Seeing that Caleb was starting to gain a lead, I gave up on trying to win on my own. My eyes went black and I picked up a little speed, but just enough to pass Caleb by a few inches. It never would have crossed my mind that Caleb would have been able to see me using in the short time that he turned his head for a breath. What I did must have distracted him, because after I touched the side of the pool and was about to get out, I saw Caleb sinking to the bottom.

I quickly went down after him and pulled him up. I managed to keep his head up as I yelled at someone to help. I may want the guy dead, but not this way. Tyler jumped into the pool to help me lift him as Pogue and Reid pulled him out.

I quickly got out and pushed away everyone that started crowding around Caleb, including Pogue and Reid. I checked for a pulse, I found one but it was feint. I then checked to see if he was breathing, he wasn't. I pushed down hard on his chest three times trying to push the water out. Then I tilted back his head and put my lips to his, at this point a variety of gasps, giggles, and random murmuring erupted from the crowd, I then blew oxygen into his lungs. I continued to do this several times before Caleb began coughing up water.

Slowly but surely he began to regain consciousness. Pogue Reid, Tyler, and I were all looming over him as he came to. Caleb gave a look that said: 'What the fuck happened?' It would probably take a couple of minutes for him to remember what happened in the pool.

"You ok man?" Pogue asked.

"There you are" I said with relief. "You had us going there for a second."

"You whacked your head pretty good." Pogue added with a worried tone.

"Lucky for you, Chase was there to get you out before you sucked up the pool." Tyler said trying not to laugh.

"He also whipped your ass." Reid added smugly.

Obviously the two of them thought it was hilarious that their 'fearless leader' had locked lips with another guy. I have to admit, it is kind of funny. He is kind of hot and I wouldn't mind giving him an actual kiss before I kill him. I'll make sure he's conscious for it too.


During class the realization of what had happened at swim practice finally dawned on me. Chase gave me CPR. His lips were actually on mine. It would defiantly explain Reid and Tyler's snarky comments through out the day. And everyone else's strange behavior that is on the team. It's a real pity I was unconscious for it.

A/N: Yep, another 'deleted scene' fic from muah. It's a little something that had been bothering me for a while. Someone HAD to have given him CPR, and I believe it should be Chase. That last paragraph was added last minuteā€¦ the way Caleb was staring at chase during class made me want to put it.

Oh, and sorry if I got the whole CPR process messed up. I have seen so many of those stupid signs and never once stopped to read one. I just remember bits and pieces from random movies. I'm such a nerd. :-)