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Assassins------chapter 1

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"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Izzy asked. He stared at Tai over the top of his laptop, an unsure expression on his face. "Cause I don't."

Tai, still rubbing his hands together gleefully, nodded. He was still cackling, and had been doing it for the past several minutes. It was getting annoying. "Come Izzy! Quit dawdling! Send that email that I wrote!"

Izzy sighed, shaking his head. "You are definitely abusing the information that I have just given you," he scolded. "You don't even know if they'll want to play."

"They will," Tai insisted. He stopped rubbing his hands together and placed them behind his head casually. "They're digidestined. And not just any digidestined, they're the digidestined who went to the digital world for longer than a day. They'll play. And if they don't, I'll get a hair-cut."

"I'll hold you to that," Izzy snapped, resigned to typing up the email. He shot Tai a warning glare.

Tai laughed, patting his friend on the back. "Worry not, my computer-genius-friend. You can be the one to pick the haircut."

"I'll hold you to that too," Izzy mumbled. He took a deep breath, hesitated, then sent the email. Who knew what the outcome would be?


Location: Takuya Kanbara's house, in the living room.

Present: All 6 Frontier Digidestined.

Age: JP-17, Tommy-11, The rest-16.

"Man, this sucks!" JP tossed his red card into the middle of the floor. "I hate this game!"

"Chill out Jeep," Takuya grinned. "I'm the judge this time. Who knows? Maybe this time I might like your card!"

"You always happen to choose Kouji's cards," JP sulked. "He has six green cards, Zoe has three, you have five, Tommy has two, and Kouichi has four. Me? I have ZERO."

"It's just 'Apples to Apples,' JP," Kouichi smiled, shaking his head. "It's a board game."

"More like a card game," Takuya corrected. He glanced at the pile. "Everyone put them down yet?" He scooped them up into his hand, reading them out. "Okay let's see….The word was: 'Unscrupulous.' We've got 'The CIA', 'Having a Baby'….WHAT? who put THAT in there?" Takuya rolled his eyes. "…Then we've got 'Helen Keller', 'Witch Hunts', and 'Blue Whales'." He blinked at looked up at everyone. "This is the worst batch yet!"

"Just choose already," Kouji snapped, sounding bored. There was a slight gleam in his eyes that showed he was not actually bored, just pretending be so. He was always doing that.

"I will!" Takuya made a show of trying to decide, then picked up the 'Helen Keller' card. "This one just…it has to win, no matter what," he shrugged. "I can't help it."

"I don't believe it!" JP threw his cards down at his feet as Kouji grinned, did his martial-arts punching-victory-move, and grabbed the green card. "You ARE unscrupulous, Kouji!"

"I can't help it that I've got better cards than you," Kouji shrugged playfully. "Besides, Helen Keller is the trump card. She has to win, no matter what. It's an unspoken law."

JP sighed, rolling his eyes. "Whatever," he snapped.

"Man, you're a sore loser," Tommy commented, grinning. "It's just a game! Besides, we're playing to ten, so you can still catch up!"

"Yeah, and…." Zoe stopped talking abruptly, a puzzled expression crossing her face. Everyone turned to stare at her. "Takuya, did your computer just say something?"

Takuya blinked. "What?" He and the rest of the digidestined turned to stare at the computer in the corner, either out of curiosity or boredom, and listened. Sure enough, it spoke again.

"Message. For. Digi. Destined." The sound came from the computer in halting words, and was followed by a large beep. Then there was silence, which was instantly broken by the six of them rushing at the computer as fast as they could. 'Apples to Apples' was instantly forgotten.

"What does it say?" Zoe asked, grabbing a hold of Takuya's shoulders as he pushed Kouji out of the chair and seated himself in front of the computer. "Hurry up and open it! What if it's…" her voice trailed off. "My gosh….do you know what this means? After six years, we are finally…"

"Shut up!" Kouji snapped, glaring at Takuya. He leaned over Takuya's shoulder, he and everyone else, as he opened the email. And for a moment, there was complete silence while they all read it.

"Dear Digidestined. We need you. Not for anything as serious as saving the world, though I'm sure that would come easily to you know since your experience four years ago, but we still need you.

"Perhaps you weren't aware, but there have been three other groups of unique digidestined like yourselves who have gone to the digital world and saved the day, so to speak, even though there have been hundreds of other kids who could qualify as "digidestined" all over the world. But we don't need them. We need YOU.

"What for? If it's not serious, then why are we bothering you? Well, I'll tell you. It's a game. Not your ordinary kind of game, mind you. This is a game in awesome digital style! It's life and death! Well, not literally, but it's worth it. Not to mention it's at the digital world.

"And if I know my digidestined correctly, you'd give anything to go back to the digital world, wouldn't you? So would we. And that's why we're doing this.

"Still not interested? I'll give you another piece of information. This game is a game of total skill and annihilation. Only the best will survive!

"Meet us at the Shibuya Train Station on Saturday, in front of the red sign. We're waiting for you! I hope you don't miss out.

"Signed, Taichi Kamiya, fellow digidestined."

The silence lasted until everyone had finished reading, and perhaps even less than that. Then everyone began talking.

"Can we trust this Taichi person?" JP asked, frowning instantly. "It sounds like a ploy to get us into a trap or something!"

"Hey, I thought the suspicious remarks were my lines," Kouji commented, raising an eyebrow with a smirk. He chuckled. "But in this case, I think I want to go."

"What? You can't be serious!" Zoe glared at him. "JP is right! This seems too dangerous!"

"Guys, what about the messages we received the first time we went to the digital world," Takuya scolded, turning and rolling his eyes. "They were MUCH less informative, and they could have easily been from someone who was trying to kidnap us. This smells like truth, and I'm with Kouji."

"You're always agreeing with Kouji!" JP yelled.

Tommy raised his eyebrows. "No he's not," he said slowly, noticing that JP wasn't listening to him anyway.

"It's always 'Kouji says this' and 'Kouji's right' and 'Kouji that.' It's like you think he's perfect or something!"

"I am perfect," Kouji teased, a mock-serious expression on his face.

"JP…" Takuya sighed and shook his head. "Kouji and I happen to agree a few times, usually because we tend to have the same thought process." he ignored Kouji's outcry otherwise. "But we disagree more than we agree, due to different interests. So I don't see what your big deal is. Do you want me to agree with you more than I already do?"

JP crossed his arms. "Whatever," he mumbled, not answering Takuya's question. "You two just keep scheming things. Like that stupid game we were playing. Heck, like EVERY stupid game we play! You two always pair up, and then you win! Apples to Apples, Laser Tag, Mafia, Compatability, you name it!"

Zoe sighed and shook her head. "This conversation is getting pointless. Are we going to this game at the digital world or not?"

"I am," Tommy laughed. "And if you guys aren't, you're stupider than I thought!"

"Hey," Takuya punched him in the shoulder. "You KNOW I'm there, man!"

"I already said I was going," Kouji huffed. He crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, seemingly irked by some of JP's statements.

"I…" Kouichi glanced at JP. "I'm hesitant, though I do admit I want to go. If JP votes to stay, I'll stay too." He ignored Kouji's glare easily.

JP seemed to be slightly comforted by Kouichi's statement, and brightened considerably. "Well…." He glanced at Zoe. "If you say you're going too, then we're outnumbered, and I might as well go anyway just to keep you safe."

Zoe sighed, shaking her head with a smile. "You boys are all so weird," she stated. Then she held her breath. "I….want to go…"

"Okay we're going." Kouji walked back to the center of the living room and seated himself back on the floor. "Who's turn is it to judge?"

"Oh mine!" Tommy rushed to join, soon followed by Takuya.

Kouichi turned to Zoe and JP. "You know we don't have to," he said calmly. "But you have to admit it is appealing."

Zoe nodded, still looking hesitant. She jumped when JP took her hand.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you," he grinned a cheesy grin. "Not that you'll need it, I wager."

Zoe offered him a sweet smile. "Thanks," she said. She walked back to the game. "But everyone is right. I think we should go."

JP sighed, nodded, and then sat down again. Well….perhaps it was an iffy situation. But if Zoe went, he went. It was as simple as that.


Location: Rika's House.

Present: Just Rika.

Age: 16.

Rika drummed her fingers on the table with one hand, her other hand shuffling through her old collection of cards. It seemed like such a long time ago that she had been a Tamer. She had been so angry when that was ripped from her, until she had been old enough to understand. Having Renamon here in the real world was only inviting more disaster. For the sake of everyone, they had to be separate. She understood that now, but she still missed Renamon. She missed everything about being a Tamer, and the cards were the only thing she had left.

"I miss you," she sighed, closing her eyes. "I would do anything to see you again."

The sound of an urgent email beeped from her computer, and she opened her eyes in bored curiosity, wondering who it was from.

"Message. For. Digi. Destined." The sound coming from the speakers was robotic and halting, but it was enough to set her blood on fire. A split-second later found her in front of the screen, opening the email as fast as she could.

And her eyes only got wider from there.


Location: Matt's Place.

Present: Matt, TK, and Davis.

Age: Matt19, TK and Davis16.

"A whata-whata?" Davis asked, throwing himself on the one sofa in Matt's apartment. He was looking up at TK from where he had thrown himself, his hands casually behind his head. TK stood above him, leaning over the couch, and Matt was still down the hall in his room. He probably didn't even know that Davis had invited himself over.

"Tai is planning a huge get-together, or something like that," TK repeated, shrugging. "It seems he's invited two other groups of digidestined to meet us at the Train Station, so we can all go to the digital world and play some kind of game."

"A game? Is Tai okay?" Davis smirked. "I wonder why he wants to do that!"

"Well, ever since Izzy told us about there only being four groups of unique digidestined who went to the digital world to save it, Tai's been saying that we all need to meet each other and become friends. He insists that we should be united. And besides, all of the digidestined happen to live in Japan. I think this is his big scheme."

"Yep. Sounds like it."

"What is that doing in my house?"

Davis turned his head and caught a glimpse of Matt glaring at him. "Oh hi, Matt," he stated, smiling. "I came to visit TK."

"Yeah well I didn't invite you. So go." Matt walked over to the couch, looking somewhat grumpy. "And get off my couch!"

Davis complied, hopping out and joining TK on the other side. Matt took this opportunity to collapse on the sofa and switch on the TV, completely ignoring the other two behind him.

"What's his deal?" Davis asked, smirking.

TK gave him a look that said 'don't push it,' and walked into the kitchen. Davis followed. "He's had a rough day at work. And he doesn't want me to talk about it."

"Especially not with me," Davis grinned. "What, he afraid of me or something?"

"If you can call 'despising' fear, then probably." TK rolled his eyes. "I don't know how you do it, but you manage to get on his nerves without even trying. What happened between you two? What did you do to make him hate you so much?"

"Nothing." Davis' face looked too innocent. "Nothing serious anyway."

"No seriously. Tell me."

Davis chuckled, leaning against the counter. "Oh, I just took a few pictures of him during some embarrassing moments, then gave them to Mimi, who then put them on her web page, and then…"

"That's okay, I don't want to hear anymore." TK sighed, shaking his head. Then he chuckled. "If you keep this up, he really will hate you!"

"Maybe. But I doubt it. He's a good guy."

"And his good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. Almost." TK shrugged. "So….what do you think about the whole game thing?"

"Personally, it depends on what game." Davis stared thoughtfully at the ceiling. "Something that involves moving around, skills, and sneaking. Like Capture the flag, or Mafia, or something cool like that. Though I don't know about playing with kids I don't know…"

"They're our age. And the game is much cooler than that. I'd say even you would approve."

Davis raised an eyebrow, thoroughly intrigued. "Really?" he asked, curiosity in his voice. "And what game is this?"

TK smirked, leaning against the counter with a confident expression. "Why, Assassins," he stated simply.

The gleam in Davis' eyes would have made Matt run for cover.


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