Phantom of Corruption

Chapter 1: A Strange Happening

Outside the solar system where Earth belongs to, a strange ship heads toward the system at a fast pace and inside the ship, three figures stand in the main command center of the ship.

"We're approaching the system" said one of the figures who turned to the figure in the center which was sitting on a chair.

"Excellent Urai" said the figure sitting in the chair, "we have sent a few defilers to this remote solar system. It would make a suitable place to hide ourselves from both the New Republic and remnants of the old Galactic Empire. The Zann Consortium has found a new home."

Meanwhile back on a certain blue planet in that particular solar system, some defilers who landed and were using their new cloaking technology were observing something quite strange in Amity Park.

"Look, you have to take a look at this" said the first defiler as he handed the binoculars to his comrade.

As the second defiler took a closer look, he notice Danny Phantom was fighting Skulcker and Technus who were attacking Danny.

"Face it welt" said Skulcker who readied his rockets, "you can not escape us this time."

"That's what you think" said Danny as he fired a ghost beam at Skulcker destroying some of his rockets.

Skulcker then fired the remaining rockets at Danny which Danny then created a shield around himself and deflected the rockets. The rockets then came right toward the two defilers who were in the area observing everything and managed to avoid the rockets.

"Wow, the boss would certainly want to know about this" said the first defiler who recovered from the attack.

"Come on" said the second one, "let's take a few more photos of this fight before we head back to the Merciless."

As both Technus and Skulcker continued to engage Danny in the fight, Danny used his ghostly wail which then damaged the circuits of Skulcker and Technus'.

"This is too much!" cried Technus who was trying to block the shockwaves.

"Skulcker agrees too" said Skulcker, "let's get the heck out of here."

As both Skulcker and Technus left the scene, the two defilers were quite impressed with the sort of skills Danny possessed. They were even shocked when Danny transformed back from Danny Phantom to Danny Fenton which they immediately took some photos to document the event.

"This should certainly please Tyber Zann" said the first defiler who had took the photos.

"Come on, let's head back to our ships" said the second one.

As the defilers got back to their ships, they quickly uploaded their data which was then sent right back to the Merciless.

"We're receiving information from two defilers we have sent to this planet the natives call Earth" said Urai.

"Excellent" said Tyber, "despite this planet's primitive technology it can finally provide something quite useful for the Zann Consortium. Silri, upload the data onto the computer screen."

"As you wish" said Silri as she ordered the technicians to do the job.

Suddenly Tyber along with everybody else on the ship were quite shocked to see Danny Phantom in action against his two enemies-Skulcker and Technus who were getting quite a beating by Danny. Tyber was even more shocked to see Danny transformed back what the natives of the planet considered to be "normal" by their standards.

"Hmm, interesting powers" said Tyber, "I have seen many strange things in the galaxy. What do you think about this Urai?"

"Well, I can certainly see this boy has the spirit" as Urai joked about it.

"You mean you can detect that he's not of a Jedi origin but of the spirit realm?" asked Tyber.

"Of course I can" replied Urai, "I am quite impressed this young man has managed to elude his own kind that he has these sort of powers."

"He must be examined even further" said Tyber, "I want to send an observant team down to this planet the natives call 'Earth' and watch over this ghost-like boy. Urai, since you are sensitive to these sort of things, I am assigning the task to you."

"It would be an honor to do the deed" said Urai.

"I knew you would accept it" smiled Tyber.

A few minutes later, Urai gathered a small force of guards from the Zann Consortium and a few shuttles were sent with the aid of the new cloaking technology down to planet Earth. Meanwhile it was just a simple normal day for Vlad Masters, a.k.a. Vlad Plasmius who was dealing with another failure on the part of Technus and Skulcker to deal with Danny Phantom.

"Why is it that every time I send you two to retrieve DNA from Daniel, you always fail?" asked Vlad to both Skulcker and Technus.

"Look, it's my fault that I have to fight alongside someone like him" said Technus.

"Why should Skulcker have to team up with someone that always shouts out their plans to the skies?" asked Skulcker.

"Hmm, a good point" replied Vlad.

Before Vlad could do anything else, the alarms began to rang throughout his mansion.

"What the heck is going on?" asked Skulcker.

"One of my satellites I placed out in space must have caught something" said Vlad as he immediately went to his secret laboratory with Skulcker and Technus.

As Technus turned on the computer, Vlad noticed some strange shuttles coming toward Earth. Shuttles he couldn't recognize of any origin.

"So what the heck are those things?" asked Technus.

"Hmm, I wonder how they managed to find this planet" replied Vlad who was quite surprised, "despite my superiority on this planet, they would consider it to be quite primitive." Then he notices that both Technus and Skulcker were both sweating, "there must be some reason why some unknown strangers managed to have come in contact with Earth right after your failed battle with Danny Phantom."

"I don't know what you're talking about" said Technus.

"Ditto with Skulcker" said Skulcker.

"Ah, that's why I have these" said Vlad as he took out two large computer plugs and plugged them right into Technus and Skulcker.

"Hey, what the--!" cried Skulcker.

As Vlad turned on the computer, the scenes from the failed battle were shown in all sorts of forms including infer red scanning as one of the forms to which Vlad took particular interest in two shadows in the bushes. He then zooms in and then notices the two defilers who were taking the photos of the battle.

"So this is how these aliens managed to know about the battle" said Vlad as an evil grin grew on them, "which means they would probably have the technological know-how to retrieve his DNA. I can certainly befriend the group involved in finding Daniel and show them around just for having them to be familiar. Now isn't that a perfect plan?"

"Uh, sure" said Technus, "whatever floats your boat."

"So you're still not going to punish us for failing?" asked Skulcker.

"Now where's the fun in that?" asked Vlad as he began to charge up his powers.

"This is going to hurt" sighed Technus.