As you can clearly tell, this isn't a normal chapter. That is because, after years of no word from me, I've realized that I did what I normally hope writers wouldn't do. I have to announce now that this story, Dawn of War, is discontinued and will NOT be updated. However, there is a bright side to this. I am currently working on a new fanfiction, having recently gotten back into it. And, besides that, I am willing to take a different route than simply discontinuing the story here.

If I get enough reviews asking me to do so, I will rewrite the story. I am disappointed in the level of writing I had when I started it. However, do know that the story will not be the same. Same concept, same setting, but I will be changing it to make the criteria of the current manga. The story was before anything really started happening with Akatsuki. Before Tobi's identity really got revealed. As such, I will be living up to what the manga has already provided at this date, but continue with the story as best I can. Review to this new update if you like that idea. If not, well, then I won't write it.

Regardless, keep an eye out for my new fanfiction. As of yet, it's nameless. But it'll be a crossover of Naruto and Dynasty Warriors. Any interest, then keep an eye out for it.