!! NOTICE !!

Hey gang. Yep, after 700 years I finally uploaded the notice involving the story's lack of updates. The only reason for that is because I completely lost interest in it...

But before you stop reading, read longer, because the story IS going to continue!

How? Well, a good, trusting and loyal friend of mine agreed to continue the story, meaning in this case she 'adopted' it. The name of said friend is "truephan". She is now the new author for the "Danny Phantom Bloopers", and after she finishes her own wonderful stories, which I HIGHLY recommend you read, she agrees to continue its chapters. BUT ALSO, it may take a while to complete her stories, as she is in the process of writing a story called "True Heart", another one of her finest works. After that is finished, she hopes to start another. After all this, the "Bloopers" should be next in line for updates. As for me, I'm working on another story myself, about the new 2009 stop-motion film made by Henry Selick, Coraline, which could be more then 10 chapters if I predict correctly.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you all forgive me for my lack of updates. And I hope you continue reading "Danny Phantom Bloopers", now owned by "truephan", who I know will make this story much more hilarious and entertaining for you all. =)

!! NOITCE !!