Parting don't always mean goodbye

Thomas' point of view:

The moment he stepped outside and heard the shot, he knew that it was too late.

The bullet hid him hard and it didn't take long until he took his final breath.

He knew that she was still sleeping. And somehow he was glad that she didn't see him dying. On the other hand, he would have loved to tell her one more time how much he loved her.

Thomas knew that she also loved him although she had never said those words. But he knew her so well that he understood that she just hadn't been ready to do so.

He was just afraid that she would feel bad about not telling him.

Once she had found the strength to tell him about her mother, about her death. She hadn't had the chance to say her goodbye.

But now that he was dead, Thomas knew that death was not the end. That they would meet again. One day.

He was just sad that he wasn't able to tell her that.

Goodbye little darlin', we're parting
Parting don't always mean goodbye
Although we have to part
You're always in my heart
Goodbye, little darlin', goodbye

Although "life" goes on when you're dead, he would never forget her. He would miss her until she would join him in Heaven.

Miss Parker's point of view:
She didn't hear the shot. But as soon as she was outside her house, on her porch, she knew that something was definitely wrong. And when she saw him lying there on the ground in his own blood, she cursed herself for not having been able to tell him how much she loved him.

Miss Parker had experienced so many bad things. And now, that she had found a little bit of peace and happiness, she hadn't been able to be thankful for it.

Goodbye, little darlin', I'll miss you
Miss you like the stars would miss the sky
I hate to see you go
I'm gonna miss you so
Goodbye, little darlin', goodbye

She just wished that he knew how much she missed him, knew how much she loved him, knew that she would never be able to forget him.

Goodbye, little darlin', I love you
Love you until the day I die
Would you dream a dream of me
Wherever you may be
Goodbye, little darlin', goodbye

She would always love him. And she just hoped that he would remember her, wherever he may be now.

And so he did.