May's Awesomely Youthful and Stupendously Unique Expedition
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Well, I'm about to attempt a daunting project for me this late in my writing career. I'm going to attempt to pen and release a nine-chapter story (plus this prologue and an epilogue) in a six-week span in order to get this done before a certain event in April arrives. That equates to two chapters a week.

Oh joy.

Anyway, judging by the fanfic's title and summary, you're probably intrigued as to what the actual plot is. Well, I'm not gonna tell you. You'll just have to read on to find out.

You do know that this stars May, who I've been wanting to write a story for in ages, and this should tap into the zany side of me that I don't dabble in all that much. I hope I'm funny!

But all stories gotta start somewhere...

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this fanfic. They all belong to Nintendo and Pokémon USA.

Prologue (03.05.07)

On board a ship heading for the Hoenn Region, siblings May and Max, of famed gym leader Norman, had just left the Battle Frontier. They were finishing off what was left of a picnic lunch Brock had packed for them. Strange for it to be a lunch, seeing as their ship had pulled out of the dock at 6 pm.

Overlooking that, the two were enthusiastic about what lied ahead for them, as Max held a thick new contract for their just-approved new spin-off.

"It looks like the producers did us well by shuffling us onto another project!" Max said as he flipped through it.

"Pokémon USA is great!" May exclaimed. "To think they had so much pull that they convinced the Japanese staff to animate a spin-off show just for us!"

"Actually... that's not true..."

"What? Well, I guess falling back on some American animators won't be so bad..."

"Did you actually READ the contract, May?"

Starting to become a little panicked, May snatched the thick contract from Max and started to scan through it. After doing so, her hollers of joy were reduced to tears of disappointment.

"You mean this is for some guy's fanfic? Something that's non-profit and not officially endorsed by the actual creators of the anime?"

Max sighed. "Why did I let YOU negotiate for our future?"

May shook her head. "Well, I guess it could be worse."

"Really, May? How could it be worse?"

The next morning...


No reaction.


Slowly but surely, May began to open her eyes. At the same time, the rest of her senses came to life. In an instant, she realized that she was lying on a bed. And that the voice she was hearing sounded awfully familiar.

"Hello? Are you awake?"

May gasped. Her mind started to think of unpleasant thoughts.

"Oh no... it's happened! I actually slept with... HIM!"

"Wake up!" the familiar voice shouted. "It's time to get up!"

By this point, May had only opened her eyes about halfway, but her vision was not clear as of yet. But fearing the worst, she voluntarily closed them back up in haste.

"This is just a dream," she thought to herself. "This isn't happening. I am not sleeping with the groom the night before my best friend's wedding!"

"Don't make me have to reach over and touch something!"

"I'm too young to be sleeping with anyone!" May yelled as she sat up, her eyes shooting wide open.

"Uh... what?"

May glanced about, noticing that she was in an oval-shaped room. The walls were made out of wood; so was the floor beneath. The 'bed' she was lying on consisted of a small pile of leaves, and that was it. There was nothing else noteworthy in the room.

Except for the figure standing to her right.

"About time you woke up!" the figure said. "You're not making my job as Official Greeter of New Residents easy, are you?"

"Official Eater of New Presidents?"

"That's not what I said, you dumb cluck!"

May became enraged by that remark.

"How dare you talk to your sister like THAT, Max!"

May turned to slap the figure, thinking it was Max. But it wasn't. It was...

"Your sister? How can we be related if we just met? And my name isn't Max..."

May gasped as the figure revealed himself to her.

"It's Bulbasaur!"

"Wha? Who are you, and why do you sound like my little brother?"

May then realized as she stood up, that Bulbasaur was as tall as she was.

"And how does a Pokémon get to be that big?"

Bulbasaur blinked. "Big? I'm small for someone my age."

"Then what the..."

May then suddenly looked down at her body. Instead of human limbs and a human body, she had... orange feathers, small wings, and two chicken-like feet. She also noticed that she had a beak for a mouth.

"Oh no... it's happened! It's my worst nightmare EVER!"

"Even worse than thinking you slept with your younger brother?"

"Much worse. I've become..."

A drum roll played in the background for added effect.


Bulbasaur sweatdropped.


"You know, like that chicken they serve at those Chinese restaurants with the chopsticks and the two-lettered last names and that broth that looks orange-flavored but doesn't taste like it..."

"Pardon me..."

"As if orange sauce meant to only look orange but have no actual orange, orange juice, or orange-like preservatives among its ingredients..."


"Excuse me?"

"You're a Torchic! Torchic!"

"You mean... I'm a Pokémon?!"

To be continued...