Title: Looking at the Past

Author: Faker of Innocence aka Goldenneko

Fandom: Anime – Marchen Awakens Romance

Character(s): Alviss (mention of Rolan and Phantom)

Summary: He had to do this, or else he would lose himself.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Based on anime episodes 94. Really, that episode was a tear-jerker!

Disclaimer: I have checked my account bank; still do not have enough money to own Marchen Awakens Romance.


He walked through the quiet, dark hall without any companion, just like the last time he was there. Although there was no light source for him to guide his way in, the youth kept on walking as if he had memorized the route by heart.

In his hand were four roses; one black, one white and two red ones. Holding them carefully as if they were made from fragile glass, his blue eyes then wandered around his surroundings. Nothing in the castle had changed from his memory of that place; the only differences were some of the broken doors and windows along with wild grasses sprouting everywhere, as it was now left abandoned for a few years.

Turning into another corner, he soon reached his destination: a room that looked like someone had taken good care of it, unlike the rest of the place in that abandoned castle.

Walking through the open doors, the blue-haired teen walked straight to a single throne at the other end of the room. Standing in front of the battered throne, the young warrior put two roses; the white rose and one of the red roses, at one of the arms of the throne.

For the first time since he entered the castle, the Guardian Ärm user wielder spoke with a small smile of remembrance on his lips, "Sorry I'm late, Rolan. Something happened before I came. But I'm here, just like before."


He walked slowly through the many flowers grew on the ground, as if making sure not to step on any of them. In his hand were the two remaining roses, his steps were sure of where they wanted to go.

He soon reached a small forest where he walked straight into it without hesitation. He kept on walking towards a big tree just beside the cliff facing the ocean. Standing under it, he looked up at the leaves, covering his blue eyes with one hand, as if looking up for something in the sky. As if he had found the thing he was searching for, he smiled.

Moving around the tree, a small tomb stone was found nestled among the flowers growing under the tree. The youth knelt beside the tomb stone and put the other two roses in front of it.

Another smile crept onto his face and the former Zombie Tattoo spoke up with a small voice, "It's been a while, Phantom. I'm here again, just like last year."


Alviss left the abandoned island without turning back. He knew that as long as he lives, he would continue visiting it and its dead occupants, not minding his current life as a Cross Guard. Just like the years before.

It was like a ritual; a holy ceremony that must be done, or he would lose himself in the regret and guilt of the past.


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For everyone's information, the different colours of the roses represent three different people: Alviss is red rose, Rolan is black rose and Phantom is white rose.

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Goldenneko aka F.o.I