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Chapter One: The Power Shift

"Mr. Potter, Harry James:

I am writing you this letter against some Goblin Regulations and those of your Ministry of Magic. You have met me on at least two other occasions, but I doubt that you would remember me. My name is Griphook of the Gringotts Goblin Clan and account manager for the Black Family. At one time I was the account manager for your families line until I was dismissed by your parents, via a letter being presented by Albus Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Leader of the Light, Master of The Order Of Phoenix, holder of the Merlin 1st Class.

Goblin rules state that any business that happens between a Goblin and Wizard stays between those individuals. We are not supposed to tell anyone anything about anyone's account here at Gringott's, or we can be challenged by either the Wizard or the Goblin Clan to a fight of death. On the chance of Death, I am informing you in this letter of many things that I probably should not be. However, as I stated, every Goblin that works at Gringotts is bound by secrecy. Please read the rest of this letter and make your decision based on what you read in this letter, rest assured that it is one hundred percent truthful.

On the afternoon of your parents' death, I was presented with a letter supposedly written by James and Lilly Potter. The letter stated that Albus Dumbledore was to have complete access to all your accounts and that he was to be your legal Muggle and Magical Guardian. It then stated that I was to give up control of the Potter Family Accounts and Estates to Goblin Silverlure who was in charge of the Dumbledore Estates and the Longbottom Accounts. This was a bad day for me, not only did my goblin-childhood nemesis get the highly prized Potter Accounts (which were my only accounts and source of Gold since the Black Trusts were not being used since the Head of Black was incarcerated) I lost my office and standing in the Goblin Nation and was Demoted to Cart Driver which is a job that no Goblin ever gets promoted back from. At the time, I was too young to realize that there was something fishy going on and did not try to re-confirm that your parents sent that letter. The signatures were the same as on other forms so I assumed. Yes Mr. Potter, Sirius Black after his escape did make some transactions with me and did change his will. The will was changed so drastically that not only was I a witness but so was Mr. Ollivander (chosen by Mr. S. Black) and the Leader of the Goblin Nation-Head of Gringotts, Clan Leader Ragnook. Now that Mr. Black has passed on, his estate here at Gringotts becomes active with his Last Will and Testament. This is the reason that I am writing you now. Sirius Black was never properly or legally removed from his family being that Ms. Black did not have the right or proper status in the family to add or remove members. Hence, Mr. Black was actually Lord Black. Now that his will is active, we are allowed to follow his wishes. It does not matter if he was innocent or guilty in the eyes of wizarding law. We find that his wishes are binding thanks to his will. Being that you are the main benefactor in his will, we are writing you before we write the others that are mentioned. If you wish to bring Legal Representation with you that is fine. If you want representation but cannot find some, we at Gringotts do offer Wizarding, Goblin, and International Magik representatives that you can interview and or hire at your pleasure.

I may have failed the Potter Family Estate and Trust, but will do everything that I can for the Blacks to atone for my failures. If no reply is received in 3 days, a General Reading will be heard and your shares will be given to the next male heir in line behind you, one, Draco Malfoy. If you wish to contact me via letter, please place it in the enclosed envelope, tap it with your wand, and say my name. This will get the letter through all the regulating wards around your residence. Do not worries this is Goblin Magik's and you will not get in trouble four use of underage magic. If you would rather meet with me in person instead tap the letter and say Gringotts, and it will transport you via undetectable Goblin Portkey to a private reception room that I have set up for your use only.

Yours in Gold,

Goblin Griphook

Harry was not sure what to think. Why did his parents on the afternoon of their death change their will and have the Headmaster as the overseer. Were they aware that they might die? Did they think that he, Harry, would also die? Harry thought back to the letter that he just read…what Griphook meant by: This will get the letter through all the regulating wards around your residence. He was not sure what it meant but was sure that his family was more abusive – physically and mentally then, they had ever been before. He was sure that they hated him more then ever. He was sure that none of the Weasley has had written yet. Or Hermione for that matter. Now that he thought about it, He had not seen any old ladies with Pink hair lately, nor did it smell like a bar opened across the street. Hell even the crazy old lady with the millions of cats hadn't walked by. Harry new that he would have remembered that at least. Ms. Figg was a widow who lived down the way and had a bunch of cats that she dotted on. Of course she was a squib and the cats were Kneazles. They were part of the 'security' that Dumbledore kept around for his protection. Fat lot of good that did Harry! Now that he was thinking about it, he had not heard one 'crack' for apparition since he had been home. Hedwig took a letter to Remus the day he returned from school and she has not been seen yet which in of it's self was unusual. Something was up.

Something was not quite right. If there was any constant in his life, it was that, nothing ever went the way Harry wanted it to.

He had only been home for two weeks and had cut the grass every other day. His Uncle said that petrol was too expensive and that he had to save money somewhere. After all, that freak should be paying him to live there. After all the food and clothes, that he gave that ill tempered, ill-mannered hooligan. That damns good for nothing. Being that fuel for the lawnmower was to costly and that Dudders had to eat a 'regulated diet', the Dursley family bought him an old-fashioned push lawnmower. No gas, no electric. Freak Power is what his uncle told him and that the front back and side lawns were to be trimmed every other day. Harry also started on building a deck around the new hot tub that they bought Dudley. Of course, it was an elephant sized one, it did have to fit the poor slob, it also had a pop up plasma screen television that was attached to satellite, it had a complete sound system and finally yet importantly an almost full sized refrigerator filled with food and drinks for Dudley and all his friends. Dudley and his gang really did not run around the neighbor hood beating up little kids and old ladies anymore. Of course the fact that Dudley was so obese that he literary could not run, and the fact that he and his 'boys' had been arrested for 'extorting' money from some local teenagers. After he built the deck, he was told to give it a roof to shelter the poor fragile child of theirs from the rain. What a laugh. Harry was sure that by the end of it, the deck would be like a room with walls and ceiling before it was finished. Just not attached to the house. Harry briefly wondered if maybe he should install a toilet since there were already pipes there for sewage and fresh water. After a bit, he decided against it. Not because of the work that it would involve but rather because the fat whale would rather sit in his own pee rather then have to get up take a step, pee, flush, step to the hot tub and climb in. Nah that was definitely tiring. As he was, entertain himself with the thoughts of Dudley falling out of the tub he heard his polite loving Uncle Vernon scream: "Boy! Get your freaky ass down here. One of your kind's flying beasts is here. NOW!!!!"

Harry sighed. The day could only get better if he helped himself. Otherwise, it would only get worse. Harry walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to see what Vernon wanted. Low and behold, Fawkes was there with a letter, no doubt from Headmaster Dumbledore. As soon as he removed the letter, Fawkes gave a mournful shrill and disappeared in a flash of flame!

"That damn bird or what ever it is tried to burn down my house," began Uncle Vernon. Harry did not care, he had started reading the letter and his anger slowly started to rise.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I hope that this finds you in good health. I had hoped that this letter would be telling you that it was safe for you to go to your 'friends' house, but I am afraid that at this time the Burrow is not warded enough (I have upgraded the Wards there on Privet Drive) for us to let you go there. It would not be safe, and your safety is paramount to us. I have heard from a Gringott's employee that the Goblins were thinking about making an alliance with, or at least offering help to, Voldermort. Sirius's will was read earlier this week. Since Sirius was no longer a Black and that he was a wanted criminal, he had little if anything to leave to anyone. He left his Ancestral home to a 'group of friends' of his, and all of his money to you. There was not much money that he left to you so I had Gringott's put it into your vault. Accept the money (It was only 1,000 Galleons) for it is want Sirius would have wanted. If anything strange happens around Privet Drive, please call for my house-elf Stumpy and give him the message. This is the safest way. In light of that, I have persuaded Hedwig to stay here at Hogwarts. This does mean that unfortunately your friends will not be able to receive messages from you. Nor are their owls keyed in to the newer wards yet. I am sorry but I have to make sure that nothing could damage the savior of the Wizarding World. Also with the exception of playing outside in the yard and running around with your cousin, I think that it would be too dangerous for you to leave the yard. Can never be too careful. I will let you know when I will be coming to rescue you.

Headmaster of Hogwarts,

Albus Dumbledore

Harry was seriously pissed. You could tell. His hair started moving in a breeze that only blew near the boy. His eyes started to glow a little brighter then they normally did, and the nick knacks that were on the walls started to shake and vibrate. Some of the better crystal in the dining room started to hum. Harry was absolutely pissed.

"Boy what is the meaning of this un-naturalness. STOP it right this second." Bellowed Uncle Vernon.

Harry jumped as if he was prodded by a hot branding iron. He blinked, and his hair stopped moving the wind died down, and the rattling items ceased to rattle.

"Get upstairs in your room before I put you in the cupboard where your kind belongs," exclaimed Vernon.

With that, Harry walked up the stairs to his room thinking to himself. What were the extra wards that Dumbledore placed on Privet Drive? Where were all the guards? What did he mean by saying "…was no longer a Black and that he was a wanted criminal, he had little if anything to leave to anyone. He left his Ancestral home to a 'group of friends' of his, and all of his money to you. There was not much money that he left to you so I had Gringott's put it into your vault. Accept the money (It was only 1,000 Galleons) for it is want Sirius would have wanted. Did he mean that Sirius was poor and that he left Number 12 to the Order of the Phoenix? Goblin Griphook had sent him a letter saying that the will was not read yet. Hmmm…Harry retrieved the letter from where he left it on the desk and checked the date. It was today's date. Why would his friends not have at least one of their owls keyed into the wards when they were already keyed into the wards that were previously and probably still in place? If there was no real way for his friends to safely send a letter with an owl, couldn't they send one with the house-elf Stumpy? Or even Fawkes? While these thought were going through his mind, he pushed them to the back of his thoughts and wrote a letter to Goblin Griphook.

Goblin Griphook,

I thank you for taking the time away from could have been spent making gold, to write me a letter. Rest assured that it is not your trustworthiness or morals that I am asking these two questions. First off: IS the Goblin Nation at this time or any time recently thinking of forming an alliance of joining the side of Voldermort? Second: I was wondering what the balance is of my account, and if you knew of someone that I could employ to tell me, what wards are around my house. If I have enough Gold that is.

On that note, if I have enough gold to hire someone, would they be able to see what wards are around here without being seen. Dumbledore informed me that there have recently been new wards added and he did not tell me which ones.

The reason for my first question is that Dumbledore related to me that Gringott's was aligning themselves with Lord Voldermort. I would appreciate the truth as I do not want to knowingly or not, give that evil maniac financial backing in any shape or form.


Harry Potter

Harry placed the letter in the envelope as the prior letter stated to and tapped it with his wand. The letter vanished with a sound that almost resembled that of a Goblin or House Elf clicking their finger in order to use their magic. Harry looked out his window towards the neighboring houses window that was even to his. What Harry saw as his eyes focused on the window made him stare with out blinking. There was a girl about his age standing in front to a full-length mirror in a knee length shirt that hugged her legs very tightly and seemed to caress her backside. Harry's eyes moved up the reflection and saw that the girl was not wearing a shirt. As his eyes focused on that fact she turned slightly and put on a small and delicate looking bra, then a buttoned down style shirt that clung to her young breasts perfectly (or at least to his eye), turned

The light off and left the room. Harry rapidly blinked his eyes then took off his glasses and rubbed them. Before he could put the glasses back over his eyes, there was a flash in front of him where an envelope appeared. It had a Wax seal bearing the Gringott's logo and a second one that he never seen before. Upon studying it, he found that it was the Clan seal for the Ragnook Clan and one for the Griphook Clan. Harry broke the seal and withdrew thick and obviously expensive looking parchment.

Harry Potter,

Please excuse me for bringing my previous correspondence and your subs went letter to the attention of Leader Ragnook. It was in my opinion, imperative that the leader of my nation and the leader of Gringott's know about some disturbing lies and deceit being done to you and us. Now onto business.

I was surprised that you did not know how much money was in your trust account, but seeing how much trouble it was to get my original letter to you, I understand things a little more clearly then I did a year or twenty-ago. First, your trust account is one of many Potter Family accounts. It is the account that was started by your parents. It is a revolving trust account, which means that every year on the same day, whatever money you have spent would be replenished. That way the tuition for your school would be paid and you could not only afford new school supplies bout would be able to by things like brooms or rare tomes that your family vault didn't have yet or any hobbies that you might have. That balance annually is 50,000 Galleons. The balance after your withdrawal of 49,000 Galleons last September 2nd will be replenished next week. That balance was 980 Galleons. The 980 Galleons that you have are more then enough to ensure that someone would read the wards around your residence. I must say that it is illegal in your world to put wards around another wizard's home with out his or her approval. In addition, it is illegal in the Wizarding world to tamper with official mail or other forms of communication. We at Gringotts in no uncertain terms align ourselves with the Dark Lord Voldermort. He is against everything that the Goblin Nation has been trying to obtain for it's self. That is not to say that we will align with Dumbledore, as of right now both sides have good points and bad points, but neither sides' 'points' are worth decimating our population for. We would rather wait to see who might offer us their hand equally. At this point in time it is neither one of them. Please do not destroy that letter from your headmaster I would like to persue it at my leisure. We both would like to meet you in the future. With your permission, I will send a Goblin Ward crafter to your residence under a Goblin spell for invisibility. Once he has examined your wards he will alert you and only you to his presence. Upon further reflection, and to show that the Goblin does not show the Clan Potter that we mean you harm, I will come to your residence myself, swear to you a magical oath that I am not there to harm you or your family and that I will never disclose what I learn here today or in the future without your permission. Upon you accepting that oath, I will do an analysis of all wards near your home and at your direction tell you the finding. I will also swear to you upon my signature in blood at the end of this missive that I will always be truthful with Harry Potter. If you agree, tap this missive one time only. You will be the only able to see through our disguises. Not even Ex-Aurror Moody will see anything but what we want him to see.

(Bloody signature)

Goblin Ragnook

Supreme Master and Leader of the Goblin Nation

Gringott's Clan Leader

Goblin Clan Master and Leader

Supreme Master of Magik

Supreme Master of Goblin Magiks

Master of Speech and Thought Magiks

(Bloody signature)


Heir to Master Clan Goblin Andtear

Cart Supervisor, Gringott's London

Harry did not think twice and struck his wand against the parchment one time and one time only. Harry realized that just about every dismissed Goblin Magics and Wards because they were not wizards. The same thing that they do to house elves he thought to himself. If he could get the Goblins to stay nutral at the best, it could very well help the Light. There was no turning back. He would face his Destiny; live his life and Love when he could. Before those thoughts left his mind, his uncle screams, "BOY! Get down here and start preparing a feast. MY SON has been asked to sign with the National Boxing Commission. HE will be more then you could ever hope to be! WELL, what are you waiting for? Get started. Petunia and I are going to get him a car as rewards for his great achievements and will be back. The food is to be ready on the table, HOT, and waiting for us. The house will be spotless and you will be in your room. We do NOT want to see or hear you. Do I make myself clear? Screw up and I will kill you. Idiot!" With that outburst, Vernon turned, opened the door for Petunia, and left. Harry opened the fridge and there was a gorgeous rack of Lamb, fresh Shallots and Real Mint Jelly, fresh Rosemary and Thyme, Saffron, rice, Snap Beans, Strawberries, Heavy Cream. They really were expecting a feast. Harry was sure he would not be getting any of it.

"Knock Knock!" sounded from the front door. Harry spun around, had his wand from his back pocket, and pointing it at the front door thought to himself "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!" He walked towards the door and called out, "Who is it?"

"Gringott's Pizza! You have won a free pizza dinner for two. All you have to do is sign this form accepting the Gift Card.", was the reply.

"Gringott's Pizza?" Thought Harry….."Gringott's". Harry approached the window in the living room and peeked out of it. He noticed the girl from earlier sitting on the porch of house next door. At his door, were two short green goblins holding a clipboard and looking like regular pizza delivery people.

"How may I help you?" asked Harry Potter as he opened the door. The slightly taller and older looking Goblin turned the clipboard towards Harry so that he may read it as the other Goblin went on about the pizza restaurant and the gift card. Harry saw what was an acceptance for a Pizza Gift Card turn into a contract that stated everything that was discussed in his letters from Griphook and Ragnook. The man with the nametag "JOE" took out a blood quill and signed his name. Once his name was signed he again turned it towards Harry put away the quill and said, "Do you or do you not accept this?" Harry said that he accepted it, and shook hands with the disguised goblin. They shook hands; their hands glowed for a moments and Harry felt the magical contract take effect.

Joe looked at Harry and said, "It will be a moment while my associate and I fill out the forms. May we sit on your patio out back?" "Sure." Replied Harry.

As he turned to lead them into the house to get to the patio easier and quicker, the girl next door looked at Harry, and blushed when she saw that he saw her looking at him, and her eyes looked down. Harry thought to himself that she was beautiful young woman. He judged her to be about fifteen or so.

"Sorry!" the girl said quietly and meekly as she turned and ran back into her house.

Harry was a little confused as to the girls reaction, but turned around and entered the house following his guest to the kitchen, which led to the back patio. In the kitchen, the 'delivery men' came to a stop and faced Harry. Since Harry was keyed into the glamour he knew who and/or what he was looking at.

He bowed to Ragnook and said "Welcome Clan Leader and Leader of the Goblin Nation to my small but humble House of Potter. Please direct I to what needs be done and it shall be so. My cousin is who knows where and my Aunt and Uncle are out CAR shopping for him. Let me know…"

"Mr. Potter, first though we are not at Gringott's we would like to take care of some banking needs first. Here is the complete will of Sirius Black. We can discuss it at your pleasure but please note that there are NO marriage contracts or anything else attached to the inheritance. All that was required of us is that we have you sign or decline Papers of Adult hood. By claiming adulthood with these papers, everyone would know, from the Minister to Albus Dumbledore to Voldermort and Ms. Umbridge. My personal opinion you decline them. On the other hand, maybe put them somewhere safe. The reason being that you inheritance will be more beneficial too you. Now for why we are here." was forced out of Ragnook's pointed teeth.

"I have reviewed the wards here Mr. Potter and I must say that I am surprised by the findings. So surprised was I that I have prepared an Official Ward Analysis on No. 4 Privet Drive and signed it. Upon signing it yourself Mr. Har…."

"Please, call me Harry. I am not comfortable being called Mr. this that or anything else. I am sorry for having interrupted you, and please forgive me for not offering sooner to see if you required a drink or food," intoned Harry.

The Goblins stopped talking and were shocked. "Tea would be fine Harry" began Ragnook, "the state and lack of Wards for someone of your STATUS and IMPORTANCE is not only lacking, but totally inefficient. Some of the wards that surround this house are wards that would surround the houses people live in with mental and social problems, such as a Muggle Institution or Sanitarium. There were so many wards and Charms active around the house and neighborhood that could tell where you lived before we got here. Here is a list of Wards, Charms and their effects and any possible counter to it." Stated the Goblin as he Handed Harry the Official Document.

"Note Mr.…Harry that it also shows the magical signature of the caster, but the signatures of everyone that is keyed into each additional ward or charm." Stated Griphook happy that he finally contributed something to this meeting.

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