Title: Love So Sweet

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 348

Universe: Hana Yori Dango Live Action

Theme: worship

Disclaimer: …evil laugh

Warnings: Spoilerish 2nd season.

Pairing (s): Soujirou x Yuki

Rating: K

Time Started: 11:50 PM 3/5/07

TimeCompleted: 12:04 AM 3/5/07

A/N: … My second story of this pairing. Yeah! Much love to my two reviewers from TMOLM and the fact that that story is the only one in the Soujirou/Yuki C2.

Soujirou suspiciously opened the box that sat in front of him, making sure that Rui was engrossed in his book and Akira was helping someone with something.

Taking inventory of the contents he noted the homemade style of the bento and the rice that was shaped into a neat square—inwardly he sighed with relief. Nothing was in the shape of a heart. Everything was neatly in place and was not in any overt way feminine.

Soujirou sighed before picking up his chopsticks and digging in. It was the least he could do. There had even been miso soup in a thermos and a western style salad with his favorite dressing to start with.

"Soujirou? What are you eating?" Akira asked curiously, finally done with doing whatever charitable act he was performing previously.

"Looks like a homemade bento." Rui observed from behind his tome.

"It's nothing." Nishikado said quickly.

"It's weird for you to be eating anything other than the food here." Rui noted. Soujirou scowled, And it's weird for you to be eating anything other than apples. But I don't go pointing that out, do I?

"What's this?" Akira said picking up a piece of paper before Soujirou could stop him.

"I hope you enjoy the bento Nishikado-san, Love Yuki." He read aloud much to the amusement of Rui.

Soujirou scowled even more, "That's so cute. Yuki-chan made you a bento?" Rui asked patronizingly. It made Nishikado long for the days when Domyouji would beat the snot out of the Hanazawa for even looking at Makino.

"I wish someone would make me a bento." Akira said wistfully.

I wish you all would die.