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About a week after Kenta and Karin had been reported missing, they were both declared dead just as planned.

"Well, that went magnificently!" Carrere stated proudly after everything was finished.

"I'm just glad it is over." Kenta admitted.

"Well I think it is time for you to know the way things work around here." Carrare stated firmly to Kenta. "Ren show him the ropes"

"Why do I have to do it?" Ren protested.

"Because I told you to," she replied simply.

"Fine! This way!" there was that evil glare again. "Don't make me hurt you!"

"You better not hurt him!" Karin almost hissed back.

"Don't worry your lover boy will fine," Ren replied in an humorous tone as he turned to he and walked out the door. Kenta quickly followed. "First we have to figure out your taste!" Ren stated as they walked away from the house.

"My taste?" Kenta asked confused.

"Yeah, your taste in blood."

"What is that?"

"What do you mean 'What is that?'" Ren asked angrily. "You mean to tell me Karin never told you that all vampires have a certian taste for personality traits in the blood that they drink."

"No! What kind taste for personality traits?"

"Do you know nothing? Personality traits like Karin will only drink the blood of unhappy people, Mom likes liars, I like stress. So on and so forth. When every a vampire is around someone who possesses the trait that they have a taste for that vampire will get very," he paused for a moment to consider his words, "Hungry." He finished with his trade mark grin.

"Unhappiness" Kenta replied in a bearly noticable whisper. He could feel his cheeks redden as he thought how many times he had probably caused Karin to be "Hungry" as Ren had so beautifully put it. He quickly set that feeling aside as he realized Ren had stopped walking. "Why are we stopping?"

"We're here." Ren stated simply. Kenta hurriedly examined his surrounding and realized his was standing in the center of the very park were he had first seen Karin bite someone. "Now we wait."

"Wait for what?"

"You to get hungry."Ren contunied as he sat down on a park bench to wait. The minutes seemed to turn into hours as they pair of them sat their quietly. Then it happened. Kenta could feel his heart rate quicken and his fangs protrude as a short bald man dressed in a dark outfit smiled greedily at the $100 dollar bill that a woman had just slipped into her wallet. Kenta watched as the man followed the woman. His own legs moving forward to follow the little man who quickly lost the women. His instincts took over as the man turn an abandoned corner trying to find the woman. The short man turned around startled when he heard Kenta following he started to call for help but the effort was useless as Kenta raised his hand as it and his eyes started glowed yellow. Then he swiftly grabbed his now calm victim and sank his teeth into the man neck. Kenta couldn't remember anything that had every tasted as good as the greedy blood he was now drinking. He pulled his head back satisfied with his meal. Kenta quickly erase the man's memory and turned to walk away when in the background he heard applause.

"Well done. I didn't even have to clean up for you. I must say you make quiet the vampire. Who would have thought you had a taste for greed?" Kenta looked dumb-found. Greed? He had a taste for greed. And did Ren just compliment him. "Yes, I just complimented you. Don't look so shocked. I can be nice sometimes. Let's get home. Karin and Anju have probably finished cleaning up your new room, and Mom will want to know how you did."

"Ok" were the only words Kenta could manage. His breath slowly calming down and slowing. They head back to the mansion in their bat form to save time.

"So how did he do?" Carrere asked curiously.

"Surprisingly well," replied Ren.

"And his taste?" Henry inquired.

"Greed." this time Kenta responded. Henry and Carrere looked pleased to say the least.

Karin who had been waiting patienly with a smile moved forward and began to speak. "Time for you to see your room,"she said excited. Karin lead the upstairs and to the room that connected to her own. As the young couple walked in, Kenta jaw dropped. The old room that used to be fill to the top with books ands dust was now a light green. The full sized bed was made with a thick dark blue comforter and his old pillow. The window head been painted black to prevent light from filling the room during the day. All his clothes had been put away and the suitcase he had been living out of was unpacked. On his nightstand beside the picture of his mom was a picture of Kenta and Karin standing by the lake holding hand. "What do you think?"

"I Love You." he replied with a slight chuckle. He wrapped his arms around her and lowered his lips to hers and passionatly kissed her letting all his feeling for her pour out into a single kiss.

And with that kiss on that night seven years ago they both knew that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives. And they could never have more correct. A year later they married in a beautiful small moonlight ceremony by the Lake. Six months later the young couple moved out of the old mansion on the hill that had been their home for almost 2 years moving just outside of Tokyo to a small long forgotten abandoned "haunted" house off of an old dirt road. It was in that home that they started their medium sized family of four. Now the pair of Kenta and Karin are raising two wonderful children: Shinka, their 5 year old daughter and Hayate, their 3 year old son. Yes, it was on that night that Kenta and Karin knew the strengeth of their love for each other, and it all happened because of the mysterious Black Darkness.

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