Never Forget

Prologue: Thrill of the Hunt

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A/N: Yes, I started a new story. I promise this does not mean that I have forgotten about "Bound By Blood" or "I Wanna Come Home". I just was overcome with the urge to write something with Richard White in it (And no Essy I couldn't just go write "Elliot on Trial" although I don't know why inspiration has taken a vacation on that one). So I was thinking that with everything that Olivia is going through these days, would she really remember Richard White as well as we all seem to think she does? Heck, I don't think that after all this time the writers even remember him (though I fervently hope that they do so he can come back and be evil and frightening). Well, this A/N is ending up incredibly long so I should probably wrap it up and let you get to the part where you read the story. This first chapter is for IceAngelKauru for getting me thinking about Richard White when I probably should have been writing my already existing stories or sleeping, it's been so long since I've slept LOL.

A/N: Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that the timeline for this is post "Philadelphia" but this story has nothing to do with what is happening in "Bound By Blood".

He stood from the bench at the subway stop and got on the train. The car was crowded but he still spotted her instantly. He made his way through the crush of bodies until he was mere inches from her. If she had turned around, she would have seen him staring. He was so close that he could smell her perfume; a subtle sent that seemingly overwhelmed his senses. Although the car was full to the brim with New Yorkers of all shapes and sizes, in his mind there were only the two of them, him and his prey.

Richard White had been granted parole over a month ago. He was disappointed that she hadn't shown up at the hearing. He had told her that he was fixed on her and in his mind that meant that she would never forget him. But Olivia was different from Louise, she was different than Kimberly and she was different than Karen. He could intimidate her, he could terrify her but after eight years, it was obvious that she had forgotten about him.

Part of him hated her for it, how dare she not remember who he was? He hadn't forgotten her a day of the eight years he spent in prison after she and her colleagues had put him there. Yet, at the same time it was good that she didn't remember him. If his face had haunted her nightmares as he had hoped for so long, he would have never been able to get as close as he did on numerous occasions.

He'd been following her from his first day back on the streets and knew nearly every intricacy of her daily routine. She was so predictable it made him want to laugh. Anyone who took the time to tale her would know exactly what time she left her building in the morning, exactly when she arrived at the precinct, how long a lunch break she took on those rare days when she could go eat lunch with her partner and even with her unpredictable hours, it was easy enough to know around what time she would be home at night.

Even now, she was taking the subway to visit her partner. It was one of those nights when she simply couldn't stay at home alone. She would walk from the couch to the fridge and back, picking up a bottle of beer from the coffee table and nursing it in such a delicate manner that Richard wished, as he sat on the stoop across the street, that he was that beer bottle. She would finally make the decision, without even picking up the phone, to simply get up and head to her partner's apartment building.

Usually the reasons that brought her to make that decision were so preoccupying that she didn't even notice when he brushed against her on the stairs down to the platform. But lately, these visits had become more frequent and her expression when he caught a glimpse of her face on the train was so much more troubled than it usually was. Richard couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking.

The train came to a stop and as usual she exited onto the middle platform of the subway station. Richard followed, maintaining a safe distance; it wasn't sensible for him to get as close to her in the open as he had in the subway car whether she recognized him or not. She took the familiar route to the run down apartment building which, Richard surmised was all that Stabler could afford while going through a divorce.

She took a seat on the stoop, pulling out her cell phone to alert him to her presence in the usual way. After a few seconds Richard heard, from his hiding place behind a nearby dumpster, that same phone ringing. Olivia flipped the phone open and answered the call.

It was obvious from her casual 'Hey' that the caller was her partner from upstairs. After a brief conversation, she stood up and went inside the building. Richard thought he saw Detective Stabler on the other side of the door and he thought he saw him give her a quick embrace before the two of them disappeared up to his apartment.

Richard climbed the drain pipe that ran up beside Detective Stabler's apartment window and waited. As usual, all he saw was two people sitting on a couch, watching TV and talking but he couldn't hear what they were saying. Richard knew that the evening would end only one of two ways. She would leave alone and go back to her apartment or they would leave together and head to a diner for a late night snack. When he saw both of them rise, he knew that tonight it would be the latter.

Richard slid down the drain pipe and waited again. The two of them exited the building in mid conversation. She was smiling faintly as she headed towards their customary late night eatery.

"Thanks El," she gave a small nod of her head and it looked as though she had been on the verge of tears.

"It'll be okay," Elliot told her and Richard felt a pang of jealousy seer through him when Elliot took Olivia's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

As Richard followed them, he wondered why that simple gesture had filled him with such jealousy if only briefly. She was his obsession, a blessing and a curse, she had put him away for eight years and he had wanted to make her pay but could it be possible that he was in love with her? Or was he simply caught up in the thrill of the hunt?

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