I still miss someone

Like every other year, it had become autumn.

At my door the leaves are falling

Outside, it was windy. In general, he liked it. But today, it felt just cold. Outside and inside.

A cold wild wind has come

He had taken a walk. But he had seen too many people who felt really happy.

Sweethearts walk by together

He was happy for them. But he wished to be one of them, to feel what they felt.

And I still miss someone

He had tried to distract himself by going out, meeting other people.

I go out on a party

He had thought that it would be fun to pretend to be one of them. A normal person.

And look for a little fun

But he had failed. Not even pretending had helped him to overcome this feeling of loneliness.

But I find a darkened corner

He missed her so much.

Because I still miss someone

Every time he saw blues eyes, they reminded him of her.

I never got over those blues eyes

Sometimes, he really believed that it was her. Standing on the other corner of the street. In the aisle of the supermarket.

I see them everywhere

He remembered their childhood. The times they had been there for each other.

I miss those arms that held me

The times they had been able to be together. To admit their feelings to each other.

When all the love was there

But she had turned him down on Carthis. He had begged her to help him.

I wonder if she's sorry

And she had denied his request.

For leavin' what we'd begun

He knew that there was something like fortune.

There's someone for me somewhere

And with all his heart, he hoped that fate would allow them to be together. One day.

And I still miss someone