Pairing: Jack/Daniel

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Spoilers: Season 2, before "Need".

Warnings: slash, mention of non-con. and child abuse. Mild swearing.

"Okay, so let me get this straight; Colonel O'Neill would be Han Solo, right?" asked Carter, turning her face from the warm glow of the campfire to address Teal'c. The benevolent Jaffa gave her a small smile and a nod of his head. "And I'm Princess Leia?"

"Correct," said Teal'c.

Carter made a face at being compared to a princess, but she continued. "So that would make Daniel Luke Skywalker…my brother."

"Correct again, Captain Carter."

"Alright," said Carter, smiling now that her alter ego had a brother to pick on. "But who would that make you?"

"Chewbacca," Teal'c answered seriously. "Descendent of a proud race of warriors."

"And a fiercely loyal ally," Carter added with a grin, now completely on board with Teal'c's SGC as Star Wars analogy. "Who would be Yoda?"

"Thor," Teal'c answered.

"Hmm…I can see that. Darth Vader?"


"Obi Wan?"

"General Hammond."

"What about R2D2 and C3PO?" asked Carter, determined to stump him.

"Sergeants Harriman and Siler, respectively," answered Teal'c without hesitation.

That got Carter laughing outright. She could picture the two of them—tall Siler with his ridiculously large wrench, standing behind Harriman, busy and efficient and surrounded by beeping and blinking control panels. It was too perfect, and she laughed so hard she snorted.

"You're right, Teal'c," she wheezed between fits of giggles. "Your analogy makes much more sense than the Colonel's 'Simpson's' one."

"I must ask him to explain it in greater detail one day," said the Jaffa as he stirred the fire's embers with a long stick he'd chosen for that purpose.

Hidden in the shadows near their tents, Daniel leaned against a wide tree and smiled to himself. He was feeling better than he had for some time, and he knew it was due to the companionship of Sam, Teal'c and Jack. Teal'c's analogy was spot-on—over the last year they'd become a tight-knit family. Sam was like the sister he never had—they bickered and teased each other, and leaned on each other when things got rough. It felt pretty amazing to be a part of a family, Daniel thought to himself.

As much as he was tempted to join them by the fire, Daniel had other plans in mind for tonight. For over a year now he'd been a member of the SGC, surrounded constantly by US military personnel, and yet he still knew very little about what made them tick. Their mindset was so different from his own that Daniel tended to seclude himself within the SGC, sticking close to the scientific advisors and his own SG-1 family, where he felt comfortable. If he was truly honest with himself, he'd have to admit that he felt more at ease making first contact with alien life forms than he did in the presence of Air Force officers and Marines.

But tonight he was going to remedy that. Tonight he was going to square his shoulders and march bravely into the fray.

Outside SG-2's camp, Jack, Ferretti, and the rest of his team were sitting around their own fire, punctuating the heavy night silence with deep-throated laughter. The closer Daniel got to the cluster of military men, the slower he walked. In the end, Daniel didn't so much march into the fray as slip undetected into it. However, his spirits were still bolstered by his earlier positive thoughts, and he had no intention of backing out now. So what if he still felt like the brainy nerd in a world full of football stars? He was as much a part of this mission as any of them, and he'd earned the right to be there.

"Hey guys," he said, making his presence known with a wave and a duck of the head that probably came off as shy and geeky. "What'cha doing?"

Ferretti smiled at him, which almost made up for the disappointed looks the other members of his team were sporting. Daniel could almost hear them thinking 'oh no, not him'.

"We're just talking, Doc. Have a seat," said Ferretti, patting the length of log next to him.

"We're having a game of 'No Secrets, No Lies', said Major Pierce, prompting Ferretti to shoot him a disapproving glare.

Pretending to not notice that Ferretti clearly didn't want him to join in, Daniel sat and fixed him with an oblivious smile. "Sounds like fun. How do we play?"

"It's simple: one person asks a question, and everyone in the circle has to answer it, keeping no secrets and telling no lies. Oh—and no names allowed," said Casey.

"Yeah, and the first person to refuse to answer has to make breakfast for everyone tomorrow morning," said Captain Griff, snapping the gum in his mouth loudly.

"So…basically, you're playing 'Truth or Dare'?" asked Daniel, getting a grunted laugh out of Ferretti. He noticed Jack hadn't said anything so far, and he glanced at him, trying to get a feel of his mood. Jack smiled back at him, happy and relaxed, which, in turn, made Daniel relax—if Jack was okay with the game, then that was good enough for him.

"Okay, Jack. Your turn to ask a question," said Ferretti, who still looked unsure about having a civilian join in on the game.

Jack flexed his fingers and leaned closer to the fire, the dancing orange light casting macabre shadows over his sharp features. "Alright…let's make it easy on Danny his first time out," Jack said with an evil grin that belied his true intentions. "Have you ever made out with more than one member of the same family? And yes, I need the details," he said with a playful waggling of his eyebrows.

Major Pierce, on Jack's left, answered first. "No lies—twins, red-heads, at my cousin's wedding."

"Bullshit," said Griff, on Jack's other side. "I was at your cousins wedding, you moron. I would have remembered you making out with twins."

Pierce grinned at him. "Different cousin; different wedding. I was twenty-two—they were thirty-six, twenty-three, thirty-three," he said, demonstrating the ladies' curves with a helpful pantomime. "Apparently they did everything together—including me."

Captain Griff harrumphed, obviously still not believing him.

"Need more details?" Pierce asked Jack. Jack nodded, his eyes glinting in an unnervingly feral way. "Okay. They got each other off first; let me watch the whole thing."

"You're so full of it," said Ferretti. "I rented that video—they let me watch, too." Laughter erupted around the circle of men.

"Swear to God!" pierce exclaimed defensively.

Jack held up his hand before the argument got any more heated. "Alright—you swear it's true, then we've got to accept it. But your honour is at stake here."

"I swear!" Pierce said emphatically, getting another round of laughter from the circle.

"Okay. Casey—your turn," said Jack.

Casey wiped happy tears from his eyes before answering. "No lies—I've never been with more than one member of the same family."

"Doesn't have to exclude your own, you know, Case," said Ferretti, sparking yet another bout of laughter. This time, even Daniel joined in, starting to feel a bit less like an outsider, being allowed to take part in the juvenile game.

"Daniel?" asked Jack, once everyone had quieted down again. "What about you?"

"Me? No, Jack."

"You gotta say, 'No lies' first," Pierce corrected him.

"Right. No lies—I've never slept with more than one member of the same family," said Daniel, feeling a slight blush at his collar.

"Who said anything about sleeping?" Casey said, jabbing Daniel in the ribs and wringing a few more laughs from the others.

Daniel smiled good-naturedly, but shimmied closer to Ferretti to get out of elbow reach, nonetheless. He looked to Jack, who was shaking his head at him with a sympathetic smile. Daniel shrugged back at him.

"Ferretti?" asked Jack.

"No lies," said Ferretti with a dead-serious look on his face. "I did a mother/daughter combo."

"That's sick!" said Griff.

"Not at the same time, you perv! When I was seventeen I had a fling with a…mature woman. Forties. Hot. Just divorced. I was the talk of my school," Ferretti said proudly. "Then, a couple of years ago, I'm dating this woman, and I can't help feeling I know her from somewhere."

"Her daughter?" asked Pierce.

"Bingo! She was the spitting image…only less adventurous between the sheets than her mom."

"Eww," said Griff. "Okay, my turn. No lies—never done it. Wanted to, once. Sisters; both of 'em gorgeous. But my brother was dating the older one, and he woulda beat the living shit out of me if I'd put the moves on her."

"That just leaves you, Jack," said Daniel, secretly more than a little interested in hearing his answer.

"Okay. No lies; I once had a wild night with a woman and her cousin—and no, not at the same time…but one right after the other. God was I sore the next day!"

"Let me guess—cousin's wedding?" asked Ferretti.

"Funeral," Jack said with a straight face.

"You dog!" said Ferretti, shoving his shoulder into Daniel as if he was as good a Jack-substitute as any.

Griff cleared his throat dramatically. "I get to ask the next question." He waited impatiently until a somewhat respectful silence had descended upon the group, and gave them an evil-looking leer. "How old were you the first time you had sex? And I'm not talking hand jobs or blowjobs—I'm talking full penetration, and I want all the details, people."

Daniel's mouth went bone dry, his eyes wide and pleading as he looked to Jack. Jack met his eyes, and as usual, he understood what he wanted and took point.

"Alright; Ferretti, you start," Jack said. Ferretti took a quick glance at Daniel who looked ghostly white and uncomfortable in the semi-darkness, and nodded, knowing Jack was letting him go last.

"No lies," he started. "I was fifteen, she was sixteen, and let's just say she knew what she was doing. No lack of experience there, if you know what I mean."

"No—could you explain it to us?" asked Jack with deadpan sarcasm.

"No more comments from the Peanut Gallery," said Ferretti. "Now where was I? Right. Fifteen. Up in a tree house, with my best buddy cheering me on from down below."

"How romantic," Pierce mumbled.

"I suppose your first time was all champagne and roses?" Ferretti jeered.

"Sorta. No lies—there was no champagne, 'cause I wasn't old enough to buy any, but I did get her roses and a necklace. We were both sixteen and madly in love. We were gonna get married right out of high school. Would have, too, if my dad hadn't made me join up."

The others followed suit, divulging secrets that Daniel couldn't help but feel were disrespectful of those young girls from their pasts. He was slightly ashamed of himself for listening, but he was determined to try and fit in. The only problem was that he was a terrible liar, and there was no way in hell he was going to tell anyone—let alone a bunch of gun-toting SF's—about the first time he'd had sex.

He sat nervously, only half-listening as Jack casually announced that he was twenty-one his first time out. Daniel was as surprised as the others—he'd always imagined Jack would have been the first one out of the gate. Daniel didn't register all the details of Jack's first encounter, but he did note with some pride that his friend spoke with a great deal of respect—almost reverence—for the young lady in question.

Then it was Casey's turn, and Daniel found it almost impossible to sit still, knowing he was up next. He'd broken into a sweat despite the cool night air, and his stomach was roiling. Daniel felt like an idiot—he should have stayed with Sam and Teal'c at their own campsite, because he was obviously way out of his league with these guys. It was the football star/brainy nerd scenario all over again.


Daniel's head shot up to see everyone watching him—Jack watching him more closely than the rest. His mouth opened, but nothing came out, as if his body was doing business as usual even though his brain had taken a vacation.

"Daniel?" Jack asked again.

Using his pants to rub the sweat off the palms of his hands, Daniel blinked rapidly at Jack. He could feel all eyes on him, could sense the mix of amusement and impatience being cast his way, and felt the warm rush of blood racing to colour his cheeks.

"I…uh… I'm sorry, I can't answer that," said Daniel, sounding oddly detached, even to his own ears. He rubbed the back of his neck, cast his eyes to the ground and made a hasty retreat. He knew they were all watching him, and that spurred him to walk even faster back to SG-1's camp. As he stomped through the trees, he could hear the men's laughter behind him and his face burned.

Daniel burst through the tree cover into his team's camp to find Sam and Teal'c exactly where he'd left them—what seemed like a lifetime ago—sitting at the campfire.

"Daniel? Are you okay?" asked Carter, her large blue eyes sweeping over him, checking him for any signs of injury.

"I'm fine," he answered curtly, his jaw muscles bunching, his arms crossed tightly across his chest.

"You do not look 'fine', Daniel Jackson," said Teal'c, rising quickly to his feet in case action needed to be taken.

Before Daniel could once again profess that he was okay, Jack crashed through the trees behind him.

"Alright—care to tell me what that was all about?" asked Jack, giving Daniel a long-suffering glare.

"Not really, no," Daniel answered, matching his glare and raising him a look of 'don't push it'. "You shouldn't have come after me."

"It's no problem—bedtime soon, anyways," Jack replied, walking casually past him to sit by the fire.

Daniel shook his head—Jack didn't get it. He didn't see that coming go his rescue like that would only perpetuate the 'hopeless geek' image he'd been trying to overcome. The good mood he'd been wrapped up in earlier was long gone, leaving him feeling cold and miserable. He stood back, watching his team bask in the warmth of the fire, wishing he could be a part of it but knowing he would only bring them down. As quietly as he could, Daniel headed for the tent he shared with Jack, and he was just opening the flap when Sam called out to him, making him freeze on the spot.

"Daniel? Aren't you going to join us?"

Daniel didn't turn around, but called back to her over his shoulder. "Not tonight, Sam. I've got an early day tomorrow," he said, and then ducked inside the dark tent. 'Got a big breakfast to make,' he thought bitterly as he groped around for his sleeping bag and crawled into it.

He lay awake, listening to the quiet sounds of his team-mates' conversation as his mind kept churning over the evening's events. Despite what he'd said, there was a part of him that was glad Jack had come after him—that he was a good enough friend to sense that there was something wrong. And even though Daniel would sooner die than tell Jack about it, it was nice to know the other man would be willing to listen.

Daniel realised he was waiting for Jack to come in before allowing himself to fall asleep. There was a comfort factor there—a feeling of safety he only seemed to find off-world, in a tent with Jack. It was nice knowing there was someone there watching your six. It was something he hadn't truly had since his parents had died.

He wasn't sure how long he waited—an hour, maybe less?—before he heard the rustling of the tent flap. Jack was trying to be silent, and Daniel guessed that it was more in order to listen for signs that he was awake, rather than an attempt to not disturb him. Daniel worked at keeping his breathing slow and regular—the last thing he wanted right now was to talk.

More rustling as Jack crawled into his own sleeping bag. In the pitch black of the tent, Daniel could feel Jack's eyes boring into the back of his head.

"You're not fooling me, you know," Jack whispered. "I know you're awake."

Daniel didn't rise to the bait. He continued his slow, rhythmic breathing and lay perfectly still.

"Fine. Be that way." Jack grumbled. "But if you wanna talk, the offer stands."

Daniel heard Jack roll over and plump up his pillow, and some of the tension left his body, relieved that Jack wasn't going to pressure him into talking. He stayed awake a while longer, waiting until Jack's familiar semi-snore filled the night silence, and then he drifted off into a fitful sleep.