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ANBU Elements
Chapter 11: Return of a Friend
Written by June


"You can stop glaring, I'm not going to burst into flames anytime soon ya know." Naruto said, as Haku tried to burn holes into the back of his head. Naruto's body tensed as he sensed a shift in movement and he leaned to the side dodging an angrily thrown fist, kicking his leg back he sent his attacker to the floor. Naruto looked around to see Haku sprawled on the floor, glaring daggers at him. "Look you she-man," Naruto said sneering "I don't like you anymore then you don't like me. But I am getting sick of you attacking and glaring at me. If I wasn't such a nice guy, I would have broken your neck by now! So do me a favour and restrain yourself till we get to Konoha!" Haku just glared at him and stalked off in response.

Naruto rolled his eyes, for the past two days this had been happening, tomorrow they would be in Konoha and Naruto could finally get Haku put in a prison cell, till Kawaii came back and decided what to do with him. Just one more day and he wouldn't have to deal with a guy who was acting like he was on PMS... Naruto could hold out for one more day...


Sarutobi sighed as he looked at the young blond ninja in front of him again. This was just too much for an old man like him.

"And what do you want me to do with him again?" Sarutobi asked the boy.

"Lock him up, till Kawaii has returned to Konoha." Naruto stated again.

"Naruto this boy is a missing nin of Mist, I have no right to keep him locked up." The Sandaime Hokage tried to reason.

"Then what do you suggest we do!?" Naruto said throwing his hands up in exasperation.

"That's quite simple m'boy, we make him a Konoha nin!" The Sandaime said lighting his pipe and taking a puff, Naruto just stared at him and blinked for a few seconds.

"Your age finally went to your head didn't it?" He said after a few minutes of staring, Sarutobi scowled and threw a scroll at Naruto.

"No, think about it. If he's a Konoha nin and he's kept under watch by an ANBU squad then the moment he steps out of line he can be chucked into a cell. Think of it as a probation." Naruto pondered the Sandaimes words for a few moments.

"But he can't be added to a Genin squad as that would make the numbers uneven, it would be unfair to make him a Chuunin or Jounin, he isn't trustworthy enough to be instated into the ANBU or Hunter-nins. So where the hell do we put him?" Naruto said looking at the Hokage in confusion.

"We make him a medic-nin." Sandaime answered taking another puff of his pipe, Naruto scowled at him.

"Oh, brilliant idea. Put the lives of Konoha's ninjas in the hands of a trained killer." Naruto said his voice laced with sarcasm.

"As I said; With him under ANBU watch, the moment he steps a foot out of line he can be chucked in a prison cell."

"Hmm, and how long will this 'probation' of yours last?"

"Till Kawaii comes back. That's what you wanted right?" Sandaime asked and Naruto nodded.

"Ok then, so if I just call him in then you can handle his transfer to the ranks of Konoha and his living arrangements and such." Naruto said about to call Haku into the Hokage's office and then head off, but the Hokage spoke again.

"Actually Naruto, you need to stay, Haku will be living with you as your responsibility." The Hokage said with a small flicker of amusement on his wizened features, Naruto whipped around, his eyes narrowed in a deadly glare.

"You've got to be insane!" The Hokage shook his head. "But that... that... THING! Has been attacking and glaring at me from Wave all the way here! You can't make me put up with him any longer!"

"Sorry Naruto, you brought him back, he's your responsibility. But at least if he attacks you again the ANBU will throw him in a cell instantly." The Hokage said enjoying the boys distress.

"Ugh, fine! Which ANBU will be watching my back then?" Naruto asked grinning beneath his mask at the thought of seeing some of his co-workers again. The Hokage just smiled at the boy and gave a nod to the shadows, out of the shadows a masked ANBU came out, upon seeing the ANBU Naruto ran forward and tackled the nin. "Raidou-taichou!" Naruto yelled hugging the man around the waist, the ANBU just ruffled the blonde's hair affectionately.

"So Raidou, who do you suggest for this mission?" The Hokage asked looking at his bodyguard.

"Hokage-sama I think Panther, Stag, Hare, and Dragon would be ideal." Raidou answered in a monotone.

"Dragon!?" Naruto said pulling out of the hug and looking at Raidou, the ANBU nodded in reply, Naruto turned around his eyes wide as he looked at the Hokage for confirmation.

"Dragon returned recently, I do believe Tiger and Otter are on their way as we speak." The Sandaime answered as he watched the boy begin to glow with happiness.

"And the other?" Naruto asked, his voice slightly higher then usual with anticipation.

"Is training a recruit." Raidou answered the blonde.

"R-recruit?" Naruto asked his face in a confused frown.

"It will all be explained later Naruto-kun, now please go call in Haku-san and Raidou go inform those four ANBU of their mission." The Hokage said giving the ANBU a nod of dismissal, Raidou bowed in return and poofed out.

Sighing Naruto went to call in his new found house mate.


Uzuki Yugao was a beautiful woman and a successful kunoichi, but there was one thing she wasn't; a good mother. When Yugao had first become a kunoichi she had prided herself on her abilities, when she was twelve and she was put in a genin team she was made a chunin within the same year, three years later she ascended to jounin level and was placed in ANBU. At fifteen years old she was without a doubt the youngest female ANBU member yet, and then came the downward spiral.

Uzuki Yugao met her ANBU captain, a charming man who abided the rules of the ANBU as if to disobey would mean death, he was a source of inspiration to the young girl, he was only four years older then her and her heart was easily captured. Less then a year later Uzuki Jigoku and Yugao were married, with Yugao carrying their child, later to be know as Uzuki Raven.

Uzuki Yugao gave birth to her daughter at the young age of seventeen, but she was not ready to settle down and mother the child, neither was Jigoku who had his aims set on becoming the Head of ANBU. So Yugao left Raven to be raised in ANBU HQ. whilst she joined the hunter nin, allowing her to leave the village for long periods of time and hunt down missing nins. In a way she was trying to escape her commitments, the life she felt she had doomed herself to live. Two years later Jigoku became the ANBU Head, he immediately requested her transferal back into ANBU. However, Yugao refused and decided to remain in the hunter nins for another four years.

Yugao didn't know how to be a mother, they didn't teach you those kind of things in the ninja academy. In a way it was Yugao's fault for putting it off, for four years she refrained from seeing her daughter, visiting her only twice a year. It was strange watching the little girl grow, she was such a perfect mix between Yugao and Jigoku and slowly over the years she began to miss seeing her daughter grow. Yugao never heard her first word, she never saw her first step, nor her first kunai throw and not even her first lesson.

It was only at the age of twenty three that Yugao returned to ANBU, but by then it was too late, Raven hardly recognised her mother and hardly trusted her, instead looking to the young Mitarashi Anko to raise her. Yugao couldn't deny the slight jealousy she felt as she watched Anko teach Raven with a sword, nor when Anko experienced Raven's first genjutsu and most certainly not when at her sixth birthday party Raven's favourite present came from Anko.

Yugao had hoped that maybe she could be someone who Raven could confide in, but that position was taken by a new arrival, a young blonde child who quickly became Raven's nearest and dearest. When Raven reached seven it was then disaster struck, she was put in a team with two Uchihas, three years later she was engaged to the Uchiha prodigy - Uchiha Itachi. Yugao hadn't even gotten a say in her daughter's future, it was Jigoku who decided it and Yugao couldn't help but feel left out. There was no love between her and Jigoku anymore, and the only evidence of their once romance was Raven, the same little girl who wouldn't trust her parents even if her life counted on it.

Then when Raven was ten she was placed in a sharingan induced mental coma, Yugao spent hours by her bedside, pleading and crying for her little girl to wake up. They hadn't allowed Naruto to see Raven, claiming the chakra that resided in him could force Raven into a deeper coma. But one day, after two months, the young blonde charged in and within minutes violet eyes flickered open. Yugao who had spent two months trying to wake her daughter up could only go home and cry in anguish, for there was no chance for her to play the mother part now, she would never be as close to Raven as she desired.

When ANBU Elements was formed Yugao was finally given a chance to get close to her daughter, she was given the chance to train Raven, it filled Yugao with pride as she watched her daughter master her element, it was the moment where she realised how alike they were, both excellent kunoichis who would go far. For a short period of time Raven did open up to her, but all it did was make Yugao realise just how badly Raven had needed her growing up.

When Raven and her two female team-mates had left Konoha two years ago, Yugao had not even gotten a goodbye, it was with a heart filled with sorrow that she started paying visits to her close friend Hyuuga Nina.


"She'll be returning soon..." Yugao murmured, her hands clutching the warm mug of tea that had been placed in front of her.

"Yes, I heard Sai and Yamato were back, so the girls should be following soon." Nina replied, as she gazed out the window, her eyes watching a mother bird feed her little chicks.

"They're returning earlier then expected..." Yugao continued, her eyes following Nina's gaze and glazing over at the sight of a good mother. Even if it was a damn bird.

"I expect it has to do with the new Sound village, the Hokage probably doesn't want to keep them away as long as he meant to." Nina said, taking a sip of the tea.

"Probably, it's for the best anyway. I wonder how much Raven has grown..."

"I imagine she's become more beautiful and powerful, it will be interesting to see Naruto's reaction to her now she's beginning to mature." Nina said with a soft giggle at the thought.

Yugao smiled softly at the idea, "Yes, those two will be happy to see ea-" She was cut off by a sudden poof of smoke, looking up in surprise she saw Raidou, Jigoku's Vice-captain of ANBU.

"Panther-san, Hokage-sama requests your presence for a mission briefing." He informed her and with a nod of his head he poofed away again. Sighing, Yugao stood and pulled out her porcelain mask, placing it on her face and showing the fearsome image of a panther.

"If you will excuse me Nina, we'll finish this conversation another time." Yugao said, her voice already changed into the emotionless drone of the ANBU.

"Of course." Nina said with a smile, Yugao gave a quick nod and left, leaving Nina alone to drink her tea.


Stag and Hare stood already assembled in the Hokage's office, Stag was grumbling about 'troublesome missions' and Hare was sulking, after all, he couldn't chew his favourite senbon with a damn mask on.

Without anyone noticing, Dragon slipped in the room like a shadow, his presence going unnoticed until he greeted the Hokage in a monotone. Stag and Hare's eyes behind their masks widened at the sight of Dragon and they both sent him quick nods of acknowledgement.

With a poof of smoke Panther appeared, completing the group, she gave a quick nod to her team-mates and a polite bow to the Hokage.

The Sandaime looked at the team with a sceptical eye, he looked at the lazy form of Stag, the sulking form of Hare, the powerful form of Panther and the neutral form of Dragon. He had to wonder if this team would work, but he trusted Raidou's judgement.

Clearing his throat the Hokage began, "You four have been selected for a B rank classified mission, we have chosen ANBU because of the level of stealth and diligence required. A missing nin of Mist has been brought to Konoha, his punishment will be decided at a later date which is giving me some troubles in retaining him, as a last resort I have decided to transfer him into Konoha's medic nins. It's your job to keep an eye on him, the second he steps a foot out of line we will have the rights to throw him into prison. The shinobi will be staying with one, Uzumaki Naruto, one mistake on your behalfs could cost Naruto his lie. Understood? Good, now go." He said, watching as the four poofed away.


"...So until the probation is over, he'll be staying with us." Naruto finished explaining to his mum. Nina, still looking slightly confused looked between the two boys stood in front of her. Naruto was giving her a sheepish look, seemingly ignorant to the effeminate boy next to him who was glaring at him with all his might.

"So Haku-san is now a guest, well then, Naruto, please show him to his room." Nina said, her mind still reeling at Naruto's story, she had lost him somewhere at the idea of her little boy cleaving off a man's head.

Shaking her head in bemusement, Nina turned her attention to the stove and started preparing dinner.


"So, this will be your new room." Naruto said opening the door to the spare room, it was a nice room by all rights, plain white walls, futon on the floor, a pretty picture of somewhere or another on the wall, a chest of drawers and a large wardrobe. "Any complaints?" Naruto asked, turning his attention to Haku, "Maybe, but you can't voice them anyway." Naruto said with a taunting grin behind his mask, Haku just glared at him venomously.

Naruto snickered at the glare, purposely winding the boy up. Haku reared his fist back, preparing to smack the cocky blonde one right in the jaw. Until, that was, four ANBU poofed into the room and he soon found himself pinned to the wall by accurately thrown kunai.

"Hey guys!" Naruto chirped, a grin forming under his mask.

Stag, Hare and Panther all nodded back to him, their minds in automatic ANBU mode.

"You guys don't mind if I borrow Dragon do you?" Naruto asked, not waiting for an answer he grabbed Dragon and yanked him out the room. "Great thanks, watch over Haku!" He said, disappearing out the door and down the corridor, into his own room.

As soon as the door was shut both males took off their face masks. Blue eyes connected with bland onyx and a cocky grin was greeted with a fake smile.

"Long time no see Sai." Naruto whispered, his voice choked up with happiness at seeing his friend.

"Indeed it has Dickless." Sai replied. Naruto frowned and punched Sai playfully on the arm.

"Baka! That's not how you greet someone after two years! Damn, and here I was hoping you would have actually learnt something about socializing." Naruto said with an exaggerated sigh.

"But I did learn some things, just not anything you'll like... Goldilocks." Sai said, a smirk forming on his features.

Naruto twitched, "Please tell me you learned something other then insults to use against me." He asked, his voice tinted with desperation. Sai's smirk just grew wider as he shook his head. "Argh, damn you!" Naruto said with a huff, before throwing himself down on the bed.

"So did you learn loads of new techniques?"

"But of course, unlike some of us Cinderella, I like to train and get better." Sai said, sitting on the bed and taking pleasure in seeing Naruto twitch in anger once more.

And so the conversation began, one that went on well into the night as the two boys caught up with each other. Kyuubi who was sat in his cage asleep, opened one eye drowsily as he watched his surroundings begin to glow and sparkle, a low growl of approval ran threw his body, finally his Kit was going to be around strong people again.


Wind rushed past their faces as they raced, despite their pounding hearts and aching muscles, smiles stretched across both of the boys faces. In fact, in their eyes it would almost seem like their were heavens choirs singing, calling their names as they returned to their childhood past-times.

"It would seem being dickless enables you to be more streamline..." Sai called from behind his friend, his taunting hitting it's target as he saw the blonde twitch and lose his momentum slightly.

"JACKASS!" The angry blonde called back, his pace picking up once more as he heard his friend laughing behind him, the sound similar to the chimes of bells - it was at this observation that Naruto realised just how much he had missed his friend.

As the two finally reached the end of their race, they drew upon a small wooden bridge, upon this bridge stood two young teens and an attractive woman, all patiently awaiting their team-mate. As the boys came to a stop, just hidden from the sight of the people, the dark haired boy's eyes narrowed as he looked at the three ninja.

"So they're your new team-mates?" Sai asked,a sneer in his voice as he noticed the boy and girl begin to argue over something pathetic.

"They're not that bad..." Naruto replied, though he understood Sai's disapproval of the team, he couldn't help but feel slightly defensive of his new team.

"If you say so, princess." Sai retorted, making Naruto lunge at him in a desperate attack.

"GET BACK HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!" Naruto screamed, running after his incredibly infuriating friend.


"Stupid Inoodle! You're completely over-reacting!" Kiba yelled as he dodged her constant slapping of his head.

"I AM NOT! HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT!? BASTARD! IDIOT! DUMBASS!" She shrieked, her hands still batting at the dog like nin.

Suddenly a new voice interrupted their bickering. "SAI! I SWEAR TO GOD, I WILL CASTRATE YOU!" Naruto yelled, running after his friend and shaking his fist. The black haired boy was laughing as he ran, completely entertained by his friend's reactions.

"Naruto?" Kurenai called out questionably, her eyebrow cocked as she studied Naruto's companion. "Who is this? And where is Haku-san?"

Naruto grinned underneath his mask, thrilled to have the chance to introduce his closest friend to his newest ones. "This is Sai, a long time, good friend of mine. And Haku is currently being trained for his duties, he has a group of ANBU watching over him, so have no worries."

"I'm his team-mate." Sai added, after realising Naruto wasn't going to say it.

"NANI!?" Ino and Kiba shouted at once, their eyes bulging as they realised that Naruto had other team-mates.

"Ara... Didn't he tell you?" A mocking smile began to form on his lips, "I'm from his original team, which will be reforming very soon, which means he'll forget about you all sooner or later." Sai taunted, taking a grim pleasure in the dreams he was dashing for both the guy and girl.

"That's enough Sai!" Only then did Sai remember that Naruto was at his side.

"Well, it's true isn't it?" Sai asked, swinging his arm around the blonde's shoulder casually.

"Naruto-kun would never leave us!" Ino declared, her wintry blue eyes glaring at Sai.

"Hmm, we'll see about that won't we..." Sai replied, throwing the wound up Ino and Kiba another mocking smile. "Ah well, I'll be off now," Sai said, unhooking his arm from around Naruto. "I'll see you later Naru-chan." He sing-song-ed as he ruffled the blonde spiky hair. "Bye!" And with that, he disappeared in a flame.

"What an asshole..." Kiba muttered, glaring at the spot where the raven haired boy had been.

"Ahem." Kurenai interrupted, before any more distractions could arise. "I have something for you all, it's very special and shouldn't be taken light-"

"Just give us the slips for the chunnin exams already!" Naruto said with a snort, rolling his eyes in impatience.

"Yes!" Ino cried, jumping up and down. "I knew that with me by Naruto-kun's side we would rise the ranks quickly!" She squealed, her eyes glazed over as she once again went off to her daydream land.

"Pft, as if, I'm the one who will make it to chunnin!" Kiba said cockily.

Kurenai just sighed, her warnings of danger and such were long gone, and her moment of surprising her genin was snatched by Naruto. Glaring at the said boy, she gave another sigh at his impatient look. "Here," She said, handing him his slip, "I'm guessing you know the routine?" she asked, and received a nod.

"Ino-chan, Kiba, I'll see you there!" Naruto called, before dashing off, his mind focused on a spar with Sai.


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