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You were young. Young and strong and full of determination. The fire that burned in your eyes was one of the truest things I've ever seen in this cruel world. You were willing to push yourself to your limits at an age where most people would give up. You stood out.

Like a candle

But no matter how hard you worked you were left in the shadows. When people thought Seigaku people said Echizen Ryoma. They said Fuji Syuusuke. They said Tezuka Kunimitsu. Some even said Kikumaru Eiji. Never Kaidoh Karou.

And their lack of acknowledgement hurt. No matter how many times you brush it off, it still hurts. I should know – I've been in that spot far more times than anybody should be.

They were the wind

But no matter now many times you ignored them it still got to you. You'd shoot your mouth off to Momoshiro. You'd completely crush you're opponent. You'd train yourself until you dropped from exhaustion, hours later.

Sometimes you couldn't control your aggravation.

So I talked with you.

You were surprised that anybody even knew you existed, and that they even wanted to talk. You hesitantly accepted my offer at a walk around and the part and we talked. About tennis and school, but it was a start.

I helped you train. And gained your trust. You trusted me so much that you accepted my offer to play doubles. I was convinced we could win and you wouldn't take no for an answer.

But I let you down.

And that was only the first time. You still trusted me then. It took a while, but you opened up. You told me things you'd never told anybody else.

Then I graduated and it hit me hard to leave you. For the first time I was confused with my emotions. But I figured them out.

I was in love.

I didn't – no, couldn't – tell a soul. I tried to stop my feelings for you because it was unnatural for a guy to like another guy. I distanced myself from you. No more phone calls, no more walks along the river, nothing. Because I was afraid.

Afraid of rejection.

Two years later and I realize that my fears were stupid and that you had obviously liked me, too.

But I was too late.

Seeing you in the arms of Yagyuu Hiroshi made me realize. I let you down too many times. You had to wait too long and, for once, you gave up.

You were waiting for me, but I got left behind.


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