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ANBU Elements
Chapter 1: Young ANBU's
Written By: June x


Kakashi looked down at the small boy lying on the floor, the boy was lying in a pool of his own blood, his breath coming in rattling gasps. His eyes flickering, showing two beautiful sapphire eyes that sparkled like the oceans depths, usually there would be a glint of mischievousness in those eyes, but the only emotion they showed now was desperation.

Kakashi tore his eyes away from the small boy and looked around the apartment. Blood was smeared over the walls, blood he knew was the boys, some of the smears spelt words such as DEMON! EVIL FOX! DIE! BRAT! MURDERER! and so on. Kakashi turned his gaze back to the boy and studied his injuries more carefully now, there was a smell of burning flesh where a vial of acid had been poured on his hand, he was suffering from a poison induced fever and was covered in cuts and bruises, his right arm and left leg had almost been completely hacked off and is chest stabbed making his breathing laboured. All in all it was a truly horrific sight. Kakashi sighed at the stupidity of the villagers and gathered the boy into his arms with gentleness similar to a fathers, and rushed over to the Konoha Hospital.


Naruto woke up breathing heavily as he remembered what he could of that night. -- He had first been attacked by the villagers who'd then proceeded to destroy his apartment and then an ANBU had come, Kakashi had come. Kakashi had picked him up and taken him to the hospital where he recovered for two months, and in the meantime Kakashi had seen the Old Man Hokage.-- Naruto knew little of what took place, except that as soon as he recovered he was sent to live in the ANBU headquarters. He'd been living there for 6 years now and today was his tenth birthday! Naruto thought about the past 6 years.

Naruto had grown a lot under the ANBU tutelage, he was already at a high Chunin level in taijutsu, and low Jounin level in Ninjutsu, and was currently improving on his terrible Genjutsu and even worse Kenjutsu. But Naruto knew despite his faults, he was well above Genin level in all 4 areas, and so was extremely advanced for his age, it was just an added bonus that he had enormous chakra reserves that were double Kakashi-sensei's and he healed at an abnormally fast rate, all thanks to a certain 'fluff ball'. Naruto had been informed of his 'furry little friend' when he was about 6, and one night had a rather dangerous encounter with said fox in the recesses of his mind, since then he and Kyuubi had a strong mental link, in all true honesty he was surprised Kyuubi-sensei wasn't up yet.

Yeah, Naruto was being trained by Kyuubi. It wasn't common knowledge though and only a select few people knew, most people thought he was just practicing, but in reality he was increasing his speed and stamina along with creating some new jutsus, the fox really was an extremely useful source of information. Along with that he was often trained by his father figure Hatake Kakashi and some others who were close to him, Kakashi mainly trained him in Ninjutsu, Anko-nee in Kenjutsu, Yamato-sensei in Taijutsu and his best friend Raven in Genjutsu. As his thoughts turned to Raven his gaze wandered to a photo on his bedside table in the picture there were 5 people, Raven, Llida, Kawaii, Sai and himself, they were his best friends and as a group they had been through a lot together.

Raven was in best words, pleasantly dark, cold, sadistic and regularly emitted a strong killing intent. Raven had grown up in ANBU, damn her Otou-san for being the top ANBU Captain, sure it came with the advantage of being an advanced shinobi for her age, but it also came with the price of boredom and the only boy who had been her age was a boy named Sai who never showed any emotions and was absolutely no fun at all. So Raven spent her life being trained by the sadistic and crazed kunoichi Anko, which she had to admit, was evilly fun at times. Heh heh. So you can imagine how happy she was at the age of 6 to gain a best friend in the 4 year old who one day appeared at ANBU Hq., her sunshine, Naruto Uzumaki.

About a year later Raven was told after passing a rather pathetic Genin exam that she would be a replacing a kunoichi on a team that had graduated 3 years previously the word fun sarcastically jumped to mind. On her team was none other than two well known Uchihas, Uchiha Itachi and Shisui. After meeting them and feeling Itachis killer intent she got the feeling they would get on just fine, and so they did, later that year they took the Chunin exam and all passed, Raven though was not recognised and many people thought it was only thanks to the Uchihas she had made it through, Raven did not bother correcting them, 3 years later Raven was engaged to Itachi through an arranged marriage, Damn Uchihas, in the same year Itachi went ballistic killed all Uchihas except his Otouto. Raven was of course in the ANBU retrieval unit that went after him, the end result: her team mates lay dead and Raven in a Mangekeyo Sharingan induced mental coma, which Naruto managed to pull her out of 2 months later.

Llida was an Earth nymph, and had been found to her horror by Orochimaru and had grown up with The Sound Five, who in her time were the Sound Six. But as you should know serpents aren't welcome in the Garden of Eden, and so Llida being the good little nymph she was ran away and found protection in the form of Konohas ANBU, she and another girl Ichigo-san had been replacements for Ravens team which had earlier that year disbanded, or so she was told.

Kawaii Ichigo originated from the Hidden Mist Village, hell her Otou-san was the fucking Mizukage, she had been on the Hidden Mist Hunter squad along with her best friend Haku, who had one day betrayed them to join a S-Rank missing-nin called Zabuza Momochi, stupid fucking boys, hurt by the betrayal and immensely pissed off from the misdirected ridicule that her father and Aniki had aimed for her, she also ran away and joined Konoha ANBU.

Little is known about Sai; he was orphaned as a child and was brought into Root, an independent subdivision of the ANBU, which trained him to have no emotions whatsoever. Sai at some point in time met an older member of Root who took a liking to Sai's drawing ability, and Sai came to think of him as a brother within the organization. Eventually, his brother died of illness, and Sai was once again alone in Root. Sai is a talented artist, and claims to have drawn thousands of pictures. Despite the magnitude of things he has drawn, he has never given one of his works a name, his lack of emotion making it impossible for him to give something a title. His drawing abilities are also the source of his jutsu, and by drawing things with a brush on his scroll he is able to bring his drawings to life. In doing so, Sai is able to create birds that he can use for flight, creatures that he can use for attack, and clones of himself to be used for reconnaissance. But Sai soon found a relief to his loneliness in the form of a blonde boy and three girls.

Naruto, looked at the picture and thought of his friends, yep they were a strange bunch alright. Not long after forming their friendship, they had started to train together, and had unwittingly formed a team.

Raven was the tracker of the team, Raven had a strong mental link with ravens, and so she used them for tracking and information purposes, even from birth Raven couldn't be found without a raven by her side, hell she had yet to be seen without 2 ravens by her side. Ravens best areas were Genjutsu and Kenjutsu, Anko had trained her in sword wielding for a good part of her childhood and Genjutsu was something she had picked up from the Uchihas, Genjutsu being one of Itachis strong points thanks to his Sharingan Mastery, with the exception of Kurenai, there had yet to be a team found that could rival the team Genjutsu of Raven and the Uchihas. Raven wasn't good in Taijutsu as she preferred long range combat, Raven could only perform one kind of elemental Ninjutsu, and hell did she excel at it, Raven was a Lightening Mistress, she could regularly be seen drifting across the skies of the Hidden Village in a orb of Black Lightening, followed closely by her ravens.

Llida was the teams' healer, being an Earth Nymph, it was in her nature to be nurturing towards all living things, and she also excelled in one area of Ninjutsu, that of course being Earth. She was better than Raven and Sai in Taijutsu, and was learning from Raven in Genjutsu, and for the love of kami-sama, she could not do Kenjutsu. Of course having been brought up in the Sound Six, she also had a dark side, get on the wrong side of her extremely kind nature and you could find yourself in a hedge of black thorns tortured to death, Naruto knew that not to be a pretty sight from experience.

Kawaii Ichigo 'cute strawberry' was the teams' thinker; sure to any outsider she just looked like your average blonde, who liked to wear an awful lot of pink! But Kawaii was very intellectual, so if you ever happened to see her reading what looked like a fashion magazine, you should probably take into account that it was a scroll of some sort under henge. Kawaii excelled in the Ninjutsu element of water, she was the teams' best strategist and Taijutsu user, she couldn't do Genjutsu, but was learning from Anko in Kenjutsu, and boy did she pick up skills fast.

Sai was well, Sai. If it ever came to it (which it rarely ever did) but if it came to it, Sai being the emotionless killer he was, would play the part of the betrayer. Once he had supposedly betrayed said team, he would then release them and they would turn on their enemies, but this scenario had only ever happened once and as far as the team was concerned once was enough. Sais Ninjutsu element was Fire, this however did not come as surprise, when Kawaii described the reasoning, "Guys, shut the fuck up and think! Sai excels at drawing, right? Why? Because of all his stored up emotions, it would only make sense that fire being the most passionate element of all would go to Sai, because he stores up his emotions he has got to have a hell of a lot of passion and anger stored in him!" Sai was the teams all rounder- he didn't lack in Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and his Kenjutsu was high for his age, but at the expected ANBU level.

Naruto was the teams' fighter; it just came with the stamina. Naruto of course was the best at Ninjutsu in the team, this coming from the Kyuubi and other Senseis, and also from Kyuubi always encouraging him to make his own Jutsus. Narutos element was wind and Naruto had proved his true ANBU genius by creating many techniques with his wind element, this was then encouraged even more when Legendary Perverted Sannin Jiraiya came to Konoha for a visit, Narutos Wind Rasengan was a known deadly attack. Kakashi had also taught Naruto in Kage Bunshin and he regularly used them in his Taijutsu, his Kenjutsu was only slightly better than Llidas and his Genjutsu was rapidly improving thanks to Raven.

Realising that they all had different talents and elements, they had a formed a team. It was the strongest in ANBU as well as the youngest, one 10 year old blonde boy, two 11 year old girls, and two twelve year olds who had grown up in ANBU. They covered each others weakness' and improved on them, their strengths were emphasised together, and all this only strengthened their already rock hard friendship. As a team they were known as The ANBU elements, it was crappy sounding first, but then the Old Man Hokage had surprised them by giving them a scroll which had previously belonged to the Yondaime, who was famous for his seals (the team knew about the Kyuubi), in the scroll they had the Element Seal, along with other Element Jutsus. So when the ANBU element team had been sent on its first mission, their opponent learnt the hard way not to mess, simply put he got his ass kicked element style.

Naruto looked at the picture again and laughed silently, they all looked so natural. They were all sheltering from the rain underneath a tree which Llida had grown. Up in the branches sat a girl, with raven hair that came down to her hips with what would usually be her bangs and fringe tied in a bun, which was held with a raven feather, while the rest was loose except for one of her bangs which refused to stay put, and framed her face beautifully, her skin was lightly tanned, and her eyes were gazing somewhere into the distance, her eyes were a dark shade of purple, matching her eyes was her outfit, she wore a black dress, that draped on the arms and ended in a black feathery tutu, and on top a dark purple bodice with black lace. The girl was surrounded by ravens, one perched on her shoulder and she looked in deep thought. Raven.

Leaning against the tree trunk at a side angle was a very tanned girl, with wavy brunette hair which came to the small of her back, it was tied in a half pony tail. She had brilliant green eyes, which even in the photo you could see they flashed like emeralds, she also wore a light green dress, which on her lithe figure looked graceful and flowy, she seemed to be on full alert, with a small smile on her rosy lips. Llida.

Sat on one of the roots was a blond with wavy hair that ended at her shoulders, it was kept out of her eyes with a small alice band, her eyes were a rare colour and were a bright and vibrant pink, she also had a peachy complexion. She wore fingerless pink silk gloves which ended at the elbow, a white dress and pink leggings. She looked very similar to Barbie. But despite her image she was engrossed in a rather thick novel with a lip-gloss covered lips in a pout and her brow furrowed in concentration. Kawaii.

Stood just in the cover of the tree, and sweating were two boys in a spar. One had raven locks which ended at his jaw line, he had dark eyes and a pale complexion, though he was clearly out of breath, his face showed no emotion, the boy was wearing normal ANBU gear except on a much smaller scale, strapped to his back was a long black katana, which it seemed he was starting to unsheathe for the spar. Sai

The other boy was a blonde with messy hair, which seemed out of control, he had sparkling blue eyes which clearly showed his excitement and joy at the spar. The boy was wearing eye-gouging orange shorts and a black t-shirt; he looked a bit like Halloween. The boy was standing in a Taijutsu fighting stance, heavily breathing and prepared for his opponents next attack. Me! The Wind Element of ANBU elements, Number one ninja of Konoha and one day Hokage! Dattebayo!

Aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself their kit, hokages are wise, and you're a impulsive gaki said a voice suddenly in Narutos head.

I was wondering when you would wake up Kyuubi! Do you know what day it is today?


Argh! No! What made you say that?

2 facts kit 1) you dress like its Halloween 2) its October

Baka! It's my birthday! 10th of October! My birthday! Today i'm 10 you uncaring baka of a fox!

Oh! You mean I've been stuck in here for 10 years already! Dang!

Why you selfish fox! It's always about you! Never mind i'm double digits!

Oh don't tell me you're gonna sulk

Damn right I am! Naruto finished blocking out Kyuubi.

And with that final note the blonde haired ninja got up and dressed.


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