May's Awesomely Youthful and Stupendously Unique Expedition
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Okay, ending time! Let's just get to it, folks!

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Epilogue (04.09.07)

May suddenly came to, popping up in her own bed. She seemed a bit dazed and confused to be there. As if to make sure of herself, she started looking around the room. To her right, she spotted the sunlight peeking through the blinds on the windows. Underneath that was her stuffed Pokémon collection, which stared back at her with their cold, lifeless eyes. In the far right corner lied the door leading into her bathroom; to the near left was the one that went to her closet. In front of her, albeit a bit to the left, was the door that went into the hallway. Just to the right of that was May's clothes dresser, which had a large vanity mirror attached to it, and a jewelry box and a miniature make-up kit on top of it. Lastly, to her left, was her desk, which had a computer on it as well as textbooks, binders, and an assortment of papers and sticky notes.

Yep... May was back in her room. But she... just had to make sure.

"Eeeep..." she winced after pinching her left hand with her right.

There was no doubt about it. She was back in her room, for real. And the alarm clock on the desk was showing 7:15. Satisfied, she hopped out of bed and started preparing for school.

After picking out her clothes, which was easy considering she had to wear a uniform, she hit the shower. She then got dressed, did her hair, and then started applying some make-up. As she did, she could hear her mom, Caroline, shouting from the hallway.


Seconds later, May heard a knock on her door.

"Come in..."

Caroline did, opening the door and peering inside.

"You'd better hurry up or you're going to be late again," she reminder her daughter.

"I know..." May responded without turning her head.

"You know... Max just walked out the door."


May hastily put the finishing touches on her make-up, grabbed all of her books, and then ran past her mom, bolting down the stairs.

"Your lunch is on the counter, sweetie!" Caroline called down after her. "And at least take something to eat for breakfast!"


A few minutes later, May caught up to Max about a quarter of a mile away from his school. May panted in exhaustion as she slowed to a calm walk alongside her brother.

"Why do you keep trying to leave without me?"

"Because it's fun to see you try and catch me!" Max snickered.

"Ooh... one of these days, I'll leave early! Then you'll really see what's it like to play catch-up!"

Shortly thereafter, they got to the entrance to the grade school. Already the other young kids were arriving in droves. But one of them had been waiting on the front steps for some time... and that was Mollie, who waved at them from there.

"Mornin' Max! Mornin', Max's sister!"

"Good morning!" the siblings said in unison.

"Now, I'm staying after school today, so make sure you go straight home!" May told her brother.

"I know. That's why I've got the brains and you need tutoring!"

"Hey!" May yelled, lunging at Max, who dodged her.

"See ya later!" he shouted, running past the gate and towards the entrance.

May decided not to follow him, instead deciding on just letting him go... for now. She then suddenly realized that she hadn't had time to tell him of her 'dream.'

Luckily, two other lucky prospects just walked up to her. One who instantly made her presence known, of course.

"May-chan!" squealed Kelly as she wrapped her arms around May at shoulder-length... before proceeding to rub her cheek against her face.

Erica sighed. "I thought I told you to not do that in public. Well, at least not in front of impressionable little minds!"

"Kelly and Erica..." May laughed. "On time, as usual."

After Kelly had been dislodged from May, which normally took two to three minutes, the trio continued the walk to M Middle School. As they did, May decided that since she basically had a captive audience, she told her friends about her 'dream.'

Their response?

"That sounds just like me!" Kelly said happily, though with a reservation. "But... why a Caterpie? Couldn't I be more majestic, like a Beautifly?"

"And I'm a Metapod with subtitles?" sweatdropped Erica. "I guess that means you think I talk too much."

"No, no!" May tried to reassure them. "I had no choice over who you were. You just... appeared that way."

"Okay," Erica gave in. "Still... you and your brother, as a Bulbasaur... helping to save the world from a giant meteor? No offense... but you don't seem like the super heroine type, May."

"May can do anything she puts her mind too!" defended Kelly. "I believe in her! She's special that way!"

"You make it sound as if my dream was a bad thing!"

Erica patted May on the back. "I guess you must be eating right, because healthy people are happy dreamers. Just don't dream in class... or the professor's gonna come down hard on you."

"And you have to tell me more of this wonderful world of yours," Kelly said to her. "And how I can go there and be a part of it."

"I think you two don't understand that it WASN'T a pleasurable dream," cried May.

It took about ten minutes for the trio to reach the entrance to M Middle School, which was also already teeming with students who were hanging out in the courtyard. Kelly and Erica had moved on to talking about the upcoming math test in first period, while May stayed a step or two behind, lost in thought over what happened.


May stopped in her tracks and looked up. She then looked behind her, where she saw Drew walking in. Kelly and Erica stopped as well, and watched as Drew pulled out a pen from his backpack. He then walked over to May and smiled as he gently grabbed her right hand. Moving it so her palm was facing up, he wrote something down on it, while May stood there frozen and Kelly and Erica's jaws nearly fell to the ground.

"Call me later," he grinned, before walking off.

Drew let go of May's hand and then continued walking towards the school building. May was still frozen in place as Kelly and Erica ran over to see what Drew had written on her palm.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" screamed Erica. "He just gave you his phone number!"

"My May's growing up!" Kelly whooped excitedly, clasping May's hands with her own and glancing longingly into her eyes.

"Num... num... number?" May stuttered, practically speechless.

"I'm SO jealous!" Erica said as she pulled out a notepad and quickly wrote the number down.

"Hey!" May went to object before Erica handed the sticky note to her.

"Go for it, girl! I'm behind you all the way! Get you some!"

"I just hope Brianna doesn't find out. She'd kill me!"

"She can't complain about what she doesn't know!" Erica told May as she brought out a bottle of water from her pack and started trying to rinse the ink off her hand.

The bell rang as the students took their seats in Class 1-D. After taking roll, Professor Birch had an announcement for them.

"Today, class, we're welcoming a new transfer student!"

The class perked up with interest, save for May, who was still thinking about her expedition. But even she was drawn to the new kid when she opened the door and stepped into the classroom. The boys seemed to pay really close attention to her.

"She's beautiful!"

"She's gorgeous!"

"She's HOT! I so wanna..."

"Dude! She's only 12!"

"Well... so are we!"

May was stunned as well of her beauty. But she was about to get an even bigger stunner, as the girl wrote her name on the blackboard.

"Good morning!" she greeted as she bowed to the class. "My name is Dawn Sunshine!"

May gasped. "It's... it's her! That voice... it's Dawn! It's gotta be the same girl from my dream!"

A few hours later, May spotted Dawn leave the classroom immediately after the bell to start the lunch period rang. May quickly got up and followed her, before her friends could even ask where she was going.

Eventually, May followed Dawn to the back of the school, outside near all of the athletic fields. Dawn had her back to May, as she took out a bento box from her pack... but didn't open it.

"Would you like to join me for lunch... May?"

May was a little shocked that Dawn knew her name. Still, May decided to accept Dawn's request, so she walked over and took a seat on the bench next to her.

"It's... it's really you?"

"Yes," Dawn nodded. "I was Xatu. And, I assure you, everything that happened was real. It may have taken a few weeks in that world, but only one night had passed here in the real world."

"So... stopping the meteor and all that... it actually happened?"

"Don't you remember how it all ended? It ended... and very well, I might add..."

Hill of the Ancients

May awoke on top of the hill, surrounded by the rest of the town. Once they saw that she had come to, they started hollering and dancing in celebration.

"Wha... what happened? Did we?"

"Rayquaza did it!" Bulbasaur exclaimed. "She destroyed the meteor! We've all been saved!"

"Granted," Alakazam interrupted, "there may still be some aftershocks from the fallout. But the worst has past us by! We will continue on with our lives in joy and celebration!"

"Hurray!" yelled the crowd.

May got to her feet and smiled as she watched an impromptu party start up all around her. But suddenly, a voice called out to May.



"Thank you for everything you've done," Gardevoir thanked May. "But now, May, your role here has ended. It is time for you to return to the human world. And to your own body."

May suddenly began to glow white, grabbing the attention of all of those around her. She then was lifted off the ground, as she slowly ascended into the sky.

"May!" Caterpie cried. "Where are you going?"

"I'm..." May uttered, tears flowing freely from her eyes. "I'm going home! Back to my world!"

"But why?" Bulbasaur asked. "Aren't you my friend?"

"You'll always be my friend," May said. "I'll never forget you..."

With that, May was levitated into the clouds and then... she vanished, leaving her Pokémon body and returning to her human body in the real world...

"If you wish..." Gardevoir whispered in May's ear, "you may one day meet again..."

"So... what Drew, uh, Gardevoir said... is it true? I can meet Bulbasaur and the others again someday?"

"Why does it have to be someday?" Dawn said as she looked up to the sky. "Why not now?"

May began to glow white again. She freaked out when she noticed that she was being lifted off the ground. She lowered her hands to keep her skirt down, which was threatening to flap up with the wind blowing through the air.

"But... I don't want to go now! Can't it be on a weekend or something?"

"Sorry..." Dawn said as she got up and waved farewell to May. "There's only one trip back to the world of Pokémon every 50 years. And it's always one-way!"

"No! Wait, I changed my mind! I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go!"

May kept crying 'I don't wanna go' as she flew higher and higher into the air. Dawn watched as May got further and further away. She kept watching until she couldn't see May or hear her voice anymore.

"Well... May wanted a send-off, and boy, did I give her a send-off!"

Dawn then sat back down on the bench and opened her bento box to begin eating lunch. Only there wasn't any food in there. All that was in there was a big three-year contract. She had already signed on the front page, on the dotted line, right below a very bigger declarative statement.

'By signing this contract, I agree to take the place of May in the anime series and promise to fulfill her duties such as competing in and winning Pokémon Contests and developing long-lasting relationships with fellow travelers Ash and Brock. I promise to outdo May in anyway by looking cuter, dressing to impress, and being all the girl I can be. I also promise that, as my first duty as the lead female of the series, to dispose of the previous lead girl, May, in a way that is befitting her character and stature among the fandom. Even if it means giving her her own fanfiction story and tricking her into thinking everything will be alright in the end.'

'This contract was signed by Hikari, who will thus forth be known as Dawn, on the 20th of April in the year 2007.'

"Don't you just love irony?" Dawn asked the audience. "I know I DO!"

With that, Dawn closed the bento box and skipped back into the school, ending the story as the camera pulls back and gives us all one last look at M Middle School before fading to black...

The End

-Author's Notes and Minor Commentary-
With that, "May's Awesomely Youthful and Stupendously Unique Expedition" comes to an end! I still can't believe I got through this in six weeks, and in time for the premiere of the 'Diamond and Pearl' anime and video games. This was a very fun, albeit insane, story to write... and I usually don't dabble in the insane. It was a great experiment, and everything considered, if I come up with another wonderful idea, I may try this format again!

Thanks to all of the players who took part in this, with this being the first time I've written almost all of them. I think I did pretty well keeping them in character when needed... and not doing so in some cases for a good joke.

Thanks to all of the readers, including those of you who are reading my works for the first-time. Hopefully, you're convinced now to read all of my other stories, 'Pokémon' or not.

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