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Kenta took a deep breathe, and reached out to open the door. He had just found out he was a full-blooded vampire, and now came the hard part telling his mom. As the door opened, he heard his mom greet him.

"Hey Mom! Sorry I'm late" Kenta called back trying to hide the hint of uneasiness in his voice.

"That is ok! How was your day, sweetheart?" His mom said curiously.

"Interestingly different!" choosing his word very carefully.

"How so?" replied his mother's voice dropping to a worried tone.

"You wouldn't believe me!" He tried not to make eye contact.

"Try me!" This time she was trying to cover the tone that he had heard so clearly to last time. His eyes met hers and they willed him to continue to explain why to reveal the truth.

"I was infected by a magical diseases that changed me into a full-blooded vampire! So now I can't go out into the daylight without being burned. My nose has gotten extremely sensitive. On the bright side I can now really start dating Karin who was also infected!" He couldn't help it he just busted and it all spilled out uncontrollable.

THUNK!!! His mother's knees hit the floor a look of shock covered her face. He waited for her to say something but she didn't. He wanted to say something but the words just wouldn't form.

"Oh, My Baby boy is a… a…"

"Vampire." Kenta helped her along. She took a long drawn out deep breath. Kenta rushed to her side. He looked her in the eyes and realized she was crying.

"Mom, I fine! I promise! Please stop crying."

Swallowing her tears she replied, "I know but it still frightens me."

"Frightens you?"

"I mean I'm scared about the future and how you are going to change and grow. I know you are still my baby boy but it is hard to find out that you've grown up. I am just realizing just how quickly you became a … a…" the tear began to flow once more.

" …a vampire." Kenta tried to fill the blank in yet again.

"No," she said as a giggle escaped her lips, " A man." Kenta started to blush.

"Not really!" he protested.

"Oh yes, really!" she exclaimed with a grin. She took another long deep breathe and continued, " So what happens now?"

"I don't know really. I must have passed out after I was infected. When I woke up at Karin's home, I found out the truth. Later Karin's parent's, Carrere and Henry, told me I should come and inform you of the situation. They also told me to bring you back up there with me so we could sort everything out. I don't really know what the plan is but I think or hope they have one."

"Ok, Well let get going!"

"What just like that? You aren't mad or want to know how or anything?" Kenta sounded shocked. He had thought his mother would start crying again or something of that nature.

"No, I want to hear this from them." Kenta had never seen his mother so determined or intrigued. She grabbed her coat and they were headed out the door and on their way to Karin's home.

Meanwhile, Karin's family was celebrating! Carrere kept shouting for joy that all her babies were now full-vampires. Karin had never seen Ren smile so much. In fact she couldn't even think of a time that she had ever seen him smile. However, his smile wasn't a happy smile but an almost evil smirk. Henry was glowing with pride. Anju seemed over joyed that she would again be able to spend time with her big sister, but Karin wasn't happy, joyed, proud, or even smiling! She was just shocked that they were all so very happy! After all, what were they going to do? How could they be happy when her life was falling apart? However, all her doubts faded when she opened the front door and saw Kenta standing there smiling back at her. Then she remembered his kiss and his comfort. Guilt began to form in her heart.

Kenta saw that Karin was unhappy so he leaned forward, took her hand, and gently kissed her whispering "I love you."

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