Wendigo Re-Write

Disclaimer: I don't own supernatural or the script, because if I did, then why would I be re-writing it? This is merely just for fun.

The story thus far starts with the second episode, Wendigo. I don't know why I decided to skip the first episode, but I did. Yes, I am aware that adding a sister to the mix is not an original, but I just thought I'd give it a stab. Abigail "Abbie" Winchester is my character, please don't steal her, I spent a lot of time thinking her up. So, yeah. sticks tongue out Check out her description on my homepage! Now, onto the story!

Driving can be a real bore. Driving can be especially boring when you're driving with your two brothers. Yeah, good times… Let me introduce myself. My name is Abigail Winchester, but please call me Abbie. I hate the name Abigail and if you call me if, I swear that I will slit your throat in the middle of the night. Only my brothers call me Abigail to annoy me, and trust I would take them down, but I know that they could beat the living shit out of me. Anyway, Dean is my older brother, and Sam is my twin brother. We're, of course as you know, a somewhat of a dysfunctional family. All three of us have been hunting since we were little, ever since I can remember, and let me tell you, I can remember the fire that took our mother away from us. I mean, not great details or anything, but I can remember bright light and heat, little Dean carrying me and Sammy out as infants, and such. But you know that it's not just any fire. It's a demonic fire. Oh yeah, that was great. I can't wait till we get that son of a bitch and send him back to hell with no hopes of getting loose.

But we can't do. Nooooo, not without Dad. 'Course we have no idea how to so it would be useless to find the demon and get ourselves killed. So, that brings us to the current time, looking for Dad.

And that's part of the reason driving is bring. Long, boring hours wasted of my precious life. Of course, the place we're going now is some sort of a camping ground. I hate camping with a fiery passion.

"Man, I hate camping." I say somewhat randomly.

"Oh, shut up." Was Dean's reply.

So I went back to minding my own business, just listening to my ipod and reading my 'girly' magazines as Dean calls them, when Sam jerks awake. I looked at him, and then looked at Dean. We both raised our eyebrows. I went back to reading and ignoring them. But, I turned down the volume so I could eaves drop on their conversation.

Dean asked,"You okay?" Sam replied with a 'yeah'. Dean was all too perspective. "So you had another nightmare?" But, being all moody, Sam just looks away and clears his throat as if to change the subject.

"You wanna drive for a while?" Whoa…freeze, Dean is never this nice unless he wants to find out something.

"Dean, when are you ever this nice, huh?" I asked, butting into their conversation.

"I'm nice all the time, just not to you sis." Dean said, looking into the rearview mirror. I just stuck out my tongue at him, and went back to listening to my music.

"In your whole life you never once asked me that" Sam replies. He must be thinking something along the same lines as me. Weird twin 'powers'.

"Sure, I'd love to drive," I say.

"First off, I never asked you Abigail. And second, just thought you might want to, but never mind"

"Don't call me Abigail. Unless you'd rather me call you your full name. Dean Fi,"

"Don't even finish it," Dean threatened.

"Or what Dean Fisher Winchester? You gonna kill me??" I taunted.

"You know, I just might."

"Look, you're worried about me" Sam interrupts us because he knows the problems we'll cause if this little dispute goes on. He continues, "I get it and thank you but I'm perfectly okay." Sam tells us reassuringly.

"Uh huh, whatever you say college boy." I tell him.

"All right…where are we?" Sam asks abruptly.

"We are just outside of Grand Junction." Dean replies.

Sam is looking at the map, but not really seeing the map, "Maybe we shouldn't have left Stanford so soon…maybe…"

"Sam, we looked around there for a week. But we couldn't find anything. If we're going to find Jess's killer then…" I told for the millionth time.

"We gotta find dad first." Sam said finishing my sentence. As stated before, weird twin 'powers', you gotta love 'em.

"Dad disappearing, and this thing showing up again after twenty years, it's no

"It's weird man. These coordinates he left us, this Blackwater Ridge."

"What's weird about it?" I ask, turning off my ipod, and leaning forward from the back seat and resting my arms against the back of the front seat.

Sam's still examining the map as if it were some sort of new found life form or something. Man, that guy has got to get out more often. "There's nothing there, it's just woods. Why is he sending us to the middle of nowhere?" He tells us.

I shrug it off as nothing, and lean back and fall into a dreamless sleep.

What seemed like five seconds later, I'm jerked awake by the bumpy road that we're on. God, I hate driving. I open my eyes to see a welcome to sign to 'Lost Creek, Colorado'. Sounds reassuring.

"Dean, I gotta pee. Pull into that visitor's center" I tell him.

"Can't you hold it?"


"Fine" So well pull into the visitor's center. After I've finished, Sam and I look at this 3D-ish map.

"So Blackwater Ridge is pretty remote It's cut off by these canyons here, rough terrain, dense forest, abandoned silver and gold mines all over the place." Sam tells Dean who's looking at something on the wall.

"Dude check out the size of this freaking bear." Dean says, and points to it. My brother is such a moron sometimes; I can't believe that we're related.

"There's over a dozen or more grizzlies in the area. It's no nature hike that's for sure." Sam says.

A ranger of some sort comes over to us, and notices that we're looking at Blackwater Ridge. "You aren't planning on going out near Blackwater Ridge by any chance?"

"Oh no sir, we're environmental study majors from UC Boulder, just working on a paper." Sam says quickly, but too quickly. Dang it, our cover might be blown.

"Recycle, man." I look at Dean, and give him a 'what the hell' look.

"That's right" I say to help make our case more believable half heartily.

"Bull. You're friends with that Hailey girl right?" Well, our cover was blown, but not the most important one. Score one for us!

"Yes, yes we are, ranger…Wilkinson." Dean says looking at his nametag.

Ranger Wilkinson tells us that he told some girl named Hailey that her brother filled out a permit saying that he'd back on the 24th, which he declared isn't exactly a missing person's case. We all nod in agreement.

"You tell that girl to quit worrying, I'm sure her brother's just fine." Ranger Wilkinson tells us.

"We will. Well that Hailey girl's quite a pistol, huh?" Dean's got that look in his eyes. That look is never a good look, he's up to something.

"That is putting it mildly." Ranger Wilkinson said in agreement.

"Actually you know what would help is if I could show her a copy of that backcountry permit you know so she could see her brothers return date." Dean asks him, somewhat mischievously.

Let me tell you, my brothers know how to get what they what no matter what that is. Dean is no exception. He got that permit with few problems.

"What are you cruising for a hook-up or something?" I ask him

"What do you mean?" He asks innocently.

"The coordinates point to Blackwater Ridge so what are we waiting for, let's just go find dad. I mean why even talk to this girl?" Sam asks.

"I dunno maybe we should know what we're walking in to before we actually walk into it. " Dean explains.

"That makes sense I guess." It would be nice to know what we are dealing with, you know what I mean.

"What?" There must be something that Sam doesn't get, and he's supposed to be the smart one.

"Well since when are you all shoot first ask questions later anyway?" Dean asked him. Sam doesn't say anything for a minute then says, "Since now."

Dean and I both ignore Mr.Emo and get into the car to drive to Hailey's house. The good thing about her was that she only lived about half a mile up the road. So, we didn't have to drive very far. Thank the Lord.

"Hey, Sam, Abbie, get out the fake ID's. You know, just in case." Dean tells us and starts walking towards Hailey's front door.

"You heard him, Sam." I tell him and walk towards her house. I swore I heard Sam mutter something about how siblings were so commanding, but I just ignore him.

Dean knocked on the door. A young girl in her mid-twenties opens to the door. "Yes?"

"You must be Hailey Collins. I'm Dean, this is Sam, and that's Abbie. We're rangers with the park service. Ranger Wilkinson sent us over; we wanted to ask you some questions about your brother Tommy."

We could tell she was thinking it over. "Let me see some ID."

We hold up our fake ID's, but we don't hold them too closely. You never can be too safe.

"Come on in." She says reluctantly.

Dean mumbles something like a 'Thanks'.

As we're walking in the house, she notices the Impala. "That yours?" Well, who else's would it have been?? People these days…

"Yeah" Dean says, smiling at her.

"Nice car." As she passes us, Dean turns to us and gives us an excited look. Men, I think. I just roll my eyes at him. "What?" He mouths. Sam and I push past him and follow her into a kitchen/living room.

"So if Tommy's not due back for a while, how do you know something's wrong?" Sam asks getting right to the point.

"He checks in every day by cell. He e-mails photos, stupid little videos…but we haven't heard anything in over three days now." Hailey tells us.

"Well maybe he can't get cell reception." I say, trying to reason with her.

"He's got a satellite phone." She tells us as if we already knew that.

"Could it be he's just having fun and forgot to check in?" Dean's just throwing ideas out at her.

"He wouldn't do that." A boy says. I have to admit that he scared me because I didn't see him sitting there. He was just so quiet.

"Ben's right. He wouldn't do that. Our parents are gone; it's just my two brothers and me. We all keep pretty close tabs on each other." Hailey tells us. It kind of sounds like our family. Strange.

"Can I see the pictures he sent you?" Sam asks politely.

"Sure." She pauses only to open up the files. "That's Tommy." She says pointing to a man who appears to be a little older than her.

We watch the video closely, looking for something, anything, that might give us some clues as to what we're dealing with. I glance at Dean, his face is emotionless. Then, I glance at Sam. He saw something, he must have. Or else he wouldn't be frowning.

"Well, we'll find your brother; we're heading out to Blackwater ridge first thing." Dean informs her.

"Then maybe I'll see you there." We all just gape at her. "Look. I can't sit around here anymore, so I hired a guide. I'm heading out in the morning and I'm gonna find Tommy myself."

"Listen, Hailey, I don't think that's such a good idea. You don't know what could be out there." I explain to her.

"You can't change my mind. I'm going no matter what you say." Hailey told me, a bit rudely I must say. I got this feeling that she doesn't like me. Whatever, screw her.

"Hey, you mind forwarding these to me?" Sam asks her.

"Sure, no problem."

Once she's sent Sam the files, we thank her for her time and head out. Dean decides that we go a bar, which is okay with me.

Sam's looking through papers, figuring things out while Dean and I are drinking our beers. "So, Blackwater Ridge doesn't get a lot of traffic, local campers mostly. But still, this past April two hikers went missing out there, they were never found." Sam tells us.

"Any before that?"

"Yeah In 1982, eight different people all vanished in the same year. Authorities said it was a grizzly attack. And again in 1959 and again before that in 1936. Every 23 years, just like clockwork. Abbie, hand me my laptop."

"Get it your self."

"Abbie, I swear I'll… I'll…"

"Aright, alright, hold your horses" I reach down and grab his laptop form his computer bag.

"Thanks," His voice is dripping with sarcasm. "So, okay watch this. Here's a clincher. I downloaded that guy, Tommy's, video to the laptop. Check this out. Sam replays the video frame by frame so we can see a shadow of something moving extremely fast outside the tent.

"Play it again." Dean says in deep concentration. Whatever that thing is, it is moving extremely fast. You can't even tell what it is slowed down.

Sam plays it again. "That's three frames. That's a fraction of a second. Whatever that thing is, it can move." Did I mention the weird twin thing before?

Dean slaps him upside the head. "Told ya something weird was goin on."

"Yeah there's one more thing. In '59 one camper survived this supposed grizzly attack. Just a kid. Barely crawled out of the woods alive." Sam adds, while rubbing the back of his head.

"Is there a name?" I ask him.

"Yeah, and you didn't have to hit so hard."

After driving about half a mile out of town, we come to a little somewhat run down shack.

"Uh…you sure this is the right place?" I ask Sam and Dean.

"Yup. Mr. Lonnie Shaw, only known survivor".

We knock on the door, and waited for a minute. There was some ruffling from inside. Then we heard several locks being unlocked. Finally Lonnie Shaw appears.