Rory timidly stood outside the front door of the elder Gilmore Mansion, Logan by her side.

"You ready to go in yet?" he asked after a minute.

"No." she said firmly.

"Ace, you mom is already here. We can't leave her in there alone too long."

"But I don't wanna."

Logan sighed and rang the doorbell. Rory glared at him. "Mean." She mumbled.

The door opened to reveal a short dark haired maid. "May I help you?" she asked curtly.

"We're here to see Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore." Logan said politely. "We've come for dinner."

"Come in." she said opening the door more. "May I take your coats?"

Rory and Logan handed over their jackets to the maid and led themselves into the living room.

"Rory, Logan! You've arrived, how delightful!" Emily said standing up. She hugged Rory. "It's so wonderful to see you both."

"Logan, my boy!" Richard said coming into the room from his study. "It's nice to see you again. Rory, you're looking as beautiful as ever."

"Thank-you grandpa." She said hugging him.

"It's great to see you as well, Richard. How are things at the office?"

"Oh, just dandy. Stocks are up so I'm a happy man."

"And good reason to be."

"Well now, sit, sit!" he said ushering them into the room further. "Logan, gin I presume? And Rory, a club soda?"

"That sounds great, grandpa." She walked over towards her mother and gave her a hug. "You're here!"

"You're late!" Lorelai whispered. "I've been here a whole five minutes! Do you know how long that is in Emily-time? Luckily Luke stayed at home. He would've died by now."

"I'm sorry!" Rory whispered back. "But there was traffic!"

"You stalled outside!"

"I did not!"

"I saw you when I went to the bathroom!"

"Okay, okay. I stalled."

"What are you two whispering about over there?" Emily asked. "It's rude to leave people out of the conversation when they're in sight."

Lorelai smiled. "Oh nothing, mom. We were just… saying hello."

"It was a very long hello."

"Well, it's over now. Rory's here and I'm here and Logan is here. And so are you and dad! And we all know of each others presence and we're happy about it! And my glass is empty. Time for a re-fill! Anyone else? Rory? Logan? Susie? Eddie? Donny?" she got up and hurried over to the bar.

Emily shook her head. "So Logan, Rory how have things been?"

Logan looked at Rory and saw her shake her head slightly. Getting the signal he said, "Things are fine, Emily. How are you?"

"I'm doing just wonderful. We had another DAR function last week and things went perfectly."

"I hope I didn't miss any of those delicious salmon puffs."

"Oh, not to worry. I had Sylvia make a fresh batch just for you, Logan. They're already packed and ready to go so you can take them with you when you leave."

Logan smiled tightly. "Oh thank-you Emily. I definitely don't think they'll make it until tomorrow."

The maid bustled into the room nervously. "Dinner is served, Mrs. Gilmore."

"Did you hear that? Dinner is served. I hope Chicken Kiev is alright with everyone." Emily said standing up.

"That sounds great, mom." Lorelai said.

As the group proceeded into the dining room, Rory caught her mother drain the last of her martini glass. She shot her mother a look but her mother returned the gesture.

After about ten minutes of small talk Rory finally cleared her throat. "Um, Grandma, Grandpa? Logan and I have some news."

"Oh?" Emily said looking up. "And what would that be?"

"Logan proposed to me last night and I've accepted."

Emily's jaw dropped. "That's wonderful! Isn't that wonderful, Richard?"

"It's marvelous!" he boomed.

"It think it calls for a celebration!" Lorelai cheered. "Martinis all around!"

"Lorelai, don't be rediculus." said Emily. "Congratulations!"

"Thank-you." Rory said smiling.

"Well, who do you have as a wedding planner?" she said excitedly.

"Um, actually, we asked mom to do it." Rory said quietly.

Emily's face changed. "Oh?"

"Yes. And we're very excited." Logan added.

"How long have you known?" she asked Lorelai.

"Since last night." She admitted. "Rory called me right after."

"I see."

"We would've called you too, grandma. But we wanted to tell you and grandpa together."

"And you've forgotten how to use the telephone?"

"No, but it's so much more personal and special in person."

"And your mother doesn't want personal?"

"Well you know me, mom. I'm just a hick from a small town."

"I see."

Rory held her breath. "So…. Are you mad?"

"Of course not." Emily said in her society voice. "I assume a date has not yet been set?"

"Not yet." Logan confirmed.

Emily nodded. "Alright. Make sure you send out save-the-date cards at least a month in advance. People's schedules fill up quickly these days."


"I think I'm going to puke." Lorelai said once the three were safely outside.

"I didn't know what Chicken Kiev was!" Rory moaned. "I thought it was fancy chicken! Not disgusting road-kill!"

"Don't worry. I'm sure these deilicous salmon puffs can fill us up." Logan said holding up the bag Emily had given him before they'd left.

"Oh, god! I can smell it from here!" Lorelai cried. "Get it away!"

"We have to ride home with it!" Rory whined.

"Do you think there's any way we could drop it off on the side of the road?" Logan asked hopefully.

Lorelai shook her head. "I'll bet you ten bucks she has spies everywhere! Homeless people are really undercover agents for her working on the streets to make sure people can't give away or drop off her putrid food!"

"Well, we can't drive forty-five minutes with it in the car!" said Rory. "You take it!"

Lorelai gasped. "Why me?"

"Because you have a jeep!"

"And Barbie has a convertible!"

Rory looked around and finally saw something. "There!" she snatched the bag from Logan and ran towards the gate. She stopped and handed it to the guard. "Here. I hand made these. From scratch. See him?" she pointed to Logan. "He went out and caught the fish himself. And I made these just for you as a thank-you for all of your hard work. I mean, I've been to this house millions of times and you've been here every time. Not once did I ever not get past the gate. Because you, my dear man, were always there. Rain, shine, snow, or wind. You never let me down. So this is a small reward for all of your hard work. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!"

The man stared at her. "I just started working here yesterday." He said awkwardly.

"Uh, well, I have to go. Thanks again!" she ran back over to Logan and Lorelai. "In the car, quick!" she ordered. "Go, go, go!"

"Ace, your mom and I have been talking and I think you should go with her tonight." Logan said. "I'm going first thing tomorrow morning and tell my parents the news."

"What? No. I'm going with you."

"No, Rory you really shouldn't. They're going to say nasty stuff and I don't want you to be around when all hell breaks loose."

"Hon, he's right. You don't deserve that." Lorelai agreed.


"Rory, please. I know that whatever they say tomorrow won't be good. And I love you too much to let them say that to your face."

Rory stopped and thought for a minute. "Okay." she finally agreed. "But for the record, I'm not happy about it."

"Thank-you, Ace." He leaned in and kissed her hard. "I'll call you after I get out of hell tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay." she climbed into the car with her mother.

They hadn't gotten further than the next street over when her cell phone rang. She grinned and picked up. "Did you really miss me that much?" she asked.

"What can I say, Ace? You're irresistible."

Rory laughed. "What's up?"

"I just wanted to say I love you. I didn't say that before. I know, it's stupid."

"It's not stupid at all." She said. "It's sweet. I love you, too." She turned away from her mother as Lorelai began making faces.


The next day Logan stood outside the door to the Huntzberger Mansion. He had called Honor last night and told her the news. Being typical Honor, she was thrilled. She had told him right off the bat that she would go with him when he told "them". Logan had thanked her but said that he needed to go alone and that this was his battle. He finally got up his nerve and rang the doorbell. A maid answered and took his coat, leading him into the dining room where his parents were eating brunch. Shira looked up, a look of surprise coming across her face.

"Logan, what are you doing here?"

"Yes, what's the meaning of this disruption?" Mitchum asked, coming out from behind his paper.

Logan flashed them both a huge smile. "It's great to see you too! I'm fine, thanks for asking. Yes, Rory's fine too. Of course I'll sit down! Thanks! I'd love some breakfast!"

Mitchum stared at him. "Logan, what in the hell is wrong with you? Are you drunk?"

Logan sighed. "No dad, I'm not drunk. I've come to tell you some good news. I proposed to Rory the night before last and she accepted. We're engaged."

"Over my dead body." Shira hissed.

"Don't tempt me."

"Logan! Do not speak to your mother like that!"

"I'll speak to her however I please! I'm not a child anymore, dad! You can't just yell at me or punish me and expect me to sit here and take it!"

"Logan she is not apropreat for this family!" Shira yelled. "She will use you and cheat on you and take our money and then she will leave you!"

"She has a name! And I'd appreciate it if you'd use it!"

"I will not! And I will not stand here and let you throw your life away!"

"I'm not throwing my life away! Rory is the best thing that's ever happened to me!"

"Logan, don't be stupid! I'm sure we can get-"

"Mom, I swear to God if you say Fallon I will-"

"Do not threaten your mother!" Mitchum hollored.

"Rory makes me happy! I know you don't give a damn about that, but I do!" Logan bellowed.

Shira sneered at him. "Logan, we will not sit here and watch you ruin your life." She said through clenched teeth.

Logan stood up. "You know what? I don't care! It just dawned on me that with-out me you have no heir. Your company has no one. And to be perfectly honest, after all the crap I've had to put up with my whole life, I don't care. So I quit."

"Quit what?" Mitchum spat.

"Quit everything! I quit this family, I quit being your heir, I quit being your personal ass kisser! I'm done!" He pulled his work pager out of his pocket and slammed it down on the table. "Thanks for breakfast." He said walking off.

He grabbed his coat from the rack and got into the car. He drove back to the apartment and was pleasantly surprised to find Rory on the couch, her nose in a book.

"Hey you." She said happily getting up and kissing him.

"Hey" he said kissing her back. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." She pulled him with her and sat down on the couch. "So how bad is it?"

"It actually is pretty good. I quit."

Her eyes went wide. "You quit what?"

"I quit it all. They said some horrible stuff and I finally got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. So I told them that I was done. Finished. No more Logan."


"Meaning that I'm free. I told them that I was through being trampled on and that they needed to find a new heir.

"Well, you have to go back!"


"Because you can't do that!"

"Again, I seem to be missing why."

"You quit your job, Logan!" Rory said, beginning to cry. "You gave up everything for me! Your dreams are shattered! And it's all my fault! I can't let you do that!"

"Hey, hey, calm down." He said hugging her. "I couldn't be happier."

"Really?" she said looking up at him.

Logan smiled. "Really. I'm free. I can get a job anywhere and my trust fund can keep us more than fine for the rest of our lives. Not to mention the fact that I'm assuming your trust funds aren't exactly petty cash either."


"So see? We'll be fine." He hugged her again. "Don't worry so much, Ace. I've got you and you've got me and we're a happy family and oh my god stop me before I break into song."

Rory laughed. "I'll love you even if you do break out into bad show tunes." She said sweetly.

"Gee, thanks."

"Just not in public."


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