Chapter 7: A Bold Ambush

As Han, Chewbacca, Danielle, Danny and his two friends raced toward the hangar of the space station, alarms were ringing across the base as a large Zann Consortium fleet was approaching the space station.

"Come on, we're almost there" said Han as Danielle, Danny and his two friends were getting quite exhausted."

"Can we rest?" asked Tucker who was all tired out.

Before Han could respond, a rocket out of nowhere came right at them. Luckily they managed to dodge the attack and as they turned around, they notice it was none other than Skulcker with his rockets fully loaded and ready to fire.

"Well, I don't like to repeat myself to you welts" said Skulcker, "but it's time to crack some heads around here."

Skulcker then began to fire more rockets at everybody to which they dodged the rockets with Danny and Danielle's help of turning everybody else invisible. Skulcker then egged on Danny to fight him as he took Skulcker's off, Danny fired a ghost beam right at him to which Skulcker dodged the attack and gave Danny a good punch sending him flying right toward the wall. As the fight between Danny and Skulcker intensified, Vlad Plasmius arrived on the scene right behind Tucker and Sam to which Tucker tapped on Chewbacca's shoulders attempting to warn him about Vlad.

"Surprise!" shouted Vlad as he split himself into four versions of himself and then one of his clones sent a net over Danielle who was preoccupied watching Danny, "Time for a little pay back."

As the real Vlad left the scene with Danielle as his captive, the three remaining Vlads fired their ghost beams at Chewbacca who leaped right in front of Sam and Tucker to block the blasts. The blasts of the ghost beams sent Chewbacca crashing right into Danny where Skulcker had successfully threw Danny right at Chewbacca.

"What a bunch of pathetic welts" laughed Skulcker, "you people will never defeat us."

"I don't think you would want to taunt Chewie in that manner" said Han to Skulcker.

"Why, do you think I would upset that flea bag?" asked Skulcker in an arrogant tone.

Suddenly Chewbacca got up as he heard that comment by Skulcker. The wookiee went crazy and leaped right on top of Skulcker using his claws to scratch off the armor. It was too much for Skulcker as Chewbacca went into tearing up his armor, it was a sight to which Han, Danny, his two friends or even the Vlad clones could bear to see. Skulcker was finally back to his normal self as a midget ghost as Chewbacca held him up.

"You'll pay for this!" cried the midget ghost.

"I don't think so" said Danny as he took out the Fenton thermos and sucked Skulcker right into it.

Chewbacca then turned toward the three remaining Vlad clones who charged at Chewbacca with their fists aiming right at the wookiee. Chewbacca with one swoop of his arm knocked one of the Vlad clones into the other. The Vlad clones then panic as Chewbacca came right toward them so all of them fled the scene.

"Where the heck is Danielle?" asked Danny to the others.

"We were confronted by the Vlad clones" replied Sam.

Chewbacca then roared to Han.

"You mean she was kidnapped by the real Vlad?" asked Han to Chewbacca who nodded with a reply.

"Where do you think Vlad could have taken her?" asked Danny.

"I think I know one place where" replied Han as he signaled Chewbacca, Danny and his two friends to head to the Millennium Falcon.

The scene then switches to the Merciless where Danielle wakes up to find herself literally tied up with Vlad Plasmius along with Bossk and IG-88 right in front of her.

"Glad you could wake Danielle" said Vlad.

"What do you want with me now?" asked Danielle.

"Well, since I couldn't really place you as my rightful heir since all I wanted in life was a half-ghost son, my good friend Tyber Zann is prepared to hand me over one once he completes to promote the ghost DNA into his paramilitary forces" replied Vlad.

"So you're just also going to use me as bait to humiliate Danny with your 'son' are you not?" asked Danielle.

"Perhaps once the cloning process is fully complete" replied Vlad, "but as I hear from Urai, it's only 65 percent complete."

"You'll never get away with this" said Danielle as Vlad was leaving the scene.

"Oh, I think this time I'll get away with it and even more so thanks to the data Technus had downloaded from the advanced New Republic space station along with the data from the Millennium Falcon" said Vlad as he signaled IG-88 and Bossk to watch over Danielle. Vlad then walked over to the laboratory where Zann, Urai, and Silri were overseeing the progress of the first batch of clones.

"Are you sure you know what you are doing?" asked Vlad to Tyber.

"Yea, I know" replied Tyber, "we got a network working in Kamino that was able to deliver us these cloning vats just in time. Your 'son' will be one of the first clones to be finished using that ghost DNA you gave us."

"Oh that will be one of the greatest days of my entire life, well except for being a big shot on my home planet and all" said Vlad, "perhaps once this is over, you can move your Consortium over to Earth?"

"We'll think about that" replied Tyber, "even though we consider it to be primitive, it'll still be a suitable location for us."

But before the cloning process could ever be completed, several soldiers came into the scene and signaled Tyber about an oncoming vessel coming toward the Merciless. Tyber knew it had to be the Millennium Falcon as he predicted Vlad would kidnap Danielle to his ship.

"So what do you think we should do?" asked a soldier to Tyber.

"Let this Danny Phantom bring them here" replied Tyber, "we'll deal with him shortly."

As Han and Chewbacca directed the Millennium Falcon closer to the Merciless, the fighters that the Zann Consortium sent to fight them stopped firing at them.

"That's sort of strange" said Sam who notice the Consortium star fighters were leaving them alone as she looked outside, "they have stopped firing at us."

"I bet this whole thing is some sort of trap" said Tucker.

"Well" said Danny as he turned invisible while Han and Chewbacca landed the Falcon right near the Merciless and took them with his two friends, "that's a chance we have to take."

As Danny took everybody from the Falcon and into the Merciless, the place seemed completely empty to a certain extent.

"Come on" said Danny, "let's find Danielle first."

"Don't worry" said Han, "you just leave that to me and Chewie right here. You go see this Vlad character."

Chewbacca agreed by giving a roar.

As Han and Chewbacca went to one direction of the ship, Danielle was quite tied up as IG-88 and Bossk were guarding her.

"I don't see why we have to be the ones to guard this child" complained Bossk as he hissed to IG-88.

"We do as we are told" replied IG-88.

"I hear someone coming" said Bossk as he could hear Chewbacca and Han coming down the hallway.

Bossk left the scene leaving IG-88 to guard Danielle. This then gave Danielle the right moment to attempt to get herself out of being tied up.

"Struggling is pointless" said IG-88 as the robot bounty hunter noticed Danielle attempting to free herself.

"We'll see about that" said Danielle as she managed to break free.

IG-88 then attempted to fire at Danielle by using his weapon, but Danielle turned invisible and raced toward IG-88 giving the robot a good punch literally knocking the circuits off of him and unconscious as well. As Danielle was finished knocking the circuits off of IG-88, she heard Han firing his blaster at Bossk in the hallway. She immediately turned invisible and went right toward where Bossk was giving a tough time for Han and Chewbacca. All Danielle had to do was overshadow Bossk and literally continuously bump Bossk right into the wall along with playing the "why are you hitting yourself game".

"Say Chewie" said Han to his wookiee friend, "notice anything strange about Bossk?"

Chewbacca responded by giving a loud roar.

Finally as everything was over, Danielle came right into the scene right next to Han and Chewbacca.

"Say kid, we're just looking for you, where you doing that sort of stuff to Bossk?" asked Han to Danielle.

"Sort of" replied Danielle.

"Jedis like Luke don't have anything like that" said Han, "come on, let's go find your cousin and his friends."

As Han, Chewbacca and Danielle were trying to find Danny and his two friends, Danny had already arrived in the laboratory where he notice all the cloning vats and notice one cloning vat of himself as a clone in it.

"Wow, this is quite creepy" commented Tucker as he notice the cloned version of Danny.

"I notice you admire our work" said Tyber as the three turned around they notice Tyber with several soldiers along with Urai, Silri and Vlad, "now please make it easy on yourselves and surrender."

"Not a chance" said Danny as he leaped ahead of his two friends to protect them.

"Oh come on now Daniel" said Vlad, "you're clearly outnumbered and out matched."

Before Tyber could order his guards to apprehend Danny and his two friends, the doors to the laboratory came flying open which slammed the soldiers right to the walls and knocking them unconscious.

"Not so fast" said Han as he pointed his blaster at Tyber, "you're under arrest by the order of the New Republic for stealing technology among other things."

"I don't think you would want to mess with me" said Tyber.

"I think not" said Han as he then turned his blaster to a cloning vat with the cloned Danny Phantom in it and fired at the computer which was responsible for maintaining the clone's existence.

"No, you fool!" cried Vlad as he pushed Tyber out of the way and came toward Han, "Do you know what you have done?!"

"Stopping the Zann Consortium from acquiring ghost DNA?" replied Han.

As Vlad along with Urai and Silri ganged up on Han, Chewbacca stepped right in and cracked his knuckles prepared to fight. Tyber then concentrated his attention on Danny and his two friends and threw them on the ground.

"Look what you did to my plans ghost boy" said Tyber as he was standing right in front of the first batch of clones that were malfunctioning and disintegrating, "my dreams of becoming the galaxy's crime lord are finished! And it's all you're fault!"

As Tyber was about to point his blaster at Danny, Danny signaled his two friends to step back where Danielle was and then used his Ghostly Wail.

"What the heck is that?!" cried Silri as she covered her ears while she was trying to fight Chewbacca.

"Don't know, but it's giving Tyber a run for his money" replied Urai.

The shockwaves of the ghostly wail were so powerful that it pushed Tyber right toward the cloning vats where all the clones were disintegrating into nothing. As Tyber hits one of the cloning vats, he could feel his DNA changing within himself and he couldn't take control of the situation and finally collapsed to the floor.

"Tyber!" cried Urai as he stopped fighting with Chewbacca and came to his aid along with Silri.

"Well here's where I leave the scene" said Vlad as he disappeared.

"That better also be a good idea for us" said Han to Danny as Danny was quite tired from using his ghostly wail.

Han, Chewbacca, Danielle, Danny and his two friends left the scene and headed for the Millennium Falcon where it took off to drop Danielle, Danny and his two friends back to their home planet. But things were not alright on the Merciless as Tyber was slowly getting and reassessing the mess around him.

"W-w-what happen?" asked Tyber to Urai, "Can I see myself in the mirror to see that I am alright?"

"Uh, you're not going to like this" replied Urai as he handed him one.

The scene then ends with Tyber screaming in shock to see how much his hair had changed from white to white with black strips.