm. He placed the necklace gently in her hand and started the journey home.

As he reached the middle of her sidewalk he heard Gabriella shout, "Why'd you come back?"

Troy turned around and said, "You didn't sign your letter 'love Gabriella' and I realized how much I missed us."

Then, in the pouring rain, he gathered up what was left of his pride and went home. He shut his door and cried himself to sleep.

The next day, he found himself in fourth period History, listening to his teacher drone on about the Alamo. He saw something land on his desk. It was crumpled piece of paper. Curiosity gripped him and he opened the page. It was blank except for two words scrawled at the bottom of the paper.



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