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The ghost zone. An eerie green light, swirling, shifting, changing. Cold too. Hundreds, thousands of doors. Islands appeared, seemingly floating into nothingness, best avoided. He just drifted. Sometimes he made himself go faster, of change direction but it made no difference. No difference at all, the scenery stayed the same. He didn't know how long he had been there. Was it only hours? Months? Years?

He was terribly lonely. He wasn't used to be all by himself for so long. He missed his little friends. They didn't talk much, but they looked nice. Pretty girls. He smiled and tried to lose himself in his memories, to try and relive some of the excitement he had felt when his knife had cut their throats.

He had always made sure they knew what was coming to them, their terror fueling his ecstacy. That foolish ghost boy had felt it too. Earl grinned. It would only be a matter of time before the boy realized there was only one way to fulfill his need.

He had learned early in life that he could see things others couldn't. He saw dead people. People being killed, murdered, slaughtered in wars. They were everywhere if you knew where to look. Only when he grew up he had realized that he could add to it, make his own composition, play out his own nice little scenes. They would be there forever. That was his legacy.

He really needed to get out of there, but he didn't know how, or if it was even possible. He had seen other ghosts floating by at a distance earlier, but it was very quiet now. The green around him started to irritate him.

And then the scenery did change. There were less and less doors, no more islands and the green background seemed to fade. Only one door remained and it was open. Curiously, he advanced and peered inside. It seemed to be some sort of cellar of cave, it's rocky floor dusty and dark, it's walls seemingly made of the same material. But here and there he could see masonry, old and worn. It was an artificial cave, carved out somewhere in the rocky ground. It seemed oddly familiar and he entered to take a good look. The door slammed behind him and when he turned around, he saw that is was gone. Someone giggled.

"Who is there," he yelled, "Show yourself!"

Torches on the wall, which he only now noticed, sparked to life and started burning, giving off an orange glow. Earl squinted in the suddenly bright light and tried to see what it was that was placed alongside the wall on some sort of pedestals. And then he grinned when he saw where he was, his eyes growing accustomed to the light. He was home.

He put himself on the ground and started walking between the torches and the pedestals. Each pedestal contained a head of one of his little friends. There were twenty of them in total, their eyes glazed, the look of terror still locked on their faces. As he walked between them the heads turned, as if following him. He stopped in surprise. They had never done that before. Someone giggled again and he swirled, but still there was nobody there.

"Oh Earl."


"Play with us Earl?"

The voices echoed in the cave. He stood very still. The torches flickered and for the first time in his life, or after life, fear started to enter his system. He looked at the heads again and they smiled at him. He started to tremble.

"We've been waiting for you Earl", the heads hissed, "We want to play now. Didn't you want to play with us?"

As he backed away the heads rose up from their pedestals and came at him, forming bodies as they went. Their eyes started glowing red and Earl realized they were feeding of his fear.

"Get away from me," he croaked.

He looked at their familiar faces, searching for one in particular.

"Rosa," he said pleadingly when he saw her, "Rosa we were friends..."

The ghost of a girl of about fourteen stepped forward, blond hair waiving around her green, ageless face, her red eyes glowing brightly in anticipation.

"We were friends," she hissed, "Until you murdered me! I've been waiting for twenty years, I knew you would show up eventually!"

They closed in on him, he felt them touch him, enclose him, enter him. They seeped through his skin and invaded every cell of his being. Then they touched his brain and Earl screamed as he was shredded apart.

Skulker had been following the stupid ghost for a while, more out of lack of an interesting prey than anything else, when he had seen him enter Rosa's liar. He shook his head and turned around.

"Women," he muttered as the screaming started.

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