A "Kim Possible/Sky High" crossover fanfic

By Erin Mills

characters ©2007 Disney


"Thank you for coming down, Mr. Egan," said Stephen Kleiner, the principal of East Go City High School. "I realize how difficult it is to get away from work on such short notice."

"That's fine," Hector Egan replied. "We were a bit over staffed today, so I was able to get away for a few minutes. Besides, if there's a problem involving Sharon, I thought it best to see to it as soon as possible."

Kleiner nodded. "Well, if I may be blunt, Mr. Egan, it's not so much that there is a problem with Sharon, as it is that the problem IS Sharon. I realize that she hasn't quite been the same since the accident at your house, and the death of your parents, but she has been causing several disruptions of late, and frankly, they seem to be escalating."

Hector frowned and rubbed his substantial chin. "In what way?"

Kleiner opened the file folder on his desk. "In the interest of time, I'll just go over the incidents this year. At the beginning of the year, she was reprimanded for disrespecting her teachers. In early October, she was caught smoking in the lot behind the gymnasium. In November, she set off the school sprinkler system during the basketball playoffs. In December, she was caught fighting with two other students in the girls' locker room."

Hercor's frown deepened. "That doesn't sound like Sharon." he said.

"I'm not finished yet, Mr. Egan," Kleiner continued. "In January, there were two incidents where students reported she had shaken them down for their lunch money. In February, she broke another student's nose during a basketball game in her PE class. In March, which I'm sure you remember, there was the incident with the fire in the third floor girls bathroom. Here at the end of April, we have records of several unexplained absences from class. And today, well, let's just say that our textbook budget for next year now has to go to repairing the damage done in the chemistry lab." Keliner closed the file and looked at Hector. "Do you have any explanation as to why your sister keeps having these problems, Mr. Egan?"

Hector looked down at his feet. He always hated dealing with authority figures when he wasn't in uniform. Of course, there was a reason for the fire in the girls room and Sharon's absences of late, but Hector doubted the principal would accept "My sister and I, along with the rest of our brothers, are superheroes that fight for truth and justice here in Go City" as a reasonable excuse.

"No," he answered slowly., "I'm afraid I don't. Sharon's always been kind of…cranky, ever since our parents died, but I wasn't aware of how bad the problems had been."

Kleiner saw the expression on the muscular young man's face and eased off a little. "Mr. Egan, don't misunderstand me. Aside from these instances, Sharon is a very bright and capable young lady. Her grades are exemplary, and she has made the honor roll every semester she has been here. But, I'm noticing a disturbing trend in her behavior and I do have to think of the well being of the student body as a whole. We'll allow her to finish out the current school year. But when the summer ends, we feel it would be best if Sharon were to attend a different school."

Hector looked up. "You're kicking her out?"

"I'm afraid so," Kleiner replied. "We do keep tabs on the conversations we hear in the hallways, Mr. Egan. Many of the students are afraid and angry at her. It's not just their safety we're worried about, it's hers. We take whispered threats against one of our students very seriously, Mr. Egan. And there have been many whispered threats against your sister. We think it would be best if Sharon were to relocate to a school where she isn't so notorious. Make a fresh start. It might be the thing she needs."

"I see," Hector sighed. "I suppose if that's what you think you have to do."

Kleiner nodded. "I'm afraid it is." He passed a few papers over to Hector. "I've taken the liberty of providing you with information on a few other schools in the district, both private and public. As for the incident in the chemistry lab, Sharon has been suspended for the next two days. She may return to school on Monday. She's also been informed that if there is one more incident between now and the end of the year, she will be expelled immediately."

"That's a little harsh, isn't it?" Hector asked.

"Perhaps, but it seems to have done the trick." He picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Miss Willis? Would you have Sharon Egan sent to my office, please? Her brother is here to take her home."


"What exactly were you thinking?" Hector said, trying to prevent his voice form rising in volume. Next to him in the passenger seat in the car, his sister Sharon looked out the window, seemingly not listening.

"Sharon, we've discussed this before, our powers are a gift, meant to help people. You can't just go blasting anything that frustrates or annoys you. ESPECIALLY when we're in our everyday identities."

Sharon muttered something against the window. Hector glanced over at her.

"What was that?"

"She asked me if my tampons turned green when I had my period, all right?! Happy now?" Sharon yelled, turning towards her brother.

"Ewwww!" Hector visibly shuddered. "Okay, point taken, but still, you're just lucky that everyone though you had deliberately fouled up that other girl's chemistry experiment."

"Who cares?" Sharon replied. "The bitch deserved it. She's been ragging me about my skin tone ever since I set foot in that place."

"Sharon, you know heroes don't talk like that." Hector admonished.

"Oh shut up, Hector!" Sharon snarled. "You try dealing with high school when you don't tan, you don't burn, and you look like you're just getting over the plague. Oh wait, you CAN'T because you look normal. Gee, aren't you just lucky as hell?"

"Sharon!" Hector yelled. "That's enough!"

"Oh, what are you gonna do, Hector? Ground me?" Sharon replied. "News flash. You aren't Dad, and you never will be, so stop trying to act like him."

Sharon opened the door and slammed it. "I'll be home later. Don't wait up."

Hector sighed and rested his head on the steering wheel as his younger sister stalked off.