The War of Hope


The year was 2995 when the humans saw how much destruction they where doing to each other, so every representative of each country in the world came to a meeting to discus peace.

In 2998 the Treaty of Dove was signed, and world peace reined. All the countries of the world became one and named themselves the Union. But, because they were a whole new country, they needed a leader. However, no one seemed suitable for the position.

Luckily, an archaeologist found the remains of a famous trainer named Ash Kechem. Everyone in the country had heard of his journeys and life threatening trips he took to become the best. He was a legend, and the humans desperately wanted him or someone like him to lead. But after the public was told that cloning has almost perfected, everyone wanted Ash to come back and become president.

Scientists from around the globe came to try to bring back the legend with just an almost decayed body. Luckily, thanks to the modern science they had, the scientist where able to successfully clone Ash. They where even able to give back his entire memory!

Because of the sudden time change, it took awhile to explain everything to the about-to-be-leader. How he was still alive, who he was back in his teenaged body, and what time period it was.

After that, Ash accepted his new job and lead the human race like no other leader, making sure that everyone was able to get a good job and that there were no poor people laying on the streets and only applying taxes when completely necessary. He also cared for us, the Pokemon. He made sure that we had the same rights as the humans and illegalize hunting or hurting us in any way (besides Pokemon battles).

Peace flew through the world for years.

But, to every Ying, there is a Yang. That "Yang" was a small island, not owned by the Union, but by three organizations: Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and Team Magma.

The three organizations ran to the island when they found out that their legendary enemy was live again and was the most powerful person in the world.

For about ten years, the island was separated into three sections for each organization. Then, in the year 3000, the three organizations decided to join each other. That was when the Treaty of Blood was signed by each leader of the three organizations.

The now one, new organization named themselves the RAM. The Union was unaware of the island or the hostile organization that was growing in it.

They regretted not paying attention, for, in the year 3004, the RAM attacked all of the coasts on the south side of the Union. The Union wasn't ready for such an attack, and it costed them the entire south side of the country.

After seeing such an unexpected attack by an unexpected opponent, all heads turned to the president. He was unprepared for such decisions, but didn't give up.

On 3005, the Union declared war on RAM. The RAM expected this, and where ready, unlike the Union.

Because the Union was so peaceful, weapons were a rare sight, and because of this, most hope went onto the Pokemon (my ancestors) and their trainers. All the scientists were ordered to make weapons and anything else the Union could use to fight back at RAM.

The scientists made some high tech weapons, but they were in such a rush to make them, for everyone was worried that the RAM would attack again, just like last time. But, because of this, most of the weapons broke before they could shoot.

On 3008, RAM moved their forces up to the north side of the Union and attacked. The Union fought back, but their weapons were too weak and low tech compared to that of the RAM's, and the Pokemon (my ancestors) fell like flies.

The Union lost that battle, and the president, Ash, was getting worried. He wasn't the only one. The government became desperate and went ahead and ordered their scientists to somehow make more advanced Pokemon with genetic altering, without asking permission from the president.

Many of my ancestors were killed by those human scientists, with mistakes and incorrect calculation, but there was one specimen that was successful.

He started as a human teenager, but the scientists changed him into a half Pikachu, half human organism.

After he found out what the humans did to him, he became furious and killed all of the scientists. He blamed everything on the humans and their leader. He even refused to call himself a human, for it was a disgrace. He then went to every Pokemon in the world and convinced every one of them to leave the humans. . .forever.

No one is sure how he told every single Pokemon, maybe he told some Pokemon and then they told other fellow Pokemon and they told other Pokemon and so on. But, in about ten years, every Pokemon on the planet left to an uncharted island, away from the humans.

Ash tried to stop my ancestors from leaving, but they ignored every human that they laid eyes on. It seemed that all hope was lost.

Because all the Pokemon left and their weapons weren't very good, the Union kept losing battle after battle from more invasion troops of RAM. In less then a month, the Union had lost almost 79 of their land to the RAM.

Ash kept trying to fight back, but the RAM just had too advanced technology and too many people in their army. It was next to impossible to stop them.

On the year of 3017, the Union started pointing fingers at each other and eventually decided to break apart and return to their old, divided, selfish countries. In fact, one representative of a country went up to where the Treaty of Dove was held and tore it apart.

Ash was torn apart along with the treaty when he saw his united country, divide in front of his eyes.

It really made everything worse, for because they were divided, their armies where split to even smaller armies.

In the year 3021, RAM had taken over all the countries, along with the world. They never found Ash, though. No one knows where he went or how he escaped.

Some say that he hid himself somewhere to never be found, some say that he killed himself and his body was buried before the RAM got there. No one's for sure.

You ask me? I think that he did escape and went somewhere to start a new rebel army. But, so far, he hasn't.

Who am I, you ask? I'm a young, male, Pikachu who lives at the uncharted island. Everything that I have just told you was the same stuff my grandparents and the Elders told me.

It has been 50 years after that long war, and none of us have seen a human for about 65 years. The only way we know about them is with the bed time stories that our parents and grandparents tell us at night. On every full moon, though, the Elders will come and tell us stories of the war or stories of the humans or of the "trainers".

What about the genetically altered Human-Pikachu? He is now our leader and forever will be. Apparently, the human scientists also altered his DNA to were his body stays in his teenaged form and he can't get any older.

Where do I come in? My mother has gotten a deadly virus and we don't have a cure for it. But, there have been rumors of a flower that could cure my mother. . .but it's over in human territory.

I've had to sneak out and steel one of our boats that we use to gather sea weed and use it to go all the way to the forbidden territory. I couldn't even tell our great leader where I was going, because it was against the law to even think about it. But I had a mission, I had to save my mother, and that was what I was going to do, no matter what.

Day 1

After being on that boat for days, I had eventually found land, or what I think is land. The ground was made of broken black stuff and large pieces of metal. Some of it even poked out of the ground and towered above my small yellow body.

Well, I walked for a few days, sleeping behind some of the metal as a hiding place (it wouldn't be very good if a human saw me if they are real). I still haven't found the rumored flower yet, but the rumors did say that it took a few days walk inland to eventually find it. At least I was hopeful.

Now we're at present time, what I'm doing right now. Unfortunately, right now I'm trying to find some food because my stomach has been growling for hours. I haven't eaten in days sense I got here and there seems to be no food anywhere. How do humans live in this stuff? How did they keep the sharp metal out of their feet? Maybe they just ignore it.

Speaking of humans, I haven't seen one yet! Where are these things? All the stories said that they were everywhere. So then where the hell are they?

I looked around me, trying to scan the area.

Endless broken pieces of metal and endless pieces of black rocks over them. Maybe the war the humans had made this mess.

What were they called? . . .Started with a B. . .bo. . .bobms?. . .no. . .bombs? Yea, that's it! Bombs. Those big things that blow stuff up. Maybe the humans kept throwing those things at each other and made this mess.

You can't even see the ground! Where's the grass? And the trees? The sky here isn't even blue, it's black! Black, like the ground I am now stepping on.

I shook my head in disgrace. No wonder our leader didn't like the humans.

I started walking again, hoping that I'll find the flower I'm looking for.

I kept walking. . .and walking. . .and walking. . .forever walking over the black sea. I watched the sun slowly move through the sky. Going up into the sky, then back down into the earth.

The minuets felt like hours, and the hours felt like days. Was there no end to this black sea? Could I keep going on like this?

After walking and watching the sun set in the sky (again), I heard something. Something. . .different. Could it be?

I saw a near by hunk of metal stinking out of the ground and hid behind it, allowing it's shadow to cover me. The noise was growing louder. It sounded like foot steps, but not like the ones I'm used to hearing.

It sounded like four feet. How many feet did humans have? Three? No. . .two?

I slowly looked over the metal that I was hiding behind and saw them. Two. . .things where walking over the ground. They didn't have any fur (except their heads) on their bodies, they had five fingers, their bodies where covered up with some torn up. . . what were they called again?. . .clothes? Clothes! And they had white skin. Could these be the humans? Could these things be the mystical creatures that I could only see in my dreams? Not exactly I pictured.

I imagined them as creatures that could grow up to eight feet high, muscles that could break rock, and have more and better abilities than any Pokemon that I've seen. But, these things looked too weak to walk and too bony to have any rock-breaking muscles.

One was a young male and the other was a much older female. A mother and son? Did humans have children? If so, where is the father?

As they walked on their two legs, I could hear them talking in hushed voices, as if they where trying to keep whatever they were saying secret.

"Don't worry, Mom. No one comes out here in fear of the RAM officers, and they don't even come here," said the male human.

Wait, I could understand them? They weren't speaking in the tongues I'm used to, and yet I could understand them? I stored those thoughts in my head for later and listened to the female.

"How could you say that? 'Don't worry.' Of course I should worry! This territory is off limits. If anyone where to find us here. . ." said the female, worried.

"Look around you, Mom. No one's here. There's only metal and tar here, no officers, no people!" reassured the young male.

The female stopped walking and turned towards her son. I could tell that there was something troubling the human mother, but what?

"I just don't want you to get hurt, Matt. I'm worried that if someone does see us here, you might get hurt. Just like. . .him," said the female and started crying.

She was crying? Humans could cry? As I watched the female's tears come running out of her eyes, I remembered my own mother. She had the same amount of worry for me as this human had for her son. Maybe we're not as different as I thought. But, who was "him"?

I watched as the son whipped the tear off his mother's cheek.

"Dad was a great man, and you know that. We'll be safer here, I promise you." The son reached his hands into a tare in his clothes. "Lets try not to worry. Here, lets eat some food and rest," finished the son.

The male pulled his hand out of the tare in his clothing and pulled out a fruit. It had brown spots and bruises everywhere, but it was still edible. I had been days sense I've eaten anything, and seeing that fruit made me lick my lips.

It also made my stomach growl. The humans heard it and looked around, searching for source of the sound.

I placed my body fully behind the metal the helped hide me. I slowed by breath, kept very still, and tried not to make a sound.

I could hear the humans slowly walk closer to my hiding spot.

Crunch. . .crunch. . .went their feet on the black ground as they walked.

Then, they stopped and turned around, looking a different way. A slight sign of relief came to me and I slowly exhaled my breath.

Then, my stomach growled again, now louder then ever. The humans stopped and ran my direction.

Did my stomach want to get me killed? I had no where to hide except this metal, and it about to be discovered!

I looked around me, trying to find another hiding spot, but there was none! So, I stayed where I was, keeping as still as ever. Right now, all I could do was listen to the sound of the human foot steps as they walked.

Wait, walk? They where running just a few seconds before. Something's up. Should I turn my head to look over the metal? Should I stand here and wait for them to get me?

The footsteps stopped. What where they doing now?

I decided to check if they were gone, but I knew I was going to regret it.

I slowly turned my head and looked over the metal, without making a sound. The humans were gone, and I couldn't hear or see anything besides the black ground. I slowly turned my head back to my hiding spot and gave a quiet sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, the young male human popped out of nowhere and was about to grab me! He threw his hands towards me. . .but stopped, his hands inches from my head. He started looking at me with wonder and amassment. He must have been expecting someone or something else, for his hands just stayed in the air in front of me. His eyes where wide as they gazed upon my body.

"You're a. . .a. . .," said the male as he stared at me.

I didn't have many options. A human has spotted me and I have to act fast. Defend myself? Defend from what? This human isn't attacking me. . .yet.

I have to act before he does. So, I jumped up onto the piece of metal and placed my foot on it. Then, I pushed off the wall, allowing me to go higher, and swung my tail down on the human's head, sending him to the ground. This happened in only seconds, so the human didn't have time to block.

The male didn't expect it either, so he fell down like a rock. His head hit the ground pretty hard, knocking him out. But I shouldn't worry about him, he's not my responsibility.

"Matt? Matt, where did you go?" said the female.

I forgot about her. If she sees the male's body here, she'll be suspicious.

But, I had more stuff to worry about.

I heard more footsteps, this time it wasn't from the female, but from other humans. . .much more. I left the male's body where it was and hid now on the other side of the piece of metal, away from the footsteps. Man, the times when you wish you weren't yellow, especially when you're around black ground.

The footsteps stopped right in front of the female (who was on the other side of the metal). I looked over the metal and saw some other humans, but these weren't bony and didn't wear torn up clothes. They had some metal sticks strapped to their backs and wore green clothes. There seemed to be about ten of the green clothed humans, and they had the word "RAM" spelled on the side of their arms. Could this be the legendary RAM?

"What are you doing here, ma'am?" asked a dark, skinned RAM human.

"I'm just walking by. That's all," said the female, a sense of fear in her voice.

"This area is off limits to everyone except RAM officers and personnel," said the dark, skinned RAM.

"What? I had no idea-" started the female, but was hit on the head by one of the RAM's metal sticks. The female fell down to the hard ground with a THUD. But, she was still conscious.

"Of course you knew! Everyone is notified whenever there is a change," said the RAM human.

"I'm sorry, I don't have a-" said the female, but was again smacked on the head with the metal stick.

"Don't lie woman!" shouted the dark, skinned RAM.

The female fell to the ground, clutching her head that was struck. Another RAM human (a whiter one) kicked her.

"Who else is with you?" he asked.

"Please! S-stop!" begged the beaten female.

The white, skinned RAM human kicked her again, but harder now.

"Was there anyone else with you?" asked the dark, skinned human again.

The female didn't speak. She must not want to tell the RAM where her son was.

The dark, skinned RAM human pointed to a black, skinned RAM human, then pointed back at the beaten up female. He held his metal stick up and pointed the end of it at the female. I was able to see some letters and numbers on the side of the metal stick. It said "AK-47".

BANG! A flash came out of the metal stick and went into the female. She fell down, dead. Her body was oozing red blood onto the black ground.

I hid my head back behind the metal piece, shocked of what I just saw. These humans have made some kind of weapon that could kill someone easily!

Wait, this sounds familiar. Yea, it was called a. . .a. . .gun! That's it, a gun. Yea! I mean, oh no!

"Search around the parameter. Someone was defiantly with her," ordered the dark RAM human.

The other RAM humans spread out and started searching everywhere.

"Mm?" The male human was gaining back consciousness and making too much noise.

The RAM heard him and walked up to him, right behind my metal hiding place. I pulled my head back behind the metal. I now had no choice but to keep quiet and listen.

"You there! What are you doing on the ground like that?" asked the RAM human.

I could hear the male still try to find out what had just happened, then I heard someone hit him.

"What where you doing, boy?" asked a RAM human. It sounded like the dark, skinned one.

"I s-saw a Pokemon," said the male, dreamily.

I heard some chuckles, laughs, and questions from some of the RAM.

"What is a 'Pokemon'?" asked one.

"Wha'? You's never eard of Pokemon? Who as never eard of Pokemon?" said a RAM that I didn't hear before. He had a weird slang in his words.

"You know! They're those little. . .um. . .things that where here before the war," said another RAM officer. So I'm a "thing" now?

"Will all of you just shut up?!" said the voice of the dark, skinned RAM. "Now look, Pokemon haven't been sighted for over fifty years. It's impossible that you saw one. We're not stupid, so tell us the real reason why you're here."

"But, that is the truth! I saw a small, yellow Pokemon! It saw me too, and then it attacked me and knocked me out," said the male.

I heard a thud. Someone just hit the male hard.

"We just saw the other lady and took care of her because she refused to answer our questions. We'll do the same thing to you if you don't cooperate," said the RAM human.

"You killed my mother?!" gasped the male.

I heard another thud. They hit him again.

"Answer our question!" demanded the dark RAM human.

"I told you! I saw a yellow Pokemon! I was walking by and I saw it! Then It attacked me!" said the male.

First, I'm a "thing", now I'm an "it". Geez, these humans have no respect for us.

I heard some more movement, then heard metal rubbing on skin. CLICK. They where about to shoot him! I had to do something! But, what?

"Wait," said one RAM human.

"What?" said the voice of the dark, skinned human.

This could be enough time for me to help, but could I fight all of them? There where ten, plus they had guns. My odds where very slim. The pitcher of the female human dying with only one shot came to my head. They could kill me easily.

"Shoot him on the side so he'll suffer and die, instead of instantly killing him with no pain," suggested a RAM human.

I could hear some of the other RAM humans agreeing and the movement of a gun.

BAM! I closed my eyes as I heard the awful sound. They shot him! Just like his mother!

"Ah!" shouted the male and started groaning in pain. He was still alive? I did hear one of the RAM say to shoot him on the side. Did you have to shoot at a certain spot to kill?

I could still hear the male groan in pain. What if you could still die from one shot?

More small foot steps, then a small whisper. The dark, skinned human was whispering something into the young male human's ear.

"Lets see if your 'Pokemon' will come to save you from this." A small chuckle. "See you later, Boy," said a RAM human.

I heard their footsteps as they walked away. I waited until the foot steps where out of ear shot and silently looked over the metal to see the wounded male.

He was on the ground and clutching the side of his stomach, which was bleeding badly.

Should I help him? He was losing a lot of blood. Then, I thought, What am I saying? He's a human! It was bad enough to come here, but for me to help a human?

I saw the male slowly release his side, while wincing in pain from doing so. He had a large, red hole next to his hip. Blood was pouring out, making his clothes all wet with red.

He does look in bad shape. He won't be alive for long unless I do something.

Stop! You can't just walk around and help some random human! Said my conscious.

I was my fault that he is like this. If I didn't knock him out. . .heck, if I wasn't even here, none of this would've happened. I have to help him!

No! You are not going to help that human! Have you forgotten all the stories? They did experiments on us! They forced us to fight our own kind, just for entertainment!

There where other stories that told of good humans. What about Ash? He helped both humans and Pokemon. I should do the same!

You're going to regret it. . .

I knew that I was, but this human needed my help. I got him into this mess, so I need to get him out.

Before I could do anything though, I saw him dig his hand into the bleeding hole on his side. He shouted in pain, but kept digging. Then, he slowly pulled out his closed hand. As he opened his hand to see what he had pulled out, I saw a small, thin, silver, metal object. Did the gun shoot that out and into his body? How could something so small kill a person so easily? The male discarded the metal and tried to tend the wound.

That wound won't heal without proper treatment. First off, it will get infected if it's not cleaned. That's what I need to do first.

I walked out of my hiding spot and walked up to the male. He saw me and looked terrified, afraid that I came back to hurt him more. Good job with the first impression.

I slowly walked closer to him, trying not to startle him with sudden movements.

"No! No! Back! Back!" shouted the male. He tried to scoot away from me, but the pain of doing so refused it.

"Don't worry! I'm not going to hurt you. I'm sorry for what I did before, but I'm going to make it up to you," I said.

Apparently, he didn't understand me, for he made a face that said so. That's weird, I can understand him, but he can't understand me.

I tried waving my arms and shaking my head, trying to communicate and tell him that I'm not going to hurt him. He kept shouting "Back!" to me, like I was cursed or something.

I slowly walked closer to him and held up two paw fingers. A peace sign. Hopefully, Pokemon body language worked the same way with humans. I suppose it did, because the male stopped scooting back and looked at my peace sign.

"Wait. . .How do you know-" he started, but more pain from his wound stopped his sentence.

I walked up to his wound and looked closely at it. He allowed me to come closer, but he was still cautious. I wouldn't blame him.

As I inspected the wound, he stared at me, as if I was some kind of beautiful angel that descended from heaven. He watched me with awe.

I laid both of my paws on his wound. He winced a little, but didn't stop me. Back at home, I helped out at our Medical Center for Injured Pokemon, MCIP. There, my friend, a fellow Chancy, taught me the ways of first aid. However, I'm not sure if first aid for Pokemon is the same with humans. Some of the stuff I've learned could kill a human being, for all I know. But, I have to clean this wound for him to survive.

"How?. . .Who?. . ." said the male as he watched. Was he trying to say something to me? "Are you a Pokemon?" asked the human.

I looked up from his side and nodded my head. Of course I was, what else could I be? On the other hand, he has never seen my species before. I was the same, just vice-versa.

"Wo-wow. . .Just. . .wow." Apparently, the human couldn't find the right words to express what he was encountering right now. I was surprised myself.

"This will hurt," I said, hoping that he could understand it. I pushed harder on the wound and did a small thunder shock into the bleeding hole. Sparks of electricity ran down from my cheeks, down my arms, and into the wound. I concentrated on keeping the electricity in the bleeding hole and only the hole. I can't allow it to spread through the human's body.

The male screamed in pain as my thunder shock crawled into his wound. I hatted to see him in such pain, but I have to do this. My electricity will kill all of the germs inside the wound and stop it from infecting.

After a few seconds, I thought that was enough and stopped my electricity. The human stopped his screaming, the pain slowly drifting off. However, I suppose it was too much for the young male to handle and he fainted.

Is anyone more unlucky than me? First, I walk into forbidden territory, then I let a human see me, then some RAM officers come and kill a human and almost kill another in front of me, and now I have to help this almost dead human, who has fainted.

I was able to tare a part of his clothes off and use it to cover the wound and stop the bleeding.

As I sat besides the male's body and stared at his stomach, I thought of home. I thought of my mother, who was still at the MCIP. I thought of all the stories she used to tell me at night.

"Mommy, could you tell me another story? One about the boy?" The memories came flooding into my head.

"Okay, but only one. Then it's off to bed. I don't want you to be tired tomorrow." My mother's voice echoed in my head. She always had a soft tone, one that was like a lullaby whenever she talked.

"There was this one young boy, a trainer, who had a Pokemon."

"Was he a Pikachu?"

"Who? The boy?"

"No, the Pokemon the boy had."

She laughed. The memory of her laughter made me smile.

"Okay. The young trainer and the Pikachu were best friends. They always were together and always looked after each other."

"Mommy, if the boy and the Pikachu were always together, than why aren't there any here with us?"

She smiled. The memory of her smile made me even happier. She had that kind of smile that could cheer anyone up.

"Because, my son, our race has grown apart from them. But only physically, not spiritually."

"What's that mean?"

"It means that even though there aren't any humans here, they will still be in our hearts."

After remembering those words, I found myself studying the human laying in front of me. Here was a creature that (to some) didn't exist. Now, I was with this legendary creature physically instead of only spiritually.

"They're not real, you know." More memories from my homeland came to my head. This time, it was I with my friend. An Evee, who had a hard head when it came to believing in humans.

"What's not real?"

"Humans. Boys, girls, you know."

"How could you say that?"

"How? Look around you. There aren't any! And there never will."

I shook my head at remembering his ignorance. He just never listened.

"What about our leader? He's half human. How do you explain that?" I thought that would make him rethink everything, but he was as hard headed as before.

"The Elders made up the stories of the humans to explain why our leader looks different. Then, our grannies just added onto the stories."

"Why else would he look different?"

"Maybe a birth-defect, crossbreed, something like that."

I never thought about it like that. But, I always kept my hopes up. And now, it has paid off. That "unreal" human was now in front of me.

Suddenly, after thinking all of those thoughts, I had the urge to touch him. This was a chance of a lifetime, being able to feel the skin and clothes on a real human! How many people could say that they have seen a human, none the least being able to touch one?

I got up and walked closer to the male. What was his name? His mother said his name once. . .Started with an M. . .Ma. . .Matt? Yea, Matt!

I placed my paw on his stomach, then rubbed it. It felt smooth and warm to the touch. I trailed my paw down his stomach and then down his arm. His arm didn't have any cloth on, so I was able to feel his skin. Before, I had to feel blood and torn skin, now I can touch real human skin. It was just as smooth as the stomach, but warmer. As I felt it, I noticed that his arm did have some hair on it, but it was too small to see. I walked up to his head and felt his brown hair. It was thick and dirty. Probably from living in such an unclean environment.

I walked back over to his stomach while trailing my paw down his body. Matt squirmed a little bit and chuckled. He must be ticklish.

I picked up my paw from his body and (instead) laid my ear on his chest. I could hear the faint thump, thump of his heart. I soon rested my whole head on his chest, letting his warmth warm me and the sound of his heart lullaby me to sleep.

He must have felt me on his chest, because he woke up and looked at me. He watched me lay on his chest and listen to his heart. He reached his hand up to my head and started petting me. I've never felt a human pet me before. My mother would sometimes pet me when I was little and sad, but this warm human hand felt different. If felt more. . .relaxing.

Matt quickly pulled his hand away from my head when his pain came back. His wound still needs help, even after everything I've done. He still needs medical attention and I can't do any more than what I have done. But where could I take him to get such attention? Did humans have some kind of medical center like us?

I pictured myself walking into a placed filled with dangerous humans and me standing next to the injured male. It could be too risky. It was bad enough that I let Matt the Human see me, I can't let more see me.

So than, where? The MCIP?

Don't even go there!

It's possible. It's the only safe place to help Matt without me being seen from another human.

Maybe, but what about everyone back at home? You think that when you bring in that human they're going to say, "Oh, hello there! How are you today? How is the weather over at the human territory? Please come and have a nice seat on the grass with us! Oh, you're hurt? No problem! We can fix that up right away!"?

No, but what other choices do I have? His mother is dead, I can't walk into some kind of Human Help Center, I don't know anything about human first aid, I have no other choices!

You could just leave him there.

I was shocked at even thinking about that. Why would I do that to this dying human?


The human's sudden words ripped me from my thoughts. I looked towards him and made a face that said, "For what?"

"I'm great full for you helping me with my bullet wound, thank you. I might not even be alive right now if it wasn't for you," said the human named Matt.

His words encouraged me. He said "thank you". I can't let someone die after they told me thank you.

"I guess I'm in your debt now." He chuckled. "Weird, isn't it? A guy like me, owing his life to a Pokemon." I watched him drift off in his thoughts.

He smiled. But, how could he? His mother has died and now he's dying. How could he be finding hope? Could this be one of the things humans do?

"My grandmother told me stories when she was alive. She told me of magical creatures that had magnificent powers and abilities. Some where small while others where huge. She said that these magical creatures where called 'Pokemon'," said the human, Matt.

He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. So the humans where told stories of us, the Pokemon! Just like my mother, grandmother, and the Elders told us stories of them, the humans! Maybe we're not that different.

"When I first saw you today, I thought of my grandmother and her stories. Now it's like I'm in one of those stories!" said Matt.

He looked at me with his green eyes. He stared into my eyes, as if he was searching for my soul. I stared back, trying to see something else in his eyes as well.

"Could you come closer?" he asked me.

I walked closer to him as he lifted his arm. He laid his hand on my head and felt my fur. He must be just as curious about me as I was about him, so I let him feel my fur on my head. He felt my yellow ears and felt the black tips, he rubbed his finger on my red cheek, and rubbed on my nose. Then he started petting me again. He flinched from doing so, but kept petting me.

While he was petting me, I saw him lay his head down and drift off again.

"If I die right now. . .that would be okay. . .'cause now I've been able to see something people would die for. . ." He paused. He talked as if he was writing his last will. Was he truly ready to die? Could anyone be ready for such a change?

"Thank you. . .for everything. . .Pikachu. . ." And with that, he fell asleep.

I stood there, pondering the human's words. His hand was now limp on my head, but I left it alone.

Would other humans really kill each other. . .just to see me? Could I be really that important?

I stared at the now sleeping human, who was dying. I can't just let him die, not after everything he has said and what I've done to him.

So, it's settled, then. I'll take the human, "Matt", over to my home and give him the medical attention he needs. My boat is still at the coast (if no one has stolen it yet) so I'll use that to get back home. But, it was about a three day walk from the coast to here, and I'm not sure if Matt will live for three days.

What about the flower? I forgot again! Am I really going to sacrifice my own mother for this human?

Matt's hand slid off my head and fell to the ground. When it hit the ground, it moved away some rocks and dirt. I looked down at the fallen hand. . .and gasped.

On the ground, beneath the hand, was a blue petal. I quickly, but carefully, moved aside Matt's hand and grabbed what was underneath it.

I pulled out what looked like a tall, skinny blade of grass that had blue petals all over the sides of it. In my hand was the legendary Blue Bonnet, the flower that could cure my mother from her sickness.

I looked up into the sky. The sun was almost down and it was getting dark. Looks like I better hit the grass. . .or rocks. . .whatever. I now had hope for both the human and my mother.

Please God. . .Please help me with this journey that I have now taken.