White Walls


A child with raven hair and icy blue eyes looks around his cell. The walls are white, and the only things in it are a simple white cot and a surveillance camera.

Plain white walls. Nothing on them, just...plain white walls. This disturbs the child. Is he in some sort of prison?

He has yet to find out where he is, but he hopes he will find out eventually.

His secret has been revealed to the world. A mere eighteen hours ago, he was attacked by a flurry of white vans. They knocked him unconscious and dragged him to where he is now.

The child gets up and walks around the room. Eventually, he stops and looks at his hands. He notices something he hadn't noticed before.

Inked onto his wrists is a series of numbers. He reads it softly to himself.


I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I have...six chapters done. I'm planning on updating weekly. BTW, this is an xover with a story I wrote. It is currently on my deviantart profile (same name, with hyphens instead of spaces). It might make sense without reading it, but...meh. Ah well. Sorry this is so short, but the next chapters are longer.

PS: This will update every Tuesday. I swear.

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