I Wish I Could Love You

You near me, I see your face

It is perfect. Pure, small and pale

I face this divine beauty

And think of my deeds

What have I done to deserve you?

One thing I do know, though

I wish I could love you


As I look back, I see

Death and violence

Everywhere I go

Crying and Anguish and Pain and Hatred

My demons are those of darkness

But one haunts me all my life

I wish I could love you.


As I look at your lips

I feel a longing to embrace you

Something I have not known at all

Never have I felt like this

No, It's not love

More of an obssession

But I wish I could love you


Are you an angel

Or a demon, sent by the fallen

To torment my wounded soul

Or a human, unworthy of me

Mortal and Fragile

Whatever you might be

I wish I could love you


I look deep in your eyes

Warmness dwells within them

I see that you love me

Or is it just pity

On my damned soul

Whatever it might be

I wish I could love you


I am but a mortal

Next to your power of love

Undead, a walking corpse

How many times have I wondered

How can you love me

Whatever the Cassus Belli is

I wish I could love you


As our lips touch

And our essences merge

I feel you inside me

And myself inside you

We are one now, a demon and an angel

How much I wish you were my Juliet

How much I wish I could love you