A/N: I can´t believe I´m doing this but here it is. My first fanfic, in fact first time I´ve written anything ever. Except for school that is. I am actually very pleased with it myself but I´m sure you have something to say about it so please do.

Ok, here goes. This goes on in my crazy mind when I´m daydreaming.

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Detective Michael Foley pulled up his car along side the road and got out, breathing in the sweet summer air. He wiped the sweat of his brow and cursed the broken air conditioning. The sun was shining down mercilessly, reflecting on his car windows and causing stars and stripes in his eyes. He sat on the hood and closed his eyes. His headache eased somewhat. Then he shivered, something cold seemed to touch him momentarily, gone instantly. His eyes shot open and he jumped up but there was nothing there.

"Don´t let this get to you," he muttered to himself, rubbing his eyes.

Then he looked at his dark skinned hands, the same hands that had almost strangled Earl Turner. But that didn´t matter now. Turner was dead, executed only a few hours earlier, and that was the end of the long nightmare.

He had watched as they strapped the murderer down in the chair. Several others were present too but their faces remained vague in his memory. Turner had seemed calm at first, dazed almost. Then he had looked up, straight at Mike Foley. Mike had made the mistake of looking directly into those dark, merciless eyes. Unconsciously he had taken a step back and Turner had smiled. Mike´s trance was broken when they put the black cap on him, covering his face.

He shifted his feet through the dirt at the side of the road, producing a small cloud of dust. He had been driving for four hours straight, getting away from the city and it´s oppressive heat, it´s uncaring people and it´s criminals. He needed a vacation, which is why he had accepted his cousins invitation to come visit him. A nice, small town with clean air and nice people, at least that was what his cousin had boasted when he ran into him accidentally two weeks before. Way better than the city. Well, right now anything seemed better than that.

He got up and pushed the memory of Earl Turner to the back of his mind. He entered his car and turned the key. Slowly he drove away, leaving a dust cloud. He smiled as he passed a sign reading Amity Park 50 M´, and never saw the two angry red eyes in his rear view mirror.