-Death Note.
-LXRaito yaoi.(MALE-MALE situations. no flames excepted.)
-Summary: After complete exhaustion, Raito gets a fever. Since he is chained to the boy, Ryuuzaki feels it is his duty to get Raito better quickly in his…own way.
-Notes: takes place after Raito looses his memory of being Kira. Ryuuzaki and Raito are currently in handcuffs (which i think is GREAT.)
-Disc: i do not own Death Note. there would SO be more sex.


His eyelids fell as they grew unbearable to keep open. As they shut, he felt a sense of bliss that he hadn't received in quite a while. The emotion spread across his body, extending out to every muscle as they all followed by relaxing completely. He felt himself slipping. He didn't want it to stop.

Raito jumped in his seat as he was overcome with the sense he was falling. Auburn eyes snapped open and once again focused on the illuminated screen in front of him. He had dozed off again. Raito looked around—headquarters. Raito looked to his left—Ryuuzaki. Raito looked down at the small digital clock on the bottom of the computer screen—6:25 A.M. Raito groaned. He was exhausted to the point of no return. It had been a long haul, repetitive sessions of forty-six research hours and a total of three hours of slumber in between. Ryuuzaki was, with no doubt in Raito's mind, an insomniac and thus being bonded by handcuffs, the brunette was forced to run along with the same sleepless routine.

Exhaustion wasn't the only thing. He felt disgusting. Being chained to another man and working endlessly didn't leave much thought on stripping down to run in a warm shower. To Raito, this was extremely problematic and his loathing for the concept of the handcuffs was at its peak. This deprivation of sleep and hygiene was beginning to take a toll on him. For a couple days now, he began to feel light headaches but waved them off as just small side effects.

Raito turned his gaze from the endless text on the white screen to the black haired man seated a few feet away from him. Ryuuzaki sat with his legs to his chest as always, staring at his own respective screen and black eyes darting back and forth as he chewed on his thumb. As Raito stared at this abnormality of nature, a weird sensation filled his body. All of the sudden, his head began to pound as it had before he had dozed off and he felt himself becoming warm.

Black eyes locked with auburn.

He was becoming unbearably warm.


Blood pulsed in his head.

"Yagami-kun, you do not seem to look very well."

Everything was so loud.


His eyesight became hazy. Ryuuzaki became a huge blur.

Raito felt himself slip out of his chair and then, the dull pain of his body connecting with hard floor before everything went black.

Raito slid his hand back into his shirt at the sound of a muffled beep, removing the thermometer from his underarm. He brought it close to his eyes, straining to read the tiny digital numbers. He was freed from this chore however as pale fingers snatched the device and held it in that way only Ryuuzaki could.

"Yagami-kun has a temperature of 38.7(I) degrees Celsius." Dark eyes looked into auburn. "That is a high fever."

Raito made a noise in his throat that he found the most suitable in his current position. Ryuuzaki had helped him regain enough consciousness to hobble over to the bed in their room that was closest to the bathroom. The dark haired man currently sat beside him on the mattress in that awkward position, forced by bondage to stay.

"This is a very bad situation," Ryuuzaki pouted.


Ryuuzaki looked at Raito like it was the most obvious of all things. "If you are sick then it is most logical to stay in bed, is it not?" Raito nodded. Ryuuzaki then twitched his right wrist and the sound of jangling chain filled the small room. "Then, in conclusion, since I am not able to take off the handcuffs, I must stay with you here also which in turn takes away time from the investigation."

Obviously, Ryuuzaki seemed to have no experience in caring for someone ill. There wasn't an ounce of worry for his well-being; it was only about the investigation.

"Kira is not someone you would really imagine to get fevers in the first place."

And with that statement, Raito shot up into a sitting position, the action causing him to flinch as his headache screamed in protest. He shot a look of malice at the other man. Ryuuzaki had no experience in caring at all.

"Even now, in this kind of condition, you would still accuse a man of being a mass murderer? You are a heartless person."

"I would not go as far as heartless but nonetheless, something such as suspicion does not wear down with condition, Yagami-kun."

"But that is worthless if that person is not Kira!" Raito was getting worked up. He became dizzy.

Ryuuzaki went quiet for a moment and unconsciously brought his thumb up to nibble on it. The two sat there, black eyes staring at a fever tinted Raito as if he was a specimen in a laboratory. The moment passed as Ryuuzaki let out a sigh and looked at the brunette straight in the eye, saying something that threw the teenager completely off guard.

"I am sorry."

Raito had nothing to say.

"It is wrong of me to work you up with your condition." Ryuuzaki continued as he motioned for Raito to lie back down with which he complied. "Yet, the sooner you regain your health the sooner you can attempt to prove to me your theory." Ryuuzaki slipped off the bed and stood in that hunched position, still looking at Raito with wide eyes.


Raito's mind drew a blank and sensing this, Ryuuzaki spoke again. "Aches?"

Hearing this, Raito finally got it. Yet, he didn't get why the detective was going as far to get him the medical aid for his fever; he could do it himself. He settled for letting the thought go and just nodded at Ryuuzaki.

"Stomach pain?"

Raito nodded again.

"Sore throat?"

Raito shook his head.


Raito nodded once more.

"Anything else?"

Raito rubbed his temples. "A ginormous headache."

At this statement, Ryuuzaki blinked.

"Yagami-kun, I do not believe that is a word."

"Get me something quick then. The headache is affecting my brain."

With the tiniest hint of a smile, Ryuuzaki made his way inside the bathroom that was placed directly in the center of the two beds in the room they (sometimes) slept in. Where it was located would leave enough slack on the chain for comfort in case they (sometimes) slept in the room and did not want to go through disturbing the other to use the facility. The room became lost in tranquility and Raito found himself drifting off again. Pushing past the ache in his head and limbs, the boy found that he was quite exhausted.

Ryuuzaki came back through the door and shut it behind himself with a small click that broke Raito from his daze. Good, a pill to help him get some sleep. But he found a problem. Ryuuzaki held no pill, only a small square of plastic. Sitting up slowly as to not disturb his headache, he stared at the small square and hoped Ryuuzaki would get the hint and tell him what it was. Ryuuzaki did, and held the square up in Raito's view. Inside the plastic was an obelisk-shaped form of something…


He couldn't be serious.

This was just one of Ryuuzaki's attempts to be funny.

Raito gave a small laugh to confirm this. "Where's the pill, Ryuuzaki?"

The other man remained emotionless as he raised the plastic higher. "Right here."

"I'm being serious, Ryuuzaki."

"So am I, Yagami-kun."

Raito's heart raced as Ryuuzaki's pale hand tore off the top of the plastic covering and the man advanced towards him. In response, the brown haired boy scooted away, a look of terror dabbing his features as he realized that Ryuuzaki might not be joking.

"R-Ryuuzaki," Raito stuttered. "There are alternatives."

"Yes, there are," The other man grabbed hold of the silver chain of the handcuffs, grasping enough to keep Raito at his current spot. "Yet, for the sake of the case, I want you to heal quickly and this way is the fastest."

Raito couldn't believe this was happening.

"A suppository?!"

"You don't have to be so embarrassed, Yagami-kun."

Embarrassed?! Raito wondered, in his current state, what his chances were in beating the living shit out of the detective that crept closer and closer. Most likely, the percentage would be really low. Despite his lanky frame, Raito knew Ryuuzaki was fit despite his habits and with a fever running him down the brunette would surely flop. Ryuuzaki now sat in front of him, the opened plastic square held between a skinny index finger and thumb and unfazed dark eyes staring at Raito.

"Lay down, Yagami-kun."

The nerve

"N-No way!" Raito pulled against the hold Ryuuzaki had on the chain. He was going to fight god damnit. "What the hell is wrong with you?! I'll never—!"

Ryuuzaki pulled back. "Calm down, Yagami-kun. It's the most logical way. I'll do it for you."

Each time Ryuuzaki tried to grab him Raito would maneuver away, causing them to begin their mini-fight tangled in a web of bed sheets.

"No! No way! Fucking pervert!" Raito found himself repetitively yelling.

"Now why does everyone think that?" Ryuuzaki said more to himself than the other boy as he continued to try to pin Raito to the bed. Even in his condition, Raito was in fact putting up a fight. Exclaiming words of protest every once in a while, hits were aimed at any vulnerable spot Ryuuzaki showed as he tried to suppress the other boy. The jabs were weak and Ryuuzaki would never hit back like the Yagami son was trying to attempt in the boy's state, but the detective let Raito try to punch. It was only a matter of time before the fever kicked right in.

And it did. Raito's chest began to heave with the effort he put in his struggle and the dizziness behind his eyes was becoming dreadful. Nausea crept up his throat and in fear of vomiting, the brunette fell back into his pillow, gasping for breath. This was horrible.

Ryuuzaki took this chance to take hold of Raito's wrists. The boy still squirmed, which was only natural, but he could feel that the other wasn't resisting as much. As the brunette's strength wore down and loud curse words turned into mumbles, Ryuuzaki took the chance to slowly unhook Raito's belt and slip off dark jeans with his remaining hand. Only a pair of navy blue boxers stood in the way of Yagami Raito and half-naked humiliation. The brunette acquired an ounce of gratitude for his fever; the heat from the sickness hid the new heat creeping up into his cheeks as he felt cold fingers slip off his boxers. Raito did not know why he had quit fighting against it—it had to be the illness. And, as he finally stopped caring as much, he looked back at Ryuuzaki. He found something interesting.

Ryuuzaki was nervous.

The dark haired man looked only at Raito and not much at what he was doing. It was also odd to find a small tint in those pale cheeks as Ryuuzaki hovered over him from the spot in between his legs. Raito gasped subtly as a cold hand was placed at the back of his thigh, Ryuuzaki giving the gesture for the boy to raise his knees.

"I am sorry," Ryuuzaki apologized.

Raito made a noise in his throat.

The detective retrieved the small plastic square that he had dropped during their struggle and used his fingers to maneuver the medicine out of the package. Raito felt himself tremble ever so slightly and squirmed a little at the hold Ryuuzaki currently had on his wrists. There was no way…

A finger pressed itself into his entrance and Raito's eyes screwed shut, a strangled cry removing itself from his mouth. The boy had been so preoccupied in denial, he hadn't even gotten to prepare himself for the intrusion. Ryuuzaki had frozen instantly at the cry, looking at Raito like he had truly hurt the boy. Dark eyes stayed locked on that face that was contorted in slight uncomfort and something else the detective couldn't really understand. The fact that he was most dealing with though is that he had liked that cry that came from the boy under him for some reason and unconsciously pushed his finger deeper inside Raito, thinking of something to say as an excuse.

"I am going to spread it around as it melts so it will work faster." At this, Ryuuzaki began to swirl his finger around inside him.

Raito made a small noise that he had been trying to suppress as Ryuuzaki moved his finger. He had gotten used to the foreign digit and the uncomfortable feeling had fled to reveal a completely opposite one. A pressure began to build at the base of his stomach and Raito came to a shocking revelation. He was getting turned on.

"Ryu—stop," Raito pleaded. Ryuuzaki was only looking at his face and thus his problem would be kept secret if the detective would stop now. Instead, he felt Ryuuzaki let go of his wrists and the other man rest it beside him on the bed to keep himself stable as he leaned over Raito. With his wrists now free, the brunette brought his hands up to Ryuuzaki's arms to prepare to push him off but never got the chance. Raito felt a second finger shove its way into his entrance and let out another cry, gripping the fabric over Ryuuzaki's arms.


"It is not finished melting yet." Ryuuzaki began to move both fingers inside Raito and watched in wide eyed fascination as the boy's features changed from one thing to another. He watched the red tint on the brunette's face grow darker and felt his own grow warmer. Ryuuzaki knew that it was completely illogical for him to be doing this. He could have just left the suppository in there and let it melt on its own. Yet, Ryuuzaki let his body continue with its instinctive actions, something he had never done before. The detective watched Raito's face in awe. He couldn't stop watching parted lips that let out small gasps of breath. Couldn't stop watching half-lidded auburn eyes. Couldn't stop watching the small beads of sweat that began to form. Couldn't stop watching brown hair that moved every time Raito tilted his head. Ryuuzaki had no idea what was going on. He loved Raito's noises. He loved Raito's face. He wanted to see more.

Raito tilted his head to the side which exposed a portion of his neck. Ryuuzaki felt himself unconsciously lean down and bury his own face in the crook of the boy's neck, Raito giving out a gasp in reaction.


"What is that, Yagami-kun?" Ryuuzaki replied, breath tickling Raito's neck.


"I feel something."

Raito did not know what the other man meant until Ryuuzaki moved to look downward. As the dark haired man had leaned forward, Raito's erection had pressed itself lightly against the detective's leg. The boy panicked, gripping Ryuuzaki's arms tighter.

"N-No! Don't look!"

Ryuuzaki had seen though and was not very surprised. He had known with a great percentage that something like this might happen and was in a way amused at the great embarrassment that the teenager showed for it. Ryuuzaki had let his instinct take over a while ago and he wasn't planning for it to end either. He slowly removed his fingers from the inside of Raito.

"You don't have to be so embarrassed, Yagami-kun," Ryuuzaki repeated once more. "If you release some tension, it might make the end of your illness come quicker than expected."

Raito jerked as he felt Ryuuzaki's hand wrap around his erection and let out another cry. He had no idea what was going on. Yet, he knew he didn't care. Auburn eyes slipped shut as the other man's hand began to move up and down his cock, fleeting tremors of pleasure running up and down his spine.

"Ah. Ryuuza…"

Ryuuzaki loved that face, that expression so foreign on Yagami Raito. An expression that was foreign to him also. Ryuuzaki moved himself downward and removed his hand from Raito's member, causing a small whimper to bubble out of the other boy's throat. The now free, pale hand pushed up Raito's shirt to his midsection, Ryuuzaki planting a trail of kisses downward on the hot, exposed skin. Raito grasped handfuls of bed sheets as he felt Ryuuzaki's mouth get closer and closer to his erection, the anticipation almost unbearable. When a warm mouth did enclose over him, Raito thought he would explode right then and there. He moaned and gasped as Ryuuzaki's tongue swirled around his cock and the other man begin to move his head.

"Ryuuzaki…faster..." Raito found himself pleading.

He had let himself go; all reasoning had been thrown out long ago. Now all he could focus on was the mouth sucking his member and how it made him shake with pleasure. Raito moaned loudly when he felt one of Ryuuzaki's fingers return to his entrance, the digit swirling itself around his opening and moving itself in and out. The pressure that had built up inside of Raito was becoming unbearable and he found himself gripping a handful of dark hair that was surprisingly soft. He felt himself come so close but…

Ryuuzaki glanced up from his position. Raito was looking back at him and the boy seemed to be struggling with something. Removing himself from Raito, he replaced the job with his hand once more and took back his spot hovering above the younger boy.

"Raito-kun, you can come. It's alright."

Ryuuzaki's words and the hands manipulating him finally drove him over the edge. Raito came violently in Ryuuzali's hand with a moan, back arching and hands gripping the man's shoulders as his body shuddered. Ryuuzaki watched this new expression with fascination, not minding the warm liquid that poured over his hand.

As Raito calmed down, auburn eyes opened slowly to lock with black ones and both looked on at each other in silence. Ryuuzaki's eyes moved around that face that had fascinated him so and came to lock on parted lips once again. Even though his logic was returning back as the haze from his mind lifted, he got one more urge that he felt at the time was necessary.



Ryuuzaki paused. "May I kiss you?"

The question was so formal that it threw Raito completely off guard. He gazed at Ryuuzaki with confusion until he realized that the other man was, in fact, serious. With a swallow, Raito nodded subtly and slid his eyes shut as he felt warm lips cover his own.

When they broke apart, Ryuuzaki and Raito continued to stare at each other.

"Has the suppository worked yet, Raito-kun?"

Raito snatched the nearest pillow and pelted the detective's head with it.

"I hope you get sick you bastard."


(I)38.7 degrees celsius is a fever of 102 degrees farenheit.