Title: Love and Family Found
Author: Inquisitive1
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Summary: Buffy seeks out help from the Scoobies after 2 years of silence.
Author's note: As in most of my stories Angel is Spike's sire. I have issues with the whole Dru siring anyone.
Chapter 10
20 mins later: Summers Household
Buffy and Angel enter the quiet house "Least he's not up yet" Buffy remarks as they enter the livingroom they find Joyce watching TV. "Hey Mom" Buffy greets
"Hi how is everyone?" Joyce asks
"Good. It was good to see them" Buffy grins sitting beside Angel on the couch "I take it he hasn't woken up yet"
Joyce shakes her head. "He's been quiet"
"For now" Buffy sighs
"Maybe he'll sleep through the night" Joyce offers
Buffy groans "Mom you just jinxed it"
"No I didn't"
"Yes you did. Everytime someone says that he doesn't sleep through the night"
"OK OK" Joyce surrenders "Next time I won't say it" she says standing "Tomorrow you're going to have to call your father"
"Do I have too" Buffy whines "Not like he even noticed I've been gone"
"He knows" Joyce answers
Buffy rolls her eyes "Not like he even cared"
"Buffy its too late to argue just call him tomorrow" Joyce says sternly
"I will" Buffy agrees reluctantly
Joyce looks at Angel "I take it your staying"
Angel shrugs "If Buffy wants me too"
Buffy nods "You are staying Mister"
Joyce heads out of the room "I'm going to the Gallery for part of the morning. Try to get along with Spike" she requests "Night" she calls
"Night" Buffy and Angel reply
Buffy grins at Angel
"What?" he asks warily
"Lets go upstairs" she jumps up pulling Angel to his feet she drags him up to her bedroom. Turning on the bedside lamp she sighs leaning over the crib "He's out"
Angel moves behind her wrapping his arms around her waist smiling at the peaceful baby "You did good Beloved" he says softly
Buffy tilts her head to look at Angel she reaches up caressing his cheek "We did good my Angel" she corrects pulling his lips down to hers "We" she stresses kissing him gently she turns looking at him "Thank you"
"For what?" he asks puzzled
Buffy smiles tilting her head at the crib "For him"
Angel smiles "I think I should be thanking you, after all you gave me something I never thought I'd have" he sits on the edge of the bed pulling Buffy onto his lap he tucks a strand of loose hair behind her ear "love, a wife and a child. Even when I was human I never thought I'd have those things, but as a vampire you've given them to me. After all the things I did as a human and a vampire you still love me." he searches her eyes "Why? How can you love me after all I've done?"
Placing her finger against his lips Buffy shakes her head "It doesn't matter to me what you did when you were human or as Angelus, all that matters is now."
"Why doesn't what I did matter?"
"Its the past, it was a long time ago. The only thing that matters to me is what has happened since we met. You've given me a lot Angel, not just Liam but your heart." she rests her palm against his chest "No one has ever loved me as much as you have. Your the only one whose ever understood me and still loved me" she lays her head on his shoulder kissing his neck "You and Liam are my life Angel."
Angel hugs her "I love you"
Buffy lifts her head running her thumb across his lip "I love you" she says kissing him passionately
Angel groans pulling back "Buff this isn't a good idea"
Buffy grins "That's what you said the first time" she presses her lips against his ending his protest

30 mins later
Buffy curls up against Angel her head resting on his chest "I've missed this"
"What?" Angel asks lifting his head as he strokes her naked back
Buffy looks at him with a slight smile "Being in your arms"
Angel smiles "I've missed holding you"
Buffy kisses his chin then glances at the clock "I'm surprised he's still asleep"
"How did you come up with his name?" Angel asks curiously as he leans against the headboard
Buffy shrugs "It just felt right why?"
"Liam was my name when I was alive"
"It was? Why didn't you ever tell me?"
Angel glances away "I don't really think of myself as being Liam anymore. That name was buried for me a long time ago" he looks back at Buffy seeing her look "What?"
"Its just you don't talk much about when you were alive"
"I don't really think about it much"
Angel sighs "I wasn't a nice guy."
"Oh come on"
"Seriously. Remember when I told you about how I met Darla?" at Buffy's nod he continues "By that time I was spending more time drunk then sober. I was sleeping around. I was your basic jerk"
"That was then this is now"
"Yes it is"
"Angel?" Buffy yawns
"Will you tell me about what you were like then sometime?"
"Sure" Angel answers "why don't you get some sleep"
"I'm not tired"
Angel chuckles "Just try"
"I love you my Angel"
"I love you too"

After midnight
Buffy awakens as she hears Liam start to cry opening her eyes to find the nightstand lamp on and Angel sitting up reading "Hey how long has he been crying?" she asks sitting up rubbing her eyes
"Just started" Angel says closing his book
Buffy pulls on her pajamas going over to the crib "Hey you" she greets picking Liam up "what's with the tears?" she sits on the bed beside Angel "Look Liam its Daddy"
"Hey Liam" Angel greets
"Dada" he says sticking his thumb in his mouth
"I bet your hungry huh?" Buffy asks kissing Liam's head "Can you take him?"
Angel nods taking the little boy from Buffy's arms "Sure"
"I'm going to go get him a bottle." Buffy says standing when Angel doesn't answer she smiles at the sight of her love talking to the baby in his arms. 'They are so cute together' she heads downstairs to find Spike and Faith making out in the kitchen "This is not something I need to see" she sighs shaking her head she goes to the counter grabbing a bottle and the baby formula
"Then go 'way" Spike growls
"I will in a minute" Buffy snaps "he's up and hungry"
"Soulboy here?" Faith asks
Buffy nods as she makes the bottle for Liam
Spike smirks "Mum let you two stay in the same room"
"Not fair" Faith complains
Buffy looks at Faith "She was the same way when I was in highschool. She didn't even like Angel climbing up the roof just to say hi." she shrugs closing the can of formula "Enjoy" she says heading upstairs she finds Angel sitting on the window seat with Liam in his arms. She stands in the doorway watching the two interact
"I used to climb up here to visit your Mama almost everynight."
Buffy joins them "And this is where we kissed for the first time"
Angel looks at Buffy and grins "And a lot of other times."
Buffy smiles "Here you go Liam" she says handing the baby his bottle
Angel watches in amazement as his son drinks
"He is amazing"
Angel nods "He is." he chuckles as the baby grips his fingers "He's strong"
"I think we lucked out if he's ever going to get either of our strength it hasn't kicked in"
Angel looks at her curiousity shining in his eyes "What was he like when you were pregnant?"
"Active" Buffy answers she chuckles "I gave him a nickname when I was pregnant"
"What was it?"
"I called him the Energizer Bunny. When he started he moving he wouldn't stop until I paid him some attention. He liked when I told him about you and everyone here. He really liked the stories of you and Xander. I think he liked hearing about the times Xander got in trouble and we had to bail him out." she laughs "Before he was born I was thinking of calling him Liam Alexander but when I saw him and saw how much he looked like you I knew I had to name him Liam Angel."
"It fits him" Angel states
"Of course it does after all he is a mini version of you"
"He is?"
"Yep" Buffy grabs the covered foot "when he grows up he's going to look just like you." as Liam laughs "And what's so funny?" she asks the baby as she tickles his stomach. "Finish your bottle little man"
"Daddy" Liam grins around the bottle
Angel stands carrying the baby over to the bed he sits with his back against the headboard smiling at Buffy as she curls up beside him. "He's beautiful my love" he whispers kissing her hair
"He is" Buffy agrees leaning down she kisses Liam's head
Angel and Buffy lay there silent as they watch the small child drift off to sleep. Angel lays the baby between them. "He is amazing" he whispers leaning on his side he rests his hand on the sleeping child's chest. He smiles at Buffy "You are amazing"
Leaning forward she presses her lips against his "As are you" she whispers
"I love you"
"I love you too" Buffy grins
"Sleep Beloved" Angel orders
Buffy yawns "OK" she agrees laying her head down beside Liam's resting her hand atop Angel's "Sleep well my boy" she says kissing the child's cheek

Chapter 11
Next Morning: Buffy's Room
Buffy opens her eyes to find Angel asleep beside her with the baby asleep against his chest. Sitting up she leans down kissing Liam's cheek then kisses Angel's forehead. She smiles carefully getting out of bed she heads downstairs to find her mother making breakfast and Faith sitting at the counter. "Morning"
"Where's Liam?" Joyce asks looking up from frying bacon
"Still asleep." Buffy answers pouring herself a cup of coffee she sits beside Faith
"He has a set of lungs" Faith states taking a drink of coffee
"Sorry 'bout that" Buffy says apologetically "he tends to scream until he gets attention"
"Buffy you can't just jump when he cries" Joyce chastises
"Mom if I don't he'll keep screaming. I only do it when he screams a certain way."
"Certain way?" Faith asks confused
"His cries show what's wrong. Like the one last night was his hungry cry. His diaper one isn't too bad but the worst is his nightmare cry."
"And you've figured them out?" Joyce asks
Buffy nods "Makes it easier then trying to figure out what's wrong when I get him up"
"Here you go" Joyce says putting a plate infront of Faith "Buffy want me to make you breakfast?"
Buffy shakes her head "Not hungry yet" she sighs as she hears a familiar cry "Better go get him before Spike complains" she stands rushing up to her room she finds Angel still asleep with the fussing baby against his chest. She shakes her head picking up the baby "Shh don't wake Daddy" she whispers carrying the baby to the dresser she cleared to use as a changing table. "Oh I know" she lays him down undoing his sleeper she quickly changes him carrying the whimpering baby downstairs
"Soulboy slept through that?" Faith asks
"I guess he must be really tired" Buffy answers juggling the baby in her arms
"Mama down" Liam demands
"All right" Buffy agrees setting him down "Stay where I can see you"
"So honey what are you going to do today?" Joyce asks sitting at the breakfast table
"Not sure yet" Buffy answers sitting down with the cup of coffee. "Probably look for a job"
"What about college?" Joyce asks
"Mom you know I'm not good at school."
"Honey just think about it." Joyce says glancing at the clock "We're going to be late" she stands stepping over the baby she goes to the basement door "Faith let's go" she calls
"Aww bloody hell" Spike grumbles
"Finish this later" Faith laughs
Joyce shakes her head closing the door "Those two"
Buffy sighs at the sound of pots and pans falling onto the floor "Liam" she calls in annoyance
Joyce smiles walking around the counter she finds her grandson sitting on the floor smiling up at her innocently "What are you doing?" she asks picking up the baby "Playing with Grandma's stuff?"
Liam nods
"Can Grandma have a kiss?" Joyce requests
Liam laughs kissing Joyce's cheek
"Thank you" Joyce smiles as Faith enters the kitchen "You ready?"
"Just need to grab my bag" Faith answers heading up the stairs
"I should be home mid-afternoon." Joyce tells Buffy handing the baby over
"All right" Buffy nods "Say bye Grandma" Buffy says to the baby
"Bye" Liam waves
"Bye" Joyce laughs "Now Buffy don't forget to call your father"
"Fine" Buffy agrees
"I'm ready" Faith calls
"Have fun" Joyce says walking out of the kitchen
"Come on little man lets put away Grandma's pots and pans." she carries her son around to the counter she sets him down picking up the pots and pans. After a few minutes she stands picking up the baby "You hungry?"
Liam nods
"OK" Buffy carries him over to the refrigerator she takes out a jar of applesauce "How 'bout this?"
Liam scrunches up his nose
"Don't give me that look you" Buffy laughs "this or pears?"
Liam points to the applesauce
"Milk or juice?"
Liam frowns then grins "Dada" he shrieks
Buffy turns around to find Angel walking into the kitchen sleepily "Hey you" she greets
Angel nods kissing her
"Daddy's not a morning person" Buffy tells Liam
Angel reaches into the fridge "I'm hungry" he shrugs
"Just up to eat?"
"Ehh" he answers pouring some blood into a mug
Buffy sighs "Honey can you take him for a sec"
Angel takes the child as Buffy heads into the dining room
"Hi Dada"
"Hi" Angel smiles
Buffy returns with the highchair "Here I'll take him"
Angel hands her the baby watching as she sets him in the seat "What's the deal for today?" he asks taking a sip of blood
Buffy frowns opening the jar of applesauce "Mom wants me to call Dad"
"You going to tell him about Liam?" Angel asks watching Buffy feed the baby
"Why should I? He's never going to see him"
"He might want to know he's a Grandfather" Angel points out
"He needs to be a father before he's a Grandfather" Buffy argues
"Angel its too early in the morning to argue" Buffy sighs
"What else is on the agenda for today?" Angel asks
"We should start looking for a place to live" Buffy suggests
Angel notices the newspaper sitting on the breakfast table standing he grabs the Real Estate page "Rent or buy?"
"Which ever you want" she shrugs "needs to either have a yard or a park nearby"
Angel nods opening the paper

Hour later: Living room
Angel and Buffy are curled up on the couch reading through the Real Estate ads. Buffy looks up with a frown "Angel where did Liam go?"
"Uh?" Angel looks up "I thought he was watching cartoons"
Buffy sighs "He's off exploring again" she stands "probably trying to climb the stairs" she heads to the foyer "Liam where are you?" she calls
"Mama" Liam calls
Angel stands heading into the dining room where he finds the little boy trying to climb onto the table "What are you doing Liam?" Angel demands grabbing the baby
"No" Liam cries out struggling his father's arms
"I don't think Grandma would like you climbing up on the dining room table"
Buffy enters the dining room to find Angel talking to Liam "He always tries to climb things" Buffy laughs
"Down" he demands "Dada down"
"No more climbing Grandma's table" Angel says sternly
"Down" Liam demands
Angel shakes his head "All right" he sets the child down he watches as the little boy toddles off "You should call your father"
Buffy sighs wrapping her arms around his waist "I know."
"I know you and your father don't get along but he deserves to know that you're OK... and that he's a Grandfather."
Buffy grimaces "I guess" she kisses his cheek "I'll go call him." she goes over to her son and picks him up "Liam try not to run Daddy ragged OK?"
Liam grins "Mama"
"Can Mama have a big hug?" Buffy asks
Liam puts his arms around her neck hugging her tight "Dere"
"Thank you" Buffy smiles kissing his forehead before handing him over to Angel. "Have fun playing with Daddy"
" 'tay" Liam nods squirming in his father's arms
With a small smile Buffy heads out of the livingroom up the stairs to her bedroom. Sitting on the bed she reaches for the phone dialing her father's work number.
"Hank Summers office" the secretary greets
"Hi may I speak to Hank please this is his daughter Buffy"
"Uh just a moment let me see if he's available"
Buffy listens absently as the musak plays over the phone
"Hi Dad" Buffy greets
"Where are you? We've been so worried" Hank says
"Its a long story. I just called to let you know that I'm back home in Sunnydale."
"Thank god" Hank sighs "are you OK?"
"I'm fine" Buffy assures "there's someone I'd like you to meet. Do you think you can come down this weekend?"
"Who do you want me to meet?" Hank asks curiously
"Your grandson" Buffy answers her voice soft
Buffy chuckles "Yep. His name is Liam Angel. He turned one a few months ago."
"What about his father?" Hank demands
"Angel's downstairs playing with Liam right now."
"Did you run off with this guy?" Hank asks
"No Daddy. Angel left on business and we thought he had died. He showed up after I left town."

Half an hour later
Buffy enters the livingroom to find Angel sitting on the couch with Liam on his lap reading to the little boy. She smiles joining them on the couch her head resting on Angel's shoulder she listens as he reads.

15 mins later
Buffy covers the sleeping baby with the blanket. "My Dad's coming down this weekend."
"Did you tell him about Liam?" Angel asks wrapping his arms around her shoulders his chin on her head
"Surprised" Buffy chuckles
"He's going to love Liam" Angel assures kissing her temple.
"Its not that." Buffy sighs "I just don't want Liam to be hurt by my father like I was." she looks at the baby and smiles "He doesn't deserve to be hurt like that"
"Neither do you" Angel says
"Mmm I'm used to it now" she mumbles.

"Hey guys come on in" Buffy invites moving aside to let her friends in
"So?" Willow questions excitedly
"He's in the livingroom watching TV with Spike" Buffy leads them into the livingroom
"Is Spike watching Sesame Street?" Willow says with a small smile
Spike looks up "Watch it Red. I'm only watching it 'cuz Peaches and the Slayer threatened to stake me." he grumbles
"Spike's watching Sesame Street" Xander laughs
"Watch it Scrappy" Spike growls
"Mama?" Liam questions looking up his eyes curious
"Oh he's even cuter in person" Willow says with a grin "Hi Liam" she sits beside the baby
"Hi." Liam says tilting his head he watches the redhead thoughtfully
"He's got the scrutiny look down" Cordelia says
Buffy goes over to her son sitting beside him "Liam this is your Aunt Willow, Uncle Oz, Uncle Xander and Aunt Cordelia."
" 'wo, 'der, Otth, 'elia" he grins
Buffy smiles slighly "And who's that?" she asks pointing to Spike
" 'ike" Liam grins at his vampire sibling
The front door opens and in strides Faith "Hiya peoples."
" 'dat?" Liam points his pudgy at the newcomer
"That's Faith"
" 'aith?" Liam questions
"Faith yes" Faith gives him a smile then laughs seeing the TV "Spike are you boning up on your alphabet or sumthin'?"
"Funny" Spike grumbles "he's watching it and I'm keeping him company"
"Mama Dada?" Liam looks at his mother quizzically
"Daddy's sleeping. He should be up soon." Buffy assures
"Cookie?" Liam asks hopefully
"That is so adorable" Cordelia says
Everyone looks at her surprised
"What? He's got the puppydog look down and its cute on him." Cordelia defends herself.
"So have you talked to your father?" Willow asks
Buffy nods "Yeah. He's planning to come down this weekend. I wouldn't count on it though" she picks up Liam "lets go get you that cookie"
"I want one" Xander whines
Buffy laughs "We can talk in the kitchen so not to disturb Spike's learning"
"Shut yer hole Slayer" Spike snarls
"Whatever Spike" Buffy retorts leading her friends into the kitchen. "So how's college life?" she asks
"Books mostly" Xander shrugs
"Don't forget the lectures" Willow adds
"The hotties" Cordelia sighs dreamily
"Hey" Xander protests
"Its fine" Oz shrugs
"How's the Mommy gig?" Willow asks
Buffy looks at her son then her friends "Good. How would have ever thought I'd like to be a Mom"
"Can I...?" Willow nods at the baby
"Sure. Be warned he's drooling."
"So warned" Willow grins "now gimme my nephew" she holds out her arms
Buffy laughs handing the baby over to her best friend she turns to the cabinet looking for cookies. "Oz how's it going with the band?" The next few hours the friends catch up on each others lives.

That evening
"So did you talk to your father?" Joyce asks as she's making dinner and Buffy is holding the baby on her lap.
"Uh yeah" Buffy answers "he's coming down this weekend"
"Good. How'd he take the news about the baby?" Joyce asks turning to look at her daughter
"Pretty well. Surprised to say the least."
"Mama" Liam grins reaching up to pat Buffy's face
Buffy smiles "You happy now huh baby"
Liam nods solemnly his brown eyes serious.
"You got Daddy face" Buffy laughs tapping Liam's nose with her forefinger
"Dadda?" Liam grins looking around hoping to find his father
"No Daddy's not here right now."
"Where?" Liam asks with a pout
"He went out for a bit. He'll be back in a while" Buffy assures.
"Hey B. Kid" Faith says walking into the kitchen. "Hiya Joyce how was work?" Faith asks pulling herself up onto the counter.
"Good. How was school?" Joyce asks
"5 by 5." Faith shrugs. "Where are the vamps?" she asks
"Went patrolling."
Faith nods "Cool"
"So Faith who's still at Sunnydale High?" Buffy questions curiously. She listens as the second Slayer tells her about the school.

Chapter 12
"Liam stop" Buffy begs laughing as her son squirms "Liam come on I gotta get you dressed."
"Dada" Liam shrieks seeing his father standing in the bathroom door. "Mama Dada. Play now?" he asks
"After your dressed" Angel says kneeling beside Buffy and Liam.
Liam sighs " 'tay. Where we going?" he asks
Buffy slips the shirt over Liam's head "Arms up" Buffy instructs. "We have to go home and see Grandpa" she answers as she pulls Liam's arms through his shirt
"Dada come?" Liam asks looking at his father pleadingly
Angel shakes his head "No son. I have to stay here"
Buffy helps Liam into his overalls "Daddy will be by later." she assures looking around "Angel where are his shoes?"
"Bedroom" he answers picking up Liam
Buffy follows them into the bedroom watching as Angel helps the little boy into his shoes.
"Dada you come" Liam demands
"Liam I can't. I'm sorry"
Liam sighs
"Daddy will be there as soon as possible Liam" Buffy says sitting beside the father and son. "We have to get going."
Angel kisses Liam's head then hands him to Buffy kissing her gently "I'll see you later Beloved" he smiles slightly
"Mmm" Buffy sighs "try to be there before I try and slay my father"
Angel chuckles "I will"
"Liam say bye daddy"
Liam waves sadly "Bye Dada" he says waving to his father as they walk out of the apartment

Summers home
Buffy groans seeing her father's car infront of the house. "Well sweetie it looks like Grandpa's here already"
"Want Dada" Liam grumbles
"I know." Buffy stops the car getting out she opens the back passenger door undoing the carseat belt she lifts her son. "I wish he was here too" Buffy sighs kissing his cheek. "He'll be here later" she promises
" 'tay" Liam says resting his head on her shoulder.
"We're back" Buffy calls entering the house.
"We're in the livingroom" Joyce says
Buffy sets the diaper bag by the door and walks into the livingroom to find her mother and father on the couch. "Hi Dad" she greets
Hank Summers stands
Buffy walks closer "Dad this is Liam Angel. Liam this is my Dad your Grandpa"
Liam looks over the strange man slowly "Hi" he says softly burying his face into her shoulder
"He's a little shy" Buffy says
"Hi Liam" Hank greets "so where's his father?" he asks
"He'll be here later"
"Where the hell were you?!" Hank exclaims loudly
Buffy rubs Liam's back soothingly "Around."
"Why did you run away?" Hank demands
"Dad its hard to explain" Buffy says "I'll explain when Angel gets here"
"Who is this Angel?" Hank asks
Buffy smiles slighly "My best friend. The man I love. Liam's father"

That evening
Angel enters the house only to be assualted by Liam. "Whoa" he chuckles bending down to pick up the little boy "hi"
"Hi Dada" Liam grins
"Where's Mommy?" Angel asks
Liam points to the livingroom. " 'dere" he says
"We're in here Angel" Buffy calls
Angel enters the living room to find Buffy sitting on the couch with her mother a sandy haired man sitting in the chair.
Buffy stands going over to Angel "Hi" she stands on her tiptoes kissing his cheek. "I'll take him." she takes the little boy from Angel
"Dada" Liam says squirming
"Daddy's not going anywhere" Buffy assures "Angel this is my Dad Hank Summers. Dad this is Angel." she stands beside Angel
"Angel what?" Hank asks standing looking at the man standing beside his daughter
"Angel's a nickname my real name is Liam O'Cairhn."
"How old are you?" Hank questions
Angel looks at Buffy "I'm 26."
Hank's eyes narrow "How long have you been involved with my daughter?"
"Angel and I met not long after we moved here." Buffy answers
"You were involved with a sixteen year old."
"Daddy calm down" Buffy says shifting Liam in her arms
"I won't calm down." Hank says angrily "I just found out my daughter has a child with a man I never met."
"Mama?" Liam lifts his head
"Shh its OK" Buffy soothes "Grandpa's just letting off some steam"
Joyce stands "Why don't I take Liam into the kitchen for a snack"
Buffy nods greatfully at her mother handing over her son. "Thanks" she waits until her mother and Liam are out of the room before turning her attention to her father and Angel. "Why don't we sit down" she suggests
Angel nods following Buffy to the couch he sits down "I love Buffy Mr Summers."
"Does that make it right for you to sleep with a sixteen year old"
"I was seventeen" Buffy corrects
Angel looks at her
"What? Don't want him getting my age wrong" she shrugs
"Your age is beside the point. Your a teenager too young to be a mother."
"I am. And I'm glad to have Liam in my life"
"So am I"
"Dad I love Angel your just going to have to accept that he's in my life."
"Tell me this why did you runaway if you were so in love with this man and pregnant with his child?" Hank demands
Buffy slips her hand into Angel's "I thought I had lost him" she says sadly
"How? Did you run off after you found out she was pregnant then have second thoughts?" Hank questions
"No he didn't leave me." Buffy retorts
"Calm down Beloved" Angel says bringing her hand to his lips. He looks at Hank "I went on a business trip and there was an accident."
"I thought he was dead." Buffy whispers "I didn't know he was alive until I got back."
"When I returned I found out she had left. I didn't know she was pregnant. If I had I wouldn't have left. I love Buffy more than anything." Angel says looking at his semi father-in-law. "I would never hurt her"
Hank seeing and hearing the sincerity he nods "I believe you."
"So your OK with this?" Buffy asks hopefully
"Do I have a choice?" Hank asks
"No" Buffy grins
Hank looks at the man beside his daughter "Angel what is it you do for a living?"
"A lot of things. Sometimes I do work for Joyce at the gallery... appraising and such."
Angel answers as the front door opens
"We're back" Faith calls pulling Spike into the house behind her "Hey B. Soulboy" she winces "uh Angel" she corrects
"Hey Poof" Spike greets "where's Junior?"
"In the kitchen with Mom." Buffy replies
Spike nods heading back into the kitchen
"Later" Faith says following right behind
"What are your plans for the future?" Hank asks
"We're still discussing that." Buffy answers "Right now we're looking for a place."
"What about school Buffy?"
"She's still thinking that over" Angel supplies
"I hope you aren't going to discourage her" Hank says
Buffy smiles at Angel "He's always encouraging me. Angel wants me to do what I want. He tries to help me to decide what I want to do but lets me decide on my own."
"I just want Buffy happy." Angel says with a small smile
Faith sticks her head into the livingroom "Hey dinner's ready." she announces
"Better get there while the foods hot." Hank smiles "You know how your mother is about cold food"
Buffy chuckles "Yeah" they enter the dining room to find Spike entertaining Liam in the highchair. "Spike what are you doing?"
Spike grins "Don't want the kid to be bored"
Liam grins "Dada Poof." he points at the table.
"Spike" Angel says glaring at the younger vampire
"Don't you go teaching my son your bad habits" Buffy says sitting beside the highchair.
"Why?" Spike whines
"Spike be good or I won't make you any hot chocolate tonight"
"But Mum... Oh alright" he grumbles

Later that night
Buffy and Angel are laying on the bed in Buffy's room "that went well" Buffy sighs
"Didn't end the way you though huh?"
"Nope. Liam didn't start screaming. You and Daddy didn't get into a fight. Spike behaved. Faith didn't say anything bad."
"Ended well then" he chuckles
"Oh yeah. I kept imagining all these scenerios of bad things that could happen."
"And none did" he kisses her temple
"I think things are looking up" Buffy sighs
"Yes they have Beloved. Now get some sleep. I'll take care of the baby tonight"
"Thanks." Buffy tilts her head meeting his lips in a soft kiss. "Night"
"Night my love"

'Liam and I have been in Sunnydale for over a month. He's getting to be more talkative everyday. He now calls Angel Daddy. Its so cute to see the look on Angel's face when Liam calls him Daddy. Its a look I'll never forget.
Liam has been getting better at saying the gangs names he can say Oz and Faith. He's now calling Xander 'ander rather than 'der. He still calls Willow- 'wo, Cordelia- 'elia and Spike is still 'ike. He calls Giles- G'les.'
Buffy closes her journal looking around the master bedroom of their house. She smiles 'Their house. Me and Angel have a house.'
Angel enters the bedroom to find his Slayer staring into space "What are you thinking Beloved?"
Buffy turns around smiling "We have a house. We're a family."
Angel smiles "Yeah we are."
"A Slayer and a vampire find love and family together. Who would have thunk" she grins
"Yes well this vampire is very happy to have found love and family... with the woman I love and our little boy." he leans down kissing Buffy gently
"I love you my Angel"
"I love you" he says softly
"We're a family." she sighs happily
"Forever" he vows
"Like that" she smiles "Forever"

THE END.~~Tell me what you think