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Chapter 2: Can It Get Much Worse?

Kenshin gaped at the nurse as she went on her way past him.

This can't be happening!

Kenshin ran back to his room, locked the door shut, and leaned heavily against the door, his breath coming out in ragged intervals. Kenshin spotted his bed and crept into the covers, pulling the soft white linen sheets over his head and closing his eyes.

Alright, this is just a weird dream. When I open my eyes, I'll be back to my old self again.

Kenshin took a deep breath and threw off the covers. Then he looked down.

Size C breasts.

"Damn!" Kenshin said out loud in his sweet girl voice, not at all sounding as aggressive as he had intended.

Kenshin looked around, trying to think of something practical to do. If this wasn't a dream, he needed to think carefully on his next action. He spotted a writing tablet and pen on his bedside table and quickly began jotting notes down.

Immiediate Worries

-presently a girl

-cannot work at company in this state

-no friends or associates must see or recognize me as a girl- DOES NOT WANT HUMILATION

Okay, so only three worries, though they are rather serious. Kenshin, feeling better, began to chart out what next to do.


-Find cure.

-Find who was responsible.

-Find money for food and shelter.

Kenshin liked having his life planned out. It made life seem like it was under control—though in these circumstances that notion would be arguable. Kenshin covered his face with his hands in desperation and peered down at his small, size 6 feet. Then he noticed the paper note that had fallen on the floor.

Kenshin, went out to eat for a few minutes. I'll be right back. –Sano

"Crap! Sano!"

Kenshin hurried to the door and ran out looking for some means of escape.

Sano would be back any minute now!

Kenshin ran across the corridor, past bustling nurses and doctors and then saw, with horror, Aoshi coming from the other direction. Kenshin quickly ran into the closest room and shut the door behind him, hoping Aoshi didn't see him or worse, recognize him. Then he heard with dread a knock at the door.

"Miss? Are you alright?" came Aoshi's cold voice from the other side.

Shit I forgot how much of a Good Samaritan that idiot is.

"Err…I'm alright."

"You can come out, and I'll help you to your room."


Kenshin looked around and saw stacks of clothes. He was in a laundry room.

Aoshi stared impatiently at the door, waiting for the stupid woman to get out of the room so he could hurry on to see Kenshin. Maybe she was a mental patient?

"Miss, if you don't come out in another minute, I'll have to call someone to get you out. I'm busy at the moment and I don't feel like waiting."

"Yeah I'm coming, hang on!"

The door opened slowly, and a pair of violet eyes stared at him from the darkness. Then slowly a beautiful young woman in a deep burgundy corset top with a matching belt and off-white skirt stepped out. She had long silky crimson hair and a beautiful slightly tanned complexion. Aoshi stared at the girl for a few moments and cleared his throat.

"Do you need any help miss? You seemed lost earlier."

The woman smiled prettily and shook her head. "I was with my boyfriend, who got in a fight with a guy from work over me. And when I was leaving my boyfriend's room, I thought I saw that jerk coming, so I ran into the closest room."

"What were you doing in that room so long then?"

Worry flashed on her face which was then quickly replaced with an embarrassed smile.

"I put up a barricade against the door."

Aoshi grunted in disgust. "Be careful then."

Aoshi made to leave but then he turned around to face the woman again.

"Do I know you from somewhere?"

The woman frowned and shrugged. "I don't think so."

Aoshi shook his head and made his way towards Kenshin's room. She kind of looked like Kenshin…

Keshin took a deep breath as he made it to the entrance hall of the hospital. That run in with Aoshi had his heart pounding a mile a minute. Thank god he didn't recognize him. And for a second it looked like Aoshi had taken a liking to the girl-Kenshin. Kenshin chuckled.

Kenshin walked toward the revolving doors, struggling a bit in the loose leather boots he was wearing. He never thought how hard it would be for women to balance 5 inch high pointy heels before.

As soon as Kenshin made it outside of the door into a downpour of rain, he ran into what felt like a rock. Kenshin almost fell on his back but a pair of strong arms folded behind the smalls of his back and held him steady. Kenshin blinked up at the person holding him and saw a very wet Sano.

First Aoshi, now Sano. Great, I just keep meeting the very people I need to avoid.

"Are you alright?" Sano asked, his brown eyes gazing down at Kenshin.

Drop splattered on Kenshin's face, his clothes now sticking tightly to his body in ways that he would have previously been aroused by on another woman. But right now, he felt very exposed.


Then Kenshin sneezed, an odd feminine noise escaped him.

Sano pulled out a hankerchief and handed it to him.

"You're freezing cold missie! Let's get back inside the hospital so you can dry off and wait till the rain stops," Sano said as he steered Kenshin toward the revolving doors.

"No really, I must go," Kenshin said struggling against Sano's grip but to no avail. Even his buff body he had been toning for the past 4 years seemed to have lost power in this female form.

"Not now. Whatever business you have can wait. I'm already waiting for a sick friend of mine to get better, and I don't want to see someone else fall ill right now."

Sano dragged Kenshin into the elevator, back to Kenshin's hospital room by the wrist in a painful grasp.

When Sano opened the door, he found a small task force of officials in black suits whispering hurriedly to Aoshi. Aoshi barked an order at them to hurry up and they scampered out of the room.

"Hey Sano," Aoshi said, his voice mute in emotion yet his eyes were raging with worry and anger.

"What's wrong here? Where's Kenshin?" Sano asked stepping towards Aoshi and finally letting of Kenshin's wrist. Kenshin rubbed his wrist gently, hoping his now feminine skin wouldn't bruise.

Aoshi raked a hand through his thick dark hair. "Kenshin is missing and somehow no one authorized for his release. I brought a few of my men to search for him through the hospital. He could have been kidnapped or worse, stupid enough to leave his bed in his delusion state."

Kenshin frowned at Aoshi. Geez, what a jerk.

Sano looked about the room as if hoping to find Kenshin hidden in the room somewhere, but all he saw was a worried Aoshi and the woman he had found outside.

"Oh sorry! I forgot to introduce you. This is Aoshi, and Aoshi, this is…ummm…er…"

Damn, well I can't be like "hey I'm Kenshin pleased to meet you." Shit…name…name…name…

Kenshin looked around and saw a booklet with a picture of a beautiful woman with white plum blossoms poised elegantly in her hand. In large words were the name Tomoe Kisuke. And underneath that was a small mention of a Tokiko Yukishiro.

"My name is Tomoe Yukishiro. We've already met," Kenshin said with a half smile at Aoshi, reaching out a hand.

Aoshi's face darkened slightly. Kenshin, worried, looked down at his feet dropping the raised hand.

"Is this guy the one who beat up your boyfriend?" Aoshi asked in a deep voice.

Kenshin jerked his head up and looked at Sano.

"No, no! I just met him outside. You see it was raining and I'm feeling a bit under the weather so Sano pulled me inside the hospital to warm up and accidentally brought me here."

Aoshi crossed his arms in front of his chest, his biceps rippling under his jacket. "I see. Well we can escort you to your boyfriend's room while you wait to dry off."

Crap, I'm caught!

"Er…I lied. I wasn't here to see my boyfriend."

Aoshi crinkled his eyebrows at him.

"Then what were you doing here?"

What do I say? Aoshi looks deadly, and knowing him, he would probably beat up even a woman.

"I was looking for a job, and I didn't get one. I'm short on money and got kicked out of my apartment," Kenshin said, trying his best to look distraught about his new depressing life story while he was secretly patting himself on the back for his brilliance.

"Then why did you run away from me when you saw me?" Aoshi questioned.

He is too sharp for his own good.

"I was on my way out and you came storming into the hospital. You looked like one of the guys who tried to mug me in the alleyway once before."

Sano burst out in laughter while Aoshi turned sharply and walked toward the window, looking out at the city. Kenshin bent down, trying stifle his laughter at his friend's embarrassment.

"Man Aoshi," Sano managed between gales of laughter. "At a closer look, you do look like a thug!"

"Shutup, rooster head. Anyways, Tomoe, you are welcome to stay with this idiot until you find a job."

Sano immediately stopped laughing and Kenshin gaped at him in disbelief.

"I uh don't think I'm comfortable staying with a stranger, and that being a man, you see…" Kenshin began glancing at Sano for help, but the idiot was still staring listlessly at Aoshi.

"Sano is the most celibate man you will ever meet, and if memory serves me correctly, he is still a timid virgin," Aoshi said in that same emotionless tone even though Sano was shaking his head in indignation. "Plus even if he suddenly has a burst of testosterone, call me and I'll come over." With that he handed her his calling card and strode out of the room, typing rapidly in his Blackberry in hand.

Kenshin stole a look at Sano, and saw him looking back at him strangely with a slight blush on his face.

"Well, all of what Aoshi said was untrue except for me not attacking you in any manner. I'll help you out. It'll help me keep my mind off of worrying for Kenshin. Come on, let's get a cab, okay?"

As they were about to leave the room, Kenshin glanced back at the disheveled bedspread. "What about your friend who is missing?"

Sano's face contorted with worry before managing a smile at Kenshin.

"Kenshin will be fine. Aoshi will look for him and bring him back safely. I'll help where I can, but I'm sure everything will be alright."

With that he left the room, but Kenshin couldn't help hearing the obviously distraught tone in Sano's voice.