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Darius threw himself in front of Daine and planted his feet firmly. "No one touches her."

"Get out of the way or you'll die too."

The fire that sealed in the room faded. "No."

"Darius stop the tricks and move." Daine hissed.


The first speaker pulled a sword out a sheath that hung from his belt. "Move, you freak."


The man advanced on the assassin, sword raised. "Final warning." Darius didn't so much as blink. Not even when the sword pierced his side.

Daine cried out, tears racing down her cheeks.

As her friend fell forward, his last words escaping his lips. "I'm sorry I betrayed you Daine."

She stared at the blood on the floor, eyes wide in disbelief.

At that moment, the door burst open. Buri came in, eyes half shut.

"Alright, Alanna I need the damn hangover cure!" She blinked and stared at the sight before her.

"Buri!" Thayet yelled. "Untie Numair!" She did, scrambling to get her sword out. Numair pulled himself up and freed Daine. Daine got Alanna and several others. She wasn't really sure what was happening. It seemed like a dream. Daine shifted and fought as a tigress, claws out stretched. All she knew was the hunger to avenge Darius's death.

When the battle was finally over, Numair went instinctively over to Daine. She was sitting next to Darius's limp body, her hands shaking.


"He's dead," she said quietly. "He saved my life, and now he's dead."

"I'm sorry."

Numair bent down and lifted the girl into his arms. She buried her face in his shirt, sobbing uncontrollably.

The funeral was held the next week at Pirate's Swoop at Sunset. Everyone dressed in black, for both Darius and a servant who was lost in the bloodbath. People spoke for them, including Daine herself.

"I loved him," she whispered. "He's the only man I ever loved, and the only one I ever will."

When they lowered the body, Daine lost her will. She ran out, black dress catching the wind. She needed to fly.

She fell out of human form, arms changing to wings, feathers covering her body. She took flight, soaring over the sea. She'd return by dawn, but for now she flew into the disappearing sun. Folding her wing right wing slightly, she floated above the water. Going West….