-1Salvation ReWrite Part Three

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Focus John, focus, he thought to himself. He felt as if his sense were heightened, he could hear the sound of everything around him, including his heavily beating heart.

John carefully climbs out of his truck, double checking his supplies, and once he's satisfied, continues. A distant noise. His eyes and ears respond immediately.

His eyes find a water tower. That could be useful later on. He slowly makes his way to the boiler room, checking to make sure everything is clear.


Focus Abbie…

Wait, why am I referring to myself in the third person now? Hmm… who knows? Dean, Sam, and I are parked outside Monica's house. We've been sitting in silence for the last half hour. Boring, eh?

"Maybe we can tell them there's a gas leak. Might get 'em out of the house for a few hours." Sam's voice slices through the silence like a butter knife to butter.

"Yeah, and how many times has that actually worked for us?" Dean asks.

"Um, let's see…" I say, counting on my fingers. "Zero."

"Could always tell 'em the truth." Sam suggests.

Dean looks at him knowingly. "Nah."

"Wouldn't be the best option. 'Oh hey Monica, sorry to wake you in the middle of the night but there's a demon that's coming after your baby tonight, you better get out of your house.' Yeah, somehow, I just don't picture that working out so well." I say.

"I know. I know, I know. I just—with what's coming for these people…" Sam says, but he's cut off by Dean.

"Sam, we've only got one move, and you know it, all right? We've got to wait for that demon to show itself, and then we get it before it gets them."

"I wonder how Dad's doing." Sam says.

"Probably kicking some ass." I say, praying that he's fine.

"I'd feel a lot better if we were there backin' him up." Dean says.

"I'd feel a lot better if he were here backin' us up." Sam says, correcting him.

I try and hold in a laugh, but it manages to escape my lips. Both my brothers look at me in a confused manner. Dean's look is kind of like 'you're crazy' and Sam's is, well, let's just say that he is having a hard time from laughing at me from laughing at him. Unlike me, though, he manages to keep his laugh in. We go back to watching the house in silence.


By this time, John reaches the roof with no interruptions. Bellow John, Meg's eyes are scanning all around for any signs of him. As her eye's flash up to the roof, John is already gone.

John makes his way to the water tower he saw earlier. He opens the top of it and pulls out a rosary. He quietly whispers a Latin prayer, and as soon as he's finished, he throws the beads in. Satisfied with his work, he closes the lid.


My eyelids are threatening to close. Just as I'm about to drift off to La La Land, Sam says, "This is weird."

"Huh?" I ask him.

"After all these years, we're finally here. It doesn't seem real." Sam says.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." I reply.

"We just got to keep our heads and do our job like always." Dean says maturely.

"Yeah, but this isn't like always." Sam tells him.

"True." Dean says.

"Dean, uh…" Sam begins. Dean turns to look at him. "I wanna thank you."

"For what?" Dean asks.

"For everything. You've always had my back, you know? I could always count on you.

"Abbie, you always know what to do when I'm feelin' down, you really are my better half. And now….I don't know, I just wanted to let you know—just in case." Sam finishes.

"Just in case? In case what?" I ask him.

"Are you kiddin' me?" Dean asks.

"What?" Sam asks in return.

"Don't say, "Just in case somethin' happens to you", I don't wanna hear that freakin' speech, man. Nobody's dyin' tonight. Not us, not that family, nobody—except that demon. That evil son of a bitch ain't gettin' any older than tonight, you understand me?" Dean says giving his mini-speech. Sam nods in return.

"Besides, I wouldn't let anything happen to you, either of you." I tell them.

"That makes me feel so better. My little sister protecting me." Dean jokingly.


Inside the warehouse, John has made of his mind that is time to reveal himself. He hides, but purposely, not very good.

"John, you made it. Too bad, really. I was hoping to kill more of your friends." Meg says as soon as she spots him.

"Sorry to disappoint." John says, standing up to his full height. His voice is steady, but his heart is nearly pounding out of his chest.

"I can see where your kids get their good looks. But I must admit, considering what they say about you, I thought you'd be….taller." Meg says, trying to insult him. He doesn't say anything.

"Well, aren't you the chatty one? You wanna get to business? Fine." She takes a step closer to him, "Why don't you hand over the gun?"

"If I give you the gun, how do I get out of here?" John asks her.

"Well, if you're as good as they say you are, I'm sure you'll figure something out." Meg replies smartly.

"Maybe I'll just shoot you." John suggests.

"You wanna shoot me, baby? Go ahead. It won't end anything. There's more where I came from." Meg says, and as if on cue, another demon steps out from the shadows.

"Who the hell's that?" John asks, his voice starting to betray him. He's nervous as hell now.

"He's not nearly as much fun as I am, I can tell you that. So, I suggest you give us the gun." Meg says calmly. John doesn't move. "Now!" She shouts.

John takes out the fake Colt and hands it over to him. Please, let this work. Meg examines it closely.

"This is the Colt?" Meg asks him. John nods. "What do you think Tom?" Meg hands the gun over to her accomplice.

He carefully examines. Then, all of a sudden shoots Meg directly in the heart. Now, if it was the real one, then obviously, Meg would be dead. But since it's a fake, Meg is a little shocked, but unharmed.

"You shot me! I can't believe you just shot me!" Meg shouts at him. But once she realizes what she's said, she glares at John.

"It's a fake." The male demon says. John swallows hard.

"You're dead, John. Your boys are dead. And Abbie, she'll watch her brothers die before she does herself." Meg says darkly.

"I never used the gun. How could I know it wouldn't work?" John lies, thinking fast.

"I'm so not in the mood for this. I've just been shot!" Meg says dramatically.

"Well, then, I guess you're lucky the gun wasn't real." Johns says sarcastically.

"That's funny, John. We're gonna strip the skin from your bones, but that was funny." Meg replies dryly.

For one brief moment, Meg looks over at Tom. John, seizing his chance, bolts away. He runs into another room and locks the door behind him. He opens another door; it leads into a boiler room. The two demons are close behind him. He can hear their foot steps.

John spots a faucet that connects to the water tower. He quickly turns it on and water comes spraying out. The demons continue on, but as Tom takes one small step in the water, his foot sizzles. Tom recoils quickly.

"Holy water, John. Real cute." Meg says, not able to go any farther. John smiles at her but continues on his way.


"Maybe you should call Dad, Dean." I suggest.

"Good idea." He replies and pulls out his phone. He quickly dials the number, but hangs up. He hit's the redial, but gets the same result. He does this three more times.

"Dad's not answering." Dean says.

"Clearly." I mutter.

"Maybe Meg was late. Maybe cell reception's bad." Sam suggests.

As Dean goes to reply, the car radio turns on and goes static-y.

"Listen." Sam says as he tries to tune it. No such luck. The leaves outside begin to blow rapidly, the lights on the house flicker in and out.

"It's time." I say. My brothers nod. We grab our gear and get out of the car.


John has made his way out of the warehouse and to his truck. He eyes instantly go to his slashed tires.

He inwardly rolls his eyes and quietly whispers, "Damn it." He looks around, trying to find another way out.


Dean picks the lock to the front door easily and we head in as quietly as we can. Monica's husband appears from around the corner with a baseball bat. He takes a swing at Dean, but misses.

"Get out of my house! Get out of my house!" He yells at us.

"Mr. Holt, please." Sam says loudly.

"We're trying to help you!" I tell him.

"Charlie, is everything okay down there?" Monica says from the stairs.

"Monica, get the baby!" Charlie yells to her.

"No, don't go in the nursery!" Sam yells after her, but her footsteps can be heard running toward the nursery. Sam rushes after her, whose closely followed by Dean.

"You stay away from her!" Charlie yells at him.

"Charlie! My brothers are saving your family. Come on, we got to you out!" I yell at him. He doesn't move. "Charlie! Come on!"

"Not without my family!" Charlie yells back.

"Sam and Dean are getting them! You won't do any good to them if you don't get out alive!" I reply.

Charlie reluctantly nods at me. I lead him out of the house and instruct him to stay while I run back into the house.

I run as fast I can up into the baby's room. As I reach it, Sam is struggling to pull Monica out.

"My baby!" Monica yells franticly.

"Dean's got her." Sam says.

Dean picks up Rosie just as her crib is suddenly in flames. I race over to Sam to help him out with Monica. The five of us race out of the room as the bedroom window explodes.


John decides that it's a good idea to just start running. After running for awhile, he stops and pulls out his cell phone. He dials Dean's cell number, but as he's going to push call, he's thrown against a wall and pinned.

Tom, the demon from before, steps out from behind a building and walks over to John. He moves John up the side of the building. John yells out in pain.


When we reach the front yard, Charlie looks like he's going to kill us with his bare hands.

"You get away from my family!" He yells at us.

"Charlie, don't! They saved us." Monica says, calming him down. She takes Rosie from Dean's strong arms. "They saved us. Thank you." Charlie kisses her forehead lovingly.

I smile, glad that we've stop another horrible thing from happening. Sam turns around, but I don't pay much attention to him. I hear him gasp which causes me to turn and look. I can see the demon in the window.

Sam goes to move. I grab him, but he shrugs me off. "It's still in there." I grab him again and this time, so does Dean.

"Sam, no!" Dean shouts.

"It's not worth it!" I add.

"Dean, Abbie, let me go! It's still in there!" Sam says, trying to get us off.

"Burning to the ground—it's suicide!" Dean says.

"I don't care!" Sam says, still struggling.

"Sam! We do!" I yell at him. He looks down at me and sees that I'm close to tears. He stops trying to fight us and we let go. I glance back at the window to see the demon disappear.


Back at the motel, Dean is sitting on his bed trying to get a hold of Dad. Sam is sitting on his, and I'm laying half off Sam's bed upside down, reading a magazine.

"Come on, Dad. Answer your phone, damn it." Dean says, cursing him. "Something's wrong." Neither of us answer. "You hear me? Something's happened."

"If you had just let me go in there, I could have ended all this." Sam says, still holding a grudge against us.

"No, you wouldn't have." I tell him. I slide down off the bed and land roughly on the floor. I sit up straight, rubbing my shoulder.

"Sam, the only thing you would have ended was your life." Dean says.

"You don't know that." Sam says.

"Um, yeah, we kind of do." I say standing up and sitting opposite Sam on Dean's bed.

"So, what, you're just willing to sacrifice yourself, is that it?" Dean asks him.

Sam stands up. "Yeah. Yeah, you're damn right I am."

"Please tell me I'm hearing all this wrong." I stand up also. "Sam, you can't be thinking of sacrificing yourself."

"Yeah, I am. I mean, if it's going to end it, then yeah." Sam says looking down at me.

"Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen—not as long as I'm around." Dean says, also standing.

"What the hell are you talkin' about, Dean? We've been searching for this demon our whole lives. It's the only thing we've ever cared about." Sam says.

"No! That is not the only thing that I've ever cared about. I care you Sam! And if you go and get yourself killed, who would keep me and Dean from fighting? Huh? Who could I talk to about anything?" I ask him, tears forming.

"Abbie, it's not that simple…" Sam starts.

"Yes it is, Sam! God, you're so thick headed sometimes!" I yell at him. I grab my cell phone from the nightstand and with one last glance at him, I walk out the door.

Some fresh air, that's all I need to clear my head. My feet lead me to the nearby park. I sink onto one of the swings. It never used to be like this. Even when we were kids, it was never me and Sam at each others throats. He always thinks its his fault when it never is.

Sighing, I stand up and straighten out my clothes. I head back to the motel room. I hear some rustling in the nearby bushes, but I ignore it. I continue on, but it gets worse.

Something jumps out from behind and gag and bounds me. A voice whispers in my ear, "Hello, Abigail."



Sam and Dean have come to an understanding, at least, somewhat. Dean picks up his phone and calls John.

Instead of John answering, Meg's voice comes in clear.

"You boys really screwed up this time." Meg says.

Dean replies, "Where is he?"

"You're never gonna see your father again. And I hope you said your goodbyes to Abbie." She says before hanging up.

Dean turns to face Sam. Worry is wrote across his face. "They've got Dad…and Abbie."


I know that some of the things are different from the episodes, other than the fact that Abbie is there. I just think that it works out better if I change some stuff around. So, yeah, there you go. Hoped you liked it, and review as always!